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  1. Against certain enemies, like detached Hydra heads in Crystal Oasis, scepter/pistol dual skill's second part fails to connect the beam to the target and does nothing.
  2. It's been said before, but being able to stow gunsaber would improve QoL a lot. Dragon Trigger would be more intuitive and less ping-dependent if it locked you in place instead of canceling itself when you move. Being able to switch to your weapon after a Dragon Trigger would be much better for flow, especially with how high Gunsaber cooldowns are. (Which, honestly, is way too high, the pvp numbers feel way better.) Gunsaber feels quite underwhelming in pve, other than the surprisingly low damage numbers, skill 4 lacks that oomph. The pvp damage of Dragon Trigger is not very rewarding for the risk you take. having a single evade somewhere on the base kit, either on triggerguard instead of aegis or somewhere among the Gunsaber skills, would help this spec a lot. Gunsaber is said to be a flexible weapon but right now it doesn't do most things too well. In PvE, so far it seems like a quite fun, high skill ceiling option that benefits from game knowledge and it offers a quite new playstyle, i would definitely play it if its issues got fixed and it got tuned a bit.
  3. Signet of Fury seems to grant a fix amount of flow (probably 30) instead of the described 15s positive flow. When moving forward while casting, Blooming Fire and Dragon's Roar explosions happen behind you, greatly reducing their effectiveness.
  4. That laser has 5sec stun if taking the middle grandmaster trait, i suppose that's not a bad contribution
  5. F1 has a cd of 10 seconds tho when leaving gunsaber, and it is still affected by fast hands. I wonder if it's a cooldown you can shorten with your master trait or not. (That one time Cal used Dragon Trigger with cooldowns enabled, F1 also went on cooldown, which i hope is not intended) We will see how well the spec fares without discipline, but after noticing these details i have less confidence in it. Still looks like a very fun spec to me.
  6. Then yes 😛 I'm lowkey hoping for multiple F skills with different 'kits' on them
  7. Ah, i misunderstood what you were saying then. A "forge mode equivalent" is something that could happen yes. Though if that's the case, i don't think you have to combine weapons, it can just be an unique "weapon". You are also not guaranteed to wield a pistol for the SFX, it makes more sense that it's a unique skin that doesn't change.
  8. The issue i see with this is that if you take 2 two-handed weapons on your build, your mechanic is nonexistent. Sure, no one would do this if this was the case, but to my knowledge it would be the first espec that can have builds that have no access to its espec mechanic; Which is rather odd. We've seen holo for example which has a weapon complementary to its mechanic, but never one that actually has a mechanic reliant on its weapon choices.
  9. The Yuan Dynasty (YD) is a new and very friendly guild recruiting for new and returning players from around the globe to do various content together. We are a unique guild that aims to build genuine connection with players by ensuring everyone is heard and that members are not just a number. The YD believes in the ethos that everyone can be “somebody and not just a nobody”. This came about after our guild leader simply felt like a number belonging to large guilds, where she had no special role to play. Although, the members of her former guilds were all nice, she did not feel a genuine connection. We give opportunities to both experienced and inexperienced players who would like to make an impact with the guild. If you excel at a certain task and are keen to make a difference, you should join and showcase your creativity and you will be given unique roles to play in our community. You will be recognised for all your contribution and be a significant part of the guild. In terms of our long-term plan, the guild hall is currently being levelled up and fully decorated and once these main objectives are achieved, we plan to create a sister guild with a guild hall in Cantha once the expansion is released. If you would like to be a part of the guild and our adventure, please send a mail message to Kyla The Deceiver to find out more. About The Yuan Dynasty: The Yuan Dynasty is a new guild established in 2021 by Kyla The Deceiver, who is part Chinese and has a huge interest in Asian antiquity and history. The branding of the guild is based on and inspired by the great empire of Yuan (1271-1368), which was once a formidable empire in ancient China. Additionally, the guild takes on the emblem of a dragon following the depiction in Eastern Asian cultures of dragons as benevolent mythical beings and symbols of great imperial power, contrary to depictions in Western folklores. Values & Culture: We are LGBT friendly, Diverse, Collaborative, Social, Respectful and Helpful. Game Modes: Fractals, Dungeons, Guild Missions, Guild Social Events, PVP/PVE etc. Requirements: A very friendly personality. REPRESENTATION is also required but can switch occasionally.
  10. the 2020 Feb25 patch included the following change: Personal Battering Ram: Slowed down the animation so the strike occurs at 0.6 seconds (up from 0.3 seconds). However, when used with the Gadgeteer trait, it still uses its shorter cast time. I assume this is not intended. Perhaps it could be standard procedure to follow up on alternate skill versions when making changes?
  11. In the main patch they wrote: "We’re improving the strike damage of the Renegade’s Kalla’s Fervor effect by changing it from a ferocity bonus to a bonus to all damage dealt. This change will allow Renegade power builds to be more viable for general play in open-world and mission contexts, although it is unlikely to create a Renegade power build for high-end PvE content." Them not engaging with power rev's viability yet acknowledging it, and even nerfing it afterwards, leads me to believe that we're gonna see a pdps oriented espec in EoD. This would line up with how they handled pre-expansion balance in the past. Either that, or poor choices have been made indeed. Either way, the identity of herald's not looking good.
  12. What do yu have against limits? Yu know, I feel like 80% of the players begging for buffs or changes or reworks in the forum have only one thing in their mind, and that's like "ugh this thing I want changed can be better, its just short of perfect"Hey guess what, nothing has to be better if it is sufficient in what it is doing, and intended to do.It doesn't have to be better, and the limitation is a design flaw baked into the skill as a deterrent from becoming an all encompassing one-hit-wonder. Correct, nothing has to be better, no changes have to be made at all to anything, there is little objectivity in all balancing, etc etc. I suggested this because i think it would feel better.I personally would rather have a reliable stunbreak that's only decent, than one that has everything but in specific scenarios is guaranteed to fail you. I wouldn't mind the endurance gain taken away or the distance reduced for this change (energy cost increase is the worst way to go about it though.) It is also not such a one hit wonder as you say, since most things you'd do with it, like dashing, are already possible with about face. Uhm, the real reason they use shiro is the teleport, the burst potential, the cc potential, and YES the good evasive stunbreak. Saying that the reason it is good is RS only is wrong.Also, rev has only 2 core power legends, not very surprising if one is used in power builds, eh? They didn't nerf it to make it less appealing (i hope), they did it to stop it from overperforming. Not the same. Things should be appealing to use despite their performance.
  13. Never said it's garbage, it's quite a good skill.You might consider it skillful, but in truth it's also extremely limiting. I don't see why it would need a cost increase and it's certainly not like dash, doesn't even become more spammable. PS: i know how to About Face.
  14. title ^as the only stunbreak of the Shiro legend it sometimes takes you in the entire different direction than you want to go. Sure, we can call managing your positioning skillful, but it's kind of unnecessary and it would be much more comfortable if you could decide which way you wanted to roll. Perhaps this has been suggested before, if so, apologies.
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