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  1. Also, there should be a change of philosophy behind engineer's design. Currently, all utilities compete with Kits. But Kits are basically weapons, that provide 5 different skills. To compete better with Kits, all other utility skills should provide better toolbelt skills. There should be more low CD offensive toolbelt skills like Surprise Shