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  1. Could be. I did the math fast so not sure. Still not that much difference in the price before taxes and can't blame Anet for those.
  2. My pleasure. Gotta "love" them EU taxes tho. Feels like they tax us for literally everything.
  3. Without 23% VAT the Ultimate is about 62€ which is about $73.3. Without the 6.5% tax the NA price is about $74.8. So before the taxes the EU one is actually bit cheaper.
  4. Getting really tiresome trying to explain what "first look" means. They said more expansion content will be revealed as we get closer to the release.
  5. From the store page: "The price indicated for any digital products includes anticipated VAT based on the Irish VAT rate of 23 %. The applicable VAT rate may change during the course of the shopping session if you are in another location. To see how we calculate VAT, please click here."
  6. Ordered the Ultimate because I buy gems quite often and that is a good offer compared to normal price. On sidenote: bit suprised that so many people don't seem to understand what "first look" means, but then it's the internet so.. yeah, go figure.
  7. Yes, same here. Managed to preorder it too. Thank you for the fast fix Anet! ❤️
  8. Thank you. This worked for me. I'm in the EU and using Chrome (I did clear the browser cache).
  9. Just an update: the browser address I get by going to https://www.guildwars2.com/end-of-dragons is https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/end-of-dragons/ and that page says AccessDeniedx2 plus gibberish. Tried disabling my (paid F-Secure) VPN but get the same result.
  10. Cleared my Chrome browser cache and yet first link takes me to page to buy PoF (which I already have) and second link takes me to page with only text saying "AccessDeniedAccess DeniedXRTBMK8TSVHW8KWXSTgvDu/pUVVfb38IzzavWJjwyf+m802xvP5ikaLGWth/UpklYizt5jG2PFx3eRkOQNjqI5gb6jo=" Edit: Only the "AccessDenied" part stays the same when refreshing the page. The other gibberish changes.
  11. I have the same issue. Every pre-purchase EoD link I've clicked so far takes me to page to buy PoF. I am using Chrome browser.
  12. Don't know about EU but on NA I see both HoT and PoF HP trains running very regularly. Might even be a daily thing, tho can't say cause don't play daily, but still multiple times each week.
  13. Please consider adding more balloon and kite novelties. Maybe instead of designing new ones the old ones could be added in different colors, eg. Hot Air Balloon. These could be rewards from different festival vendors. Or it could be done similar way to Enchanted Colorful Snowball where you can change the color. Thank you. Edit: Now that I think of it, the original Hot Air Balloon was from the Festival of Four Winds (Queen's Jubilee), so perhaps the different color options could be added with this year's festival.
  14. I agree that industrial scale ocean fishing can be harmful. Often people do have the option to buy local and enviroment friendly products, but it takes more effort than just going to the nearest supermarket and they usually cost more. I cannot single-handedly fix the problems the world faces and I've done more than my share caring about the environment. Indeed. I think that hobby style relaxing fishing is what OP meant with the suggestion. Kinda like how Wow did it, which I found out to be oddly relaxing (altho I still like fishing irl more 😊).
  15. I will. I've always fished from my local lake and won't be stopping. I eat the fish myself and nothing goes to waste since I make fish paste from the leftovers. I also pay for a fishing permit which supports keeping the lakes and fish populations healthy. All fishing activity is not nefarious.
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