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  1. For me, this also seems to happen if I have participation but don't hit the actual boss / do yoga. Then I don't get the hero's chest, neither in attempts including boss hits later on the same day.
  2. Oh that would make sense. Weird the sites listing the gathering times have them separately then - I guess they just mean "default" skin then.
  3. I just learned about gathering skin speeds and thus wanted to optimize my gathering tool skins. However, while I unlocked all Unbreakable Gathering Tools, I do not see their skins when selecting a gathering tool in my Hero Panel's Wardrobe (I do see other skins like default, VM, UM, and SAB Bear though). I also cannot choose "Unlock Skin" from the original Unbreakable Gathering Tools (that I also transmuted to something else in-between). Is this a bug or "intended" somehow?
  4. Are you sure you don't have pants focused in equipment too (which filters the available armor on the left).
  5. I just did ~24 T1 rifts with ~15 players as a full pDPS SB. And I felt like a sponge despite still doing the most damage in Arc. The mobs are now made outta Nokias, even worse than the ones you find in DRMs with all challenges active. This clearly wasn't the case before and just makes T1 rift hunting extremely tiresome.
  6. While I don't have OPs problem, wall gate flags in WvW look _very_ suspicious at the moment. They have a checkerboard texture that obviously incorrectly transitions through mipmaps just by moving the camera that don't even seem to be mipmaps (instead the checkerboard texture becomes bigger and smaller). I wonder if that's related.
  7. Just for completeness, IIRC the bouncing mushrooms in SAB were fixed to no longer trigger belatedly depending on lag. (They still don't work like one would expect compared to Super Mario trampolines, but at least they're "deterministically bad" now.)
  8. It downloads into the folder you run the Gw2-64.exe in. So if you move it, and don't move the .dat file, it'll redownload it.
  9. In the video, I don't see you trying checking or unchecking "Light Adaption" (or "Lichtanpassung" in German). Other than that, disabling all post processing makes the texture look just fine to me. It's snow after all which is, to some extent, bright under sunny sky in reality too. Are you playing on the same screen as years before? May wanna reduce its hardware brightness or contrast.
  10. What the heck is that? A human face textured onto the back of your charr's neck clipping through the dragon helmet mask? A truly horrific creature, worse than anything that runs around in Orr.
  11. I also heard it does not work in competitive modes (for good reason) so it's limited in usefulness anyway depending where you want to hide those numbers. It would be nice if it only hid non-0 numbers and retain every other info.
  12. This is what I wrote above, but we weren't sure if that is client-side only or also visible to others. My last impression was it is also visible to others but had no time to test that yet.
  13. It does make it a little hard to see _what_ you hit which is why I don't enable that option. But in case of a single target in strikes that might be okay.
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