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  1. What is there to look forward too this year because this ain't it.
  2. The first thing I saw was a nerf to a rune I was saving up to get. 🤣 Saved me lots of time.
  3. Hey can you summon one on the water out in the middle of the ocean by using a skiff? That is something I might try one day.
  4. We got to be honest about it. You only have to sub for one month and can let it end, to forever get access to all content that was released up till that month. That's how their model works. It permanently updates your account's content access even without a sub remaining active.
  5. I guess so. I don't play gw2 or eso or eq2 or lost ark anymore. I'm back to path of exile, division 2 and destiny 2 now. They aren't mmorpgs but they have enough exotic/unique loot to collect it gives me tons of incentive to log in. Been playing destiny 2 all weekend as I just got The Crimson exotic handgun and been trying to come up with builds for it. It's fun to use. I like hunting for things that aren't about stat increases but about unique mechanics so I collect em to make fun builds. Those games have tons of stuff to collect even if I never really use it all. Gotta get em all a
  6. I sum up gw2 as having really interesting gameplay that is engaging but nothing interesting to do it for. I can enjoy the activities in the game but wonder why I am doing them over and over. It boils down to just farming currencies for cosmetics that were not good enough for the gem store. That's what it felt like.
  7. It has the jade bot. You can make your own waypoint. That's really unique.
  8. Thanks for trying to make this visible. It was first brought up half a dozen years ago and is still a problem. But knowing this forum I predict nothing but resistance to your plight.
  9. I'm pretty sure people who like farming currencies for skins will be the only people who stick with the game. Or farming gold to convert to gems for skins. It's all the same.
  10. Yeah, I'd like a system added that brings players back to all zones. I play lots of games and I see the most potential in systems such as the uniques from path of exile and the mythic excavation from elder scrolls online. Uniques are fun things to hunt down and play around with. They make the game feel different for each unique you get and try out. Adding a twist to how something works and usually implentment a curse to balance things out. Even if such a thing was only useable in the pve zones it would be great. Mythics in eso are the same thing but they are gotten from
  11. GW2 is what it is. And that's why I'm playing path of exile. Such is life. Good luck arenanet.
  12. I wish races had passive game mechanics. I know other games do it and it's fun. It hasn't broken them. An asura warrior could reward playing differently than a norn warrior. Norn could get toughness from standing still for a few seconds. Asura could have a special dampening belt that activates after running for a few seconds. I'll stop wasting time thinking about it now. 😂
  13. Whoever laughed at my last post is a meanie. 😂 I never used to struggle with things like this. I'm almost 50 now and someday you'll know firsthand what happens over time. When I was young, I was good at fighting games and never had to wear glasses. Who is this strange person in the mirror I see each day! Such is life!
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