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  1. It's really not that bad now that people are figuring out how easy it is to lock down. There are far bigger problems with balance right now other than Harbinger tbh. I do think it will get some slight adjustments, but any large scale nerfs would be overkill imo.
  2. Sorry you feel this way OP! I'm just the opposite, I don't think I've ever been more engaged with the game. I think ANet nailed it with EoD, this is the perfect blend of HoT and PoF imo.
  3. I've been stuck on the wrong server all week and have been told by support there is "nothing they can do" multiple times. I'm not the only one either. Either fix this issue, or allow support to switch people if there is an issue. If this happens at launch, you're going to have a huge mess of support tickets on your hands.
  4. They're giving feedback. Are you sure it isn't YOU whos confused about what a beta is ?
  5. A response would be amazing. . I get that it's beta, but with some of us being stuck in quarantine, this is one of the few outlets we have to hang out with our friends. Hearing "It's beta, nothing we can do" is pretty depressing. I know you're all working hard, hearing an acknowledgement would go a long way to engender goodwill to the part of the community dealing with this issue right now. Thank you
  6. Is there going to be a fix? Or are we really going to be stuck on the wrong server for a week? Any update would be awesome. Thank you
  7. Placed on the wrong world, every when I had the correct guild selected. Instead, I was placed on a world where none of the guilds I play with were located, like it just selected one at random. At this point, with all the technical issues surrounding world restructuring, my personal opinion is that it should be delayed until these issues can be ironed out. There's nothing more frustrating than logging in to find out you're on the wrong world, and support can't do anything about it. At the very least, there needs to be an option to change (within reason, maybe allow one change per reset).
  8. Sorry you're having the issue as well. I'm seeing a lot of others with the same problem. Hoping they're able to fix it and this issue doesn't get ignored
  9. I got stuck on a random server that none of my guilds are on, let alone the one I chose in advance. Really sad about it, I wanted to play with my guild all weekend.
  10. The game ignored my guild selection and now I'm on a random server that none of my guilds are on (I pre-selected the guild I planned on doing wvw with as I was supposed to). Was looking forward to beta but now I can't wait for it to be over so I can play with my friends again 😞
  11. Pre-selected my wvw guild in anticipation of the beta (as soon as it was possible), logged in today to find I was placed on the wrong world. I'm not the only one, seeing tons of complaints in map chat at the moment. Hoping there will be a reset sooner than the end of the beta. Was planning on playing with my friends this weekend but its not looking like thats in the cards :(
  12. That's not true, they can't talk about it as it clues in the people that make botting software that they're onto them.
  13. This kinda stuff was happening WAY before damage meters.
  14. I agree op! Would be really nice. There are some that are really interesting, and could provide some cool gameplay options. Then again, that other MMO company down in Irvine, CA has been struggling to balance racial abilities for about 15 years now. That could be the quagmire they're trying to avoid.
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