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  1. 70% I want to like this game as much as gw1, but the performance is very harsh and I find myself playing elder scrolls online as it is ongoing performance optimizations and my framerate in that game has gone up about 40% over the past few years. I really think gw2 needs that kind of attention.
  2. The studio making this game is trying to do too much with an old engine and it is really hurting the game.My game runs so poorly now and characters pop in and out within feet of my character but that is the only way to play it now. Requiring players to upgrade to hardware that can completely brute force its way into proper performance is not practical or accessible.
  3. I use the Dominator Skin on my daredevil and Revenant.
  4. So one of the games I play is doing a twitch drop campaign this weekend. If you watch participating streams for an hour total you get a crate per day. The amount of streamers they got for this game now is way more than usual. Way more. I think it really works.
  5. Two of the games I play do twitch drops and whenever drops are enabled it is quite a boost to viewers and that gets streams noticed by people who don't know what the game is like.
  6. The overland pve needs really hard content that requires getting down and making a specific build for a specific area. Like the old days of guild wars 1.
  7. But granted I'm too old to understand these modern things. I was born in january 1901 after all. I have no idea why that page wanted to know that. We are talking about UE4, and I could not link directly to the UE4 section so that link is the best I could do.
  8. Here is the plan on the game. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/revival/ I think it would be amazing if gw2 did this.
  9. Before mounts were added there were areas of heart of thorns that I hated going through if I didn't have a character that could stealth. There is this chak cave next to an ogre camp and... bleck.
  10. I wish gw2 was more like an mmorpg world. It seems to focus too much on a small cast of characters and it's all very scripted. I don't mind such stories, but I prefer to watch them on tv. I play games to engage with things and see reactions to my actions. In ESO the guards attack me on sight and most merchants insult me when I try to talk to them. It's pretty cool to play a character that way. And if it gets to be a hassle I can just pay a priest to cure me and pay a fence to remove my bounty.
  11. I currently like Drizzlewood, Bjora Marches, and the Dragonfall zones the best. I think that is a testament to later zones being really well done. Grothmar Valley feels off to me. There is something weird about how it looks and performs. I am wondering if something happened to make development of that zone very stressed.
  12. There is still hope then that gw2 will get an engine update. right now in order to get 30 frames per second player character and npcs pop in and out just a few feet away. It is sad.
  13. Seems there was a mistake. I have no idea. NCsoft announces new unreal engine 4 upgrade coming in june. https://www.mmorpg.com/news/looks-like-blade-and-souls-unreal-engine-4-update-is-coming-to-the-west-after-all-this-summer-2000121208
  14. I was a fan of guild war's attribute system. I don't know why guild wars 2 abandoned it. In the first game if you specialized in curses then you used curse skills and it didn't matter if a curse did direct damage, or damage over time or healed you were good at it because you were good at curses.
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