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  1. From the voucher dealer wiki page (notification at the top): "This page contains information about a Guild Wars 2 element, mechanic, or feature that has been removed or replaced. The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is no longer available." I guess they didn't see the need for the vendor since you can right-click the voucher and preview the contents like Cedo mentioned earlier. So to answer the question I'd say the dealer was removed.
  2. Recently I've played lot less but one method I did was to kill the Treasure Mushroom in four fastest locations daily. It has 10 min respawn timer and each event reward includes a spirit shard. My usual route is TP scroll to Bloodstone Fen, then closest waypoints in Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Tangled Depths. I skip Dragon's Stand since the mushroom spawns only after the meta being done. In Draconis Mons the mushroom has 60 min respawn timer so I usually skip that one too.
  3. Yes there should imo but that is not the case currently. For some likely a technical reason normal (old) GW2 and Steam GW2 accounts are separate whereas the GW1 accounts are not.
  4. You can link your Steam GW account to your old GW2 account, but ofc the reward skins etc. will then go to the old account. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053416353-Steam-FAQ "However, if you have a Guild Wars 1 account that was created via Steam, you will be able to link it to an existing [non-Steam] Guild Wars 2/ArenaNet account that was created via the Guild Wars 2 website."
  5. True enough. But in the new system we can use 6 runes and get more fitting relic bonus than the regen. Still bit sad about that change. It used to be so amazing with the base heal before they changed it to regen.
  6. All my toons got t1 core equipped by default. Whatever toon I'm playing I will swap the only t10 core I have from shared inv slot (no workbench needed). So basically the same thing I do with my glyphed unbreakable gathering tool set. Edit: just to clarify, I have nothing against leggy cores if they were to be added.
  7. I think the main reason they are going this route is variety. We will be able to choose whatever relic bonus we want. And if the 6th rune gets added stats then 6 runes + relic will perhaps give more benefit than 6 runes with the old system. I'm happy with this since there are runes where the 6th bonus is pretty much useless to me, and on the other hand some sets I've chosen only for the 6th bonus while the stats are far from ideal to the build. I'd say the same more diversity approach applies to the Weaponmaster training too.
  8. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/134203-relics-bring-new-equipment-to-guild-wars-2-secrets-of-the-obscure/#comment-1946697 Q: What happens to rune slot 6? A: Slot 6 will be another stat bonus. Some runes already have a stat bonus here, and those that don’t will have one added. So tormenting runes might actually get some condi damage added to the 6th bonus.
  9. Check if you can select attributes for it when you right click the item?
  10. Complete the collections to get the mount? No turtle following you after that. They aren't that hard, esp now since you can buy the Thruster Control Unit needed for Suiting Up achie. This used to be rewarded only from completing the Kaineng Overlook strike mission.
  11. Make sure you are not using the integrated CPU graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 630). Try setting everything on default/auto detect in Nvidia control panel, or try to switch the GPU and then switch back. I read about a problem where the setting panel said to be using the 2060 when in reality it was using the integrated one. Also make sure everyhing is up-to-date with the laptop (BIOS, OS, GPU and other drivers).
  12. If you search the wiki with the prefix name there's a list of possible exotic and asc equipment you can acquire, for example the Harrier's page (see under Related equipment heading). Some exotic weapons listed are not account bound.
  13. Anguish of Darkness. Twilight of Shadows. The Endless Night. Abaddon was destroyed in the end of GW: Nighfall, and Kormir absorbed his powers to become a god.. so I think it's more likely it'll be Menzies the Mad.
  14. I was wrong in my earlier post. This is a different event called "Defeat the Oni ambush" when the other one is called "Defeat the Oni". The wiki does not list the first event at all but I have done the 2nd event in New Kaineng at least once. Managed to kill the oni with only two players but it was a tough fight. I encountered the 1st event at Temple of the Dredge in Echowalds. The oni is indeed un-targetable, has two swirling AoE effect circling around it and places bombs on players. It hits with melee quite hard and changes aggro often, so seems to be the same champion oni as in the other event. Edit: the oni becoming un-targetable could be somehow caused by the triggering player running past it without engaging. When I triggered the event in Kaineng I stopped to fight.
  15. As Cedo said, it does sound like the new random champion Oni event that was added with 'What Lies Within' story update. According to the map one of the spawn locations is very close the hero point. I'd suggest changing maps if you can or doing the hero point later when the Oni is not there. The event has 5 min timer so it should despawn after the time runs out.
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