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  1. Add the Deployable Cannon, but 50% chance to damage user for 85% of their health!
  2. ☒ Ignore, no one is going to come defend anything anyway!
  3. As someone who's on a server that will probably defend 5% of the time, I still do the same as I did before the Outnumbered change. Defend hbl with less then 10 people while /T is spammed, realise cmdrs want to defend paper tower on another bl , sit in spawn until everything is capped, wait 10 mins and recap everything!
  4. What team were you placed on? Titan's Staircase! What team did you expect to be placed on? Reaper's Corridor Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? Left Guild, double checked currently selected before Thursday night. Have you shard/world transferred recently? No! What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Underworld
  5. On the wrong server, but at least can get in now!
  6. Yup same... current assigned team is 12,202. Doubt there's 12k teams!
  7. Server rarely defends, coms rather defend paper on another border then 3 T3 keeps and 2 T3 towers!
  8. EB has 3 JP's that were partially removed, but you can only hit Mendons from the waterfall! Could be worse, the Veloka exploit could still work! (Took anet 9 months to add an invisible wall) Also you can get to the cliff on the left side of the SS!
  9. Cause the UK page is all 3 expansions while the US page is just EoD expansion! The proper EoD page! https://buy.guildwars2.com/store/gw2/html/pbPage.eodstore/themeID.5036338300?Locale=en_IE
  10. *Looks at in-game mail, sees nothing, continues wvw*
  11. Have a global message "Username has pulled Emergency Waypoint at Servername Garrison!" displayed like when capping an objective!
  12. As SweetPotato.7456 said, open a support ticket. Mine goes as follows. Player Name - player.1234 (I normally show the name of character to prove it's the right person) https://imgur.com/ https://youtu.be/ 18:27 BST - Underworld Server - EB - Overlook Keep Server name player is blah blah constantly at X location.
  13. I have this happen when the game thinks I am holding the 'look back' key, pressing it resets it!
  14. Doesn't always happen to me, but when it does the camera is always looking backwards until I use my "Look back" key!
  15. You'd think anet would realise people would try a few times to beat that time after they completed the jp and make it so lighting the last brazier would award the achievement!
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