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  1. that's true lol. I'm absolutely sick of axe being the only worthwhile choice for power
  2. well yea, the Soto story is awful and drags on, but it still doesn't take much time
  3. yes I do, cause the reason given was budgeting, which doesn't make sense. And if you're talking about including neutral pronouns, we could just have the option to choose a pronoun at character creation, like every other rpg in the last 5 years
  4. but that's never been an issue in the 10 years before, so why randomly change it now?
  5. they don't have any cheat detection lol....
  6. honestly 100% uptime almost feels impossible if you want somewhat viable DPS lol
  7. nobody plays 100% optimally. pretty much every encounter has phasing, invuln phases and thus downtime.
  8. that was my first impression on the golem as well yea that would feel a lot better in actual encounters I think. Cause the reality is that there's almost no encounter where you can keep the berserk mode up 10p% of the time. But your suggestion sounds pretty cool tbh
  9. that part is fun yea. Just the debuff for messing up once, seems a bit much
  10. So after the recent buffs, I finally decided to play my favorite build again: A/A Berserker but oh boy.....it's hard. The High APM is fun, but takes some time to get used to after months of Spellbreaker, but seriously, I didn't remember how punishing the Berserk mode was! If you only miss the timing by a tiny amount, or suddenly get stability, you're screwed. If you compare that to Reaper, a spec that also got buffed and deals similar dmg in theory, Berserker feels just way too punishing to be fun anymore. Do you guys feels a similar way, or do I just need to practice Berserker again?
  11. well there's only you to blame, the pants were clearly visible on the preview....
  12. this has nothing to do with map rewards....this was a one time achievement for 4 weeks
  13. considering there were achievements for 4 weeks, I would assume it's over, after 4 weeks
  14. not sure how playing for 10 years is supposed to make that easier lol? There never was a tutorial so we all had to use guides or learn it ourselves, still one of the few actual fun festivals
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