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  1. Hopefully this is the right part for this topic. But as someone who rp'd at the start but stopped very soon after. I want, or should i say, i hope that they plan to introduce new tools for the rp community to grow. Ive only recently gotten back in to trying to rp again but with the mega servers its grow harder for me to feel comfortable trying to rp knowing that people from other servers might try and mock us about it.
  2. The fact that they make you kill your friends, your brothers and sisters. Not even any voiced dialoge. They really do just constantly clown on charr players. Even after this your sparing partner doesnt do anything other than inform you that the warband is dead except for the two of you again.
  3. My biggest gripe is, the humans got a human centric expansion, the sylvari got one with a lot of lore and info for them, but the charr and norn have to share their 'expansion'? the charr already get shafted on a lot so this has left a very bad taste in my mouth. The writing has been fairly solid but the previously stated has left my view on the full thing tainted.
  4. have you considered you're boring then ;3c Have you considered we are bored of the constant begging for more races then? Someone took that a bit too close to heart. I was teasing them. I just meant to throw the same type of comment you did back at you,leaving it to you to interpret it the same way as you wanted your comment to be interpreted. I personally don't care too much of more playable races, but I simply can't see how one would become commanders of the pact.How would they even be introduced to dungeons? Other races have no ties to Destiny's edge and therefore no business in trying to
  5. have you considered you're boring then ;3c Have you considered we are bored of the constant begging for more races then?Someone took that a bit too close to heart. I was teasing them.
  6. have you considered you're boring then ;3c
  7. the dwarf race is bioligicly dead so i doubt we'd get them as playable. besides the races that deserve the shot at being playable are tengu and kodan.
  8. You take that back. Also i cant play male norn due to their triangle necks. (female norn look good though but i still don't play one)
  9. The cultural sets dont even fit well on the charr either. The heavy t 1 and 2 set along with the t2 med set clip from the back where the tail comes out. There is no tail spot for them.
  10. Im honestly so very disappointed with Anets continued unwillingness or inability to design things that look good on charr. Not even in a charr-centric update! The charr chair was extremely disappointing. The new armor skins either clip or look odd on charr. I have five charr characters and its extremely hard to get any of them to look remotely good because of it! Is this just how its going to be from now on? Like, should i just drop the game as a regular thing to play till an update comes out because anet just will not design good things for charr. (and before people say anet doesn't make thin
  11. I've noticed that with these surprisingly charr heavy living world updates they've added a few things that actually look good on charr. (though again its still only shoulder and glove armor because anet hates making full sets.) I'm hoping with the possibly charr themed expansion coming we finally get good charr content. (and maybe theyll make it so pauldrons dont look stupidly big and silly on them.)
  12. Which one is that? I've never noticed it, but I haven't used all of them. There are also several things worn by Charr NPCs that aren't available to players, at least some of which are compatible with light armour. It'd be great if we could finally get those - same goes for NPC clothing for the other races as well. Medium tier 2 and tier 1 for heavy if im remembering correctly.
  13. I want you guys to look at some of the Eotn armors they had on the charr. It looks fantastic! The horns dont vanish when a healm is put on them they look like they designed that armor for the charr and not just stretched out a current set of armor and slapped it on to them. http://wiki.guildwars.com/images/c/c8/%22Charr_Group%22_concept_art_2.jpgI mean look at the charr with the flame thrower! How the mask is designed to fit around the muzzle, how the rest of the armor fits him aesthetically! When i got the art book back before the game even came out and saw these designs for charr i had such
  14. Exactly. Hats and healms remove your hair and horns like, come on! Why did you make a race like this playable if youre not even going to bother putting in any effort! I remember how great a lot of the stuff the art book had on charr armor, hell the gw1 charr had great armor still!
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