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  1. I finally want a ranged spellcaster spec with daggers or scepter, Razah could be the legend.
  2. You're right, I do dislike the Vind icons in general, they're less detailed unlike the rest and the utility icons just don't look like they fit on Rev (when I made Vindicator in beta at a first glance I wasn't sure if I even made the right profession). Also they're inconsistent when it comes to Archemorus, Vind icon is red/blue, trait background and icons are red/blue but the icons and energy bar are orange. So my proposal is to stick with the Rev darker color scheme but add in a bit of blue for Viktor and make Archemorus icons even more red or even darker red.
  3. Light blue colour of Glint on shield and facets is only added to the mix of Revenant colour scheme and doesn't stand our nearly as much as the Vindicator with it's bright blue and orange icons. Renegade icons blend in nicely as well and only the energy bar and F skills are orange.
  4. Find the intruder: https://imgur.com/dQ6bsYh I'm of the opinion that the whole Vindicator UI is lazily done.
  5. We got shoulders with Herald and helm with Renegade, so we should be getting gauntlets unless they decide to repeat a piece or add boots to the list of specialization armor.
  6. Not to mention how ugly it looked to me with that green lighting. I cannot express how disappointed I am with Echovald and now Arborstone as they dropped the ball to deliver some darker zones for us who enjoy them.
  7. Agreed, the hulk super jump feels out of place on Revenant so they should at least make so it looks like we fade into the Mists and then jump out (similar to the dodge as already mentioned).
  8. ArentNet of today is one of the most PC companies out there, do you really expect them to deal with any themes that are more complex than "kill big dragons", and more importantly would you trust them with it?
  9. Golemancer doesn't really have a place on Revenant thematically, it's way too high tech. Same with firearms.
  10. Vindicator icons are awful, they don't fit Rev at all. Greatsword icons are too blue compared to the rest of the weapons and utility icons lack red and look like they belong to Warrior and Guardian. Sincerely hope they rework them or that Vind UI is gonna be an eyesore.
  11. That's actually not true, a lot of people complain about GS: from its trash animations, unfitting icons, incoherent kit, low damage and it basically being yet another melee weapon that brings nothing really new.
  12. I feel the same way about icons, hopefully they're just unfinished and they recolour them to get in line with the rest of our icons. I get they want to lean into the red for Luxons and blue for Kurzicks but those utility icons just don't look like they belong to Revenant but instead like they're something they made for Warrior and Guardian but didn't get to use them.
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