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  1. While I only sign in to the forums to blow off some steam since a year or two, for once I sign in to say thanks. Those are astute observations and you seem to tackle exactly what bothered me the most about the (private) runs of the event.
  2. Developer says it's fixed in current d912pxy release: https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy/issues/358#issuecomment-814422414
  3. The first time I saw it happening was in Josh Foreman's stream replaying SAB in 2020. His party's buddy suddenly tilted like that. Now I come back to play SAB 2021 and it happens like almost all the time.
  4. Yeah s. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/122883/cannot-log-in-the-game and https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/122885/still-issues-then and https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/122886/the-game-client-was-unable-to-connect-to-the-log-in-server-error-code-58-11-5-53
  5. Tell me what! :) The day I come back after 2 chapters of bad story to guide a friend new to LNY: event not up, then this. Bye.
  6. Well, at least the disabled button now sticks around as a reminder of bad design decisions.
  7. Hey there, there's a quite annoying bug which leaves some kind of trashy collisions remaining in the GH after removing decoration which was placed around it. I first thought it's a GH map issue when I first experienced it after removing SAB decoration, but there are a lot more and bigger invisible collisions going on now where I removed loads of Halloween deocration: Every guild member is experiencing this, not just me.I made sure there really is no actual decoration nearby causing this to happen.I placed decoration around the buggy spots in the hope of "recalculating" the collisions there, di
  8. This change was something between useless and disrespectful.As mentioned by the OP, an option was introduced many years ago to move the compact menu item away from the deposit materials one for a reason.Whoever implemented this change should've realized how wrong it is by the time they simply removed the checkbox from the Option dialog. Or they really didn't care about why it exists in first place. Booh.
  9. The lag of Anet not replying to this is another catastrophe.Get it? "Lag". Hahah-disconnected
  10. Yesterday, the Sunqua Peak was a Lag Peak fractal to me. Other players / mobs froze for 10 or more seconds multiple times, I eventually got disconnected twice. At least it allowed me to glitch around in the map when running oob for not being respawned server-side.
  11. Still strikes me as fascinating that the PoF maps are all a lag fest to me ever since the move to AWS. And I really mean it date-exact.
  12. Can you link to where they explicitly state it's ok? Just for reference. Not like I doubt it after they explicitly share information for 3rd party apps in memory mapped files.
  13. Just by the way, that is incorrect, this is what the User Agreement says: "8. PROHIBITED AND IRREPARABLY HARMFUL ACTIVITIES CONCERNING ArenaNetYou acknowledge that You may not, without signed written consent from a legally authorized representative of ArenaNet, do any of the following:[...](i) Use, obtain or provide data related to operation of the Game, including but not limited to:(i.i) software that reads areas of computer memory or storage devices related to the Game;(i.ii) software that intercepts or otherwise collects data from or through the Game;" At first sight it quite clearly prohib
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