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  1. Mount stomp is the only thing I like about the mount. I don't know why it amuses me so much, but it does. Beef it up I say! Otherwise just remove mounts altogether, I am overall unimpressed with them.
  2. The fact that Anet would even consider a mount rental system just amplifies the fact mounts should never have been implemented in the first place. Poor planning, no testing, no "stupid-proofing", no foresight.
  3. I vote for never, though I think the game is too old and too far gone for Alliances to matter now. All we seem to have left are karma trains and easy-mode clusterfucks.
  4. These generalizations... I'd like to see existing issues fixed first. Not sure there are even devs available to work on that, let alone new content.
  5. I won't miss her but I think her being laid off speaks to the sad state GW2 is now in. I have zero expectations for the future of WvW. Best of luck to all that were laid off.
  6. I'm now accepting applications to be my tea fetcher. If you're on [insert server name here], you are exempt. You must also be minimum level Argyle. With years of experience drinking loose leaf tea, I am clearly the most obvious candidate as the first totally pointless leader of absolutely nothing. On a serious note, why? What is the point of this? Why should we care?
  7. Can we throw mounts onto this pile? ;) Sorry to hear that people are going to lose their jobs, that always sucks. Not shocked though. Sad, but not shocked. Edit: I hope alliances still happen. That's the only thing that will bring me back to the game.
  8. As a scout I'm ok with the 1 hour timer. Its enough time to make rounds to refresh, but not too long in order to allow troll siege to disappear. The timer use to be 30 minutes. Now that sucked. (Some of you know I have been sick for a while and it turns out I have a highly aggressive cancer. I'm now on week 4 of 6 for radiation therapy. I miss you guys!)
  9. Don't underestimate low ranked players. Many of us have alts. ;) Personally I do not want this as I just don't care what rank someone else is. Please fix the more pressing issues first.
  10. Some of you don't seem to remember the original implementation of bloodlust (it was similar to this event) or are newer to the game and weren't here for it. It sucked and Anet changed it for good reason. Why they decided to do this event I will never understand. It's almost as if they are trolling the game mode. Either way I'm done with their lack of understanding and caring.
  11. A community effort to discourage stacking/bandwagoning doesn't necessary require a system change, because it is called community, not anet. Likewise, if you think the 2nd point is irrelevant because anet is working on a new system, I respect that. The community has shown us it wants to stack. It wants to bandwagon. It wants to blob. Anet waited way too long to address the problem.
  12. I'd love hear from someone on FA/DR. I remember FA being a good place.
  13. Quaggan OP [QOP] is searching for a new home on a NA server. We are currently on Tarnished Coast. We prefer a server that is willing to defend it’s home BL, with a fun drama-free community. We don’t care so much if we win or lose, as long as it’s fun. We are a 3-person guild and this is what we offer our new server: Home BL defense, first and foremost.Excellent scouting.Upgrading keeps and towers.Sieging keeps and towers. Sieging is an art form for us!Havoc/ninja group.Dark humor and a bit of funny snark. Maybe more than a bit. We play smart and will fiercely defend your home borderland! Not o
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