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  1. Warrior is in a drought, no doubt. I wont stay that way though, I imagine warrior will get its time in the spotlight again sooner or later. Anet is just verrrryyyy sluggish at making highly impactful changes which is its own problem. In the case of warrior it's been sliding down hill, slowly, for a long while. Completely personal anecdote but I think the reason this feels specially awful for warrior is that they're fairly "underloaded" compared to other professions. Meaning, they're skills/traits are very focused on doing singular things vs multiple functions. This isn't inherently an iss
  2. I mostly can only speak to PvP but fast hands is the least of the abilities in Discipline that make it required. Warrior's Sprint and Brawler's Recovery are much more critical. The movement speed is absolutely required and even if you run a movement speed rune the being able to get out of immob is just as important. You need to be able to keep up the pressure as warrior and if you're getting peeled by immob you're gonna have a bad time. With as susceptible to control condi as warrior is and as easy as it is to apply blind/weakness/cripple etc. you have to have Brawler's Recovery as well. While
  3. I'm going to use Occam's razor here and ask; Did you reactive the skill? You activate it once to give you the buff portion but with all herald skills you have to reactivate it again to get the effect. You probably have but I should make sure before trying to figure out what happened.
  4. A 50% win ratio is how it should be in most competitive modes in games, roughly. It'll be a little higher if your improving or a little lower if you're playing poorly. Think about it like this. You want to be playing people of the same skill as you right? You should be as that's where competition is at its most fun. In this senario we'll say two teams of the EXACT same skill level get matched up. Everything is the same, skill level, profession, builds, ect. Who would win? Its a coin flip right? No good way to tell. So in a perfect system a 50/50 split would be ideal. However, there is no perfe
  5. I have no proof for you but I've done very similar things on thief. I some times even run rune of speed to rotate even faster. It's the easiest way to win matches. Do you win every single match this way? Of course not, but you can easily remain in the positives up to mid plat doing this. Regardless of if it's true or not he makes some valid points.
  6. This is a good point. A poll like this can be misleading in that people may associate what is considered "one dimensional" to being easy or unfun. That's not at all the case. Warrior is rather straight forward compared to other professions but it still requires a lot of skill to play effectively, same with thief. On the other hand you can take something like weaver which has many more buttons than warrior but to me is a lot easier to play and get value out of. The simplicity of warrior is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. I usually gravitate towards more complicated classes in games
  7. They're all about even tbh. Even the "complicated" professions are pretty one dimensional once you figure them out. Despite the ability to build every professions many ways, each just boils down to a pretty narrow way to play. Skills/passives are so intertwined in most professions it really limits your options.
  8. At least not for a long while. This isn't a doom-and-gloom post arguing the finer points of why this unreleased expansion does or doesn't "suck". People will buy it, people will play it, people will enjoy it. Personally, with as many times as I have been burnt or seen people burnt on game releases I'm much more conservative on being an early adopter. For me it really has to ignite my interest to even consider buying something game related on release day. The previous expansions, when I was a little less cautious, were no brainers for me. I wasn't disappointed either. I much preferred HoT
  9. I wonder how things would pan out in a death match mode. Stuff like decapping and holding node would have no value so duelist and roamers would less desirable but probably still useful to an extent. In all honestly I think think it would just turn into a mini-WvW style fight. Each team death balls as hard as they can and pelt AoE's at each other until someone goes down.
  10. I'd like to see more resolution in warrior's kit as well to help against condi and make Hardened Armor actually somewhat useful. Tbh though I wish they would buff warrior in such a way that made them need boons less. One the of the attractive things about warrior to me is that I don't need many boons to be "effective". Leave that to the guards.
  11. nb4 "this is just a noob stomper build" In all seriousness though, this kind of build shouldn't exist. Regardless of how "good" it is. If they do exist, it shouldn't be good in any way. Any kind of "ADC" build is not really suited for GW2 sPvP and that's more or less what this build is. For one, there is no skill involved in landing flamethrower autos, not to mention they're AoE. The other issue with this kind of build is that games where you have an "auto-attack" based class, they have a ramp up time before they're actually good. Late game they may just chew through people like a Gatling
  12. I would love a 1v1 game mode similar to the 2v2s. The main hurdle I see though is balance. With 2v2 you were able to cover each other's weaknesses to some extent. This would allow for you to play most professions somewhat viably, though there defiantly is a pretty small meta in 2v2 and not everything worked. In 1v1 you wouldn't be given that option so if you're matched against a profession that counters yours you're going to be at a pretty big disadvantage before the game starts, build aside. That'll probably lead too an even smaller number of professions/builds that are even playable, let alo
  13. I agree that stronghold needs to be revamped badly. I have no idea why they didn't make it more MOBA like. MOBA's formula are popular for a reason and I think they strayed wayyyy too far off of it trying to make it "unique". I think your suggestions are good ones overall.
