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  1. Cmon Jaif. You know the correct fallout is, in Team Chat: ‘Inc.’
  2. Until they let me tame a bunny, no other animal is allowed. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Rabbit_(pre-Searing) It was literally the ONLY green animal in GW1 that you couldn’t tame. In fact, it’s also why when I see an ambient bunny, I go out of my way to deal as much damage to it as I can. TLDR: gimme a bunny pet with big gnashing teeth.
  3. That you can do. Of course, when EOD came out, I had the elite specs opened for 15 toons within an hour of starting the game up. Including the new character slot I got with the expac. 🤷
  4. Having a Mesmer is definitely vital. (Our group uses chrono mostly). The boon stripping is quite effective. Most of our comp is ranged/melee hybrid. Yes, there are minstrel toons in there. But t the damage is coming from over 40% power builds. Yes, that is too much support for some people as the boon uptime is too long. What I wish we could see was a better distribution of boons from more classes, with each class not being able to place as many stacks, and not as many boons. (So, ready access to 2, not 4-6 different boons, and less volume of the individual b
  5. Hey.. We warned you once. Remember the first rule of that club….
  6. This. And it’s true even of most other areas of the game.
  7. @Xenesis.6389has the right of it. there are 6 classes that have specializations that are welcome in zergs. Three that, well, aren’t really. When you look at metabattle, make sure you are looking at the play style you want. Cen outlined the main ones. Each subsection of play style in WvW has classes that perform better. For one small example, few guilds will run thieves or rangers in their zergs, but both tend to be above average for roaming and havocking. And lastly, GW 2 has never really shown well in video. It’s also why there are very few streamers.
  8. To their credit, spring officially ends on June 20th. So….. if they actually want to meet that timeline AND it’s to start on a normal update day, the last Tuesday (on their current cadence) to make it on or before the 20th (this being actually spring) would be June 7th. So…. Something ‘early’ from Anet isn’t likely lol.
  9. Where are the pictures of the other borderlands? I mean, that kinda looks like any day when matched versus Maguuma. 🤷
  10. Maybe now would be the time to say: Welcome to our world.
  11. I understand that thought, and if I thought it would actually lead to that, I would agree. Currently, there are some groups that already split up when they get a little too big. One con will lead one group and a second will lead the other and work in concert. But it only leads to more problems for the enemy. It may be a group of 40, and one of 20, but 60 fighting 50 is still a wash. Especially if those two groups (sidecar) know what they are doing. It would only punish those servers who can’t field more than one pug tag or guild group at a time. And honestly, those
  12. You know how it works…. Someone is confused that you might actually be helping PvE people because we, in WvW, are all griefers and gankers.
  13. Given their track record, usually it’s addressed in drips until about 6 months post release. Then there is usually a fairly significant patch that…. Kinda brings them somewhat back into line, but the reality is, if they nerf the new specs too hard, then people that don’t own it currently are less likely to get the new expac. So: TLDR- give it 6 months.
  14. Yes: They’ve been gigantic since before the squad function began. It’s why BG was called ‘blob gate’ for years. make it smaller, and there would just be two squads in the same discord following the same commander they would now. Make it 5 or party size, and there would be 10 parities of 5 following one person, either with a tag, or a target over their head. *as a slight addendum: even if we were to restrict the boons to only those people in your party, it may keep some of the boon balling down, but it wouldn’t change the size of the opponents,
  15. Soon 🔜 ™️ As soon as alliances hits.
  16. I’d just want this boss to go around and kill the kitten siege. Like every floor, entry levels, etc. Like three shot an arrow cart, four shot a treb/cata. Only is stopped when it’s CC’d enough….
  17. Doooooood…. Hide that crap in a spoiler!!!!!! So…. Much…, Text….
  18. I was with Al that day. We had a great time with it and cheered him on when he got the last keep. Was quite fun actually. Of course, if you listen to most PvE players who like to besmirch the mode, we would have dragged him into the lords room, gotten the lord to 10% them let him die to it and left without capping.
  19. Preps for incoming world boss on SMC every hour on the hour
  20. If your primary problem is dying often, tank up. Go trailblazer. Be the meme. Get hits and tags in. You’ll stay alive longer. but, I figure you’ve ranted and now you’ve moved on because you got it and realized it really wasn’t as hard as you made it out to be.
  21. Yes. It is intended to kill you if you are in combat. Que, Alt/F4, it doesn’t matter. The person hitting you is intended to get credit for that ‘kill’.
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