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  1. you might be lucky when asking support. They helped me once with that
  2. since when are warrior, Ranger or mesmer weak lol
  3. thats just super unlucky RNG, I got it after 5 orchids, others said it took them multiple days or even weeks.
  4. to make it easier, more convenient and so that no one has to rely on 3rd party services.
  5. after the mess that the IBS was, this is actually a pretty legitimate fear....there's always the argument that IBS was rushed because they had to focus on EoD, but until we've shown anything that proves that EoD is better, I wouldn't get too excited either
  6. HoT was supper exciting, like the first actual expansion! Raids! Levels past 80?! Guild Halls!! It just was so much cool new stuff. PoF Mounts were amazing, but thats about as much hype as I got for it tbh. EoD.......I guess the strike cms could be fun?
  7. hard to tell cause Sylvari are basically human shaped plants and norn are just big humans, so you can't really judge sylavri strength
  8. how? Bosses don't reset, you can dodge pretty much everything. In fact even the story Endbosses are usually easier to kill than random champions in the open world
  9. the thing is, until we get the new Thief Elite spec, thiefs only really deal damage with little to no utility support. That's why most groups prefer Necros, Guards, Warrior etc. as DPS over Thiefs
  10. we used to have that, but it got removed cause it's pointless
  11. of course. The game mostly relies on CPU power, so you don't need a powerful GPU
  12. well that could seriously just be people farming bosses lol
  13. it's honestly super easy, with how strong classes got since HoT
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