  14. As someone who enjoys theory crafting builds, this sounds super fun! Maybe instead of "limiting" though they just lock in skills/weapons. They choose 1 trait line (with traits), 1 weapon, and 1 skill that are locked in and you have to build around them. The "setup" maybe be themed or could be entirely incohesive. They might even add like a "bonus objective" that if you also play with a certain sigil/rune you get extra rewards when the match ends, if you win. There are a ton of ways they could do it bu I like this idea a lot.
  15. They exist for a reason but that doesn't mean they serve their purpose well. Stats are not the win condition. You could sit on a side node and smack a fire weaver all game and get highest damage, but since he's holding the node their team wins. You could follow someone around all game being their healing bot and get top healing, but if you're not present in team fights you'll lose them and still lose the game. Stats are only really useful for your tracking your personal improvement. "Am I healing more? Am I doing more damage? Am I defending/decapping nodes better that I was?" In a single match
  16. Anet didn't abandon PvP because things are this way, things are this way because Anet abandoned PvP. Also, how this scenario looks depends on how you view ranks. Considering how the system works, the low player base, and general disinterest in PvP I would put low/mid Plat as "average" or just slightly above. Comparing ranks in this game to other competitive games I've played with ranks I'd probably just shift down each rank. What a plat player is in this game would be a gold in another, gold in this game is silver in another, ect. Take any popular sport and imagine if you nerfed the populari
  17. Be as serious or fun with it as you want. Just want to see what people think would make for good sPvP game modes to add. They don't necessarily need to be "competitive" or well thought out. Just something you think could freshen up PvP enough to get more people interested and improve on the fun factor. I'll start off fi something. I haven't really thought it out too much and there are probably glaring issues with this but I wanted to get the conversation rolling. One idea I had that's more on the fun side would be sort-of-kinda team death match but with an objective similar to somet
  18. Like most things, how impactful it is to you depends entirely on your build/profession. Other forms of CC require you use a stun break but with fear you're given the option to use a stun break OR cleanse so it's weaker than other forms of CC. Also, it isn't as good for setup as other CC so it's pretty much used as a peel/interrupt/zoning. In which case if you play into it, that was entirely by your own choice. There are cases when fear feels super strong and with as popular as necro is it pretty common. As someone who HATES getting fear chained, I don't think fear is the issue or the duration.
  19. I'm interested to see how it goes! Feel free to revive this thread once you've used it. We could probably further improve it at that point.
  20. It's all situational, but in general, you're right. If you have won a team fight there is value in going to assist in a 1v1 but that's always secondary. You don't want to be fighting a 1vX as the "X" unless it's a clear, quick win. In the case that you're the "1" in the 1vX, it's only worth fighting if you're sure you won't die. Even if you don't kill anyone, as long as you don't die you're giving the rest of your team the numbers advantage. A single player can win the match, but that depends on the team their facing. Let me give you a couple scenarios of when this has been the case. 1)
  21. To add to this, these players that can do this usually spend time just running around the map outside of matches. They'll load into an empty lobby in the match finder and then just run about the map and experiment/practice. "Can I jump from here to there? Will this skill close this gap? Can I port to this spot?"
  22. Here is what I did when starting and do when returning to the game from a long break. Your mileage may vary. I pick up a profession that sounds interesting, pick a skill/passive that I like then make a build around it. I test it, if it doesn't seem fun then I scrap it or if it does then I tweak it. Then once I've made a few of my own builds (this could take an hour or it might be across a few days) I check out the meta builds. Make sure to look at different sources and not just one (say, metabattle). Rinse and repeat for every profession. Why do I do it this way? It allows me to get a deeper u
  23. What's considered "spam" is pretty subjective.
  24. The grandmaster skill, Flashbang, in Explosives gives you a lot of blind application. Nothing on part with with thief, but it's still a pretty good amount of blind
  25. Yup yup. You make a good point that even if they did dump the truck loads of money into making this possible it still wouldn't work for everyone.
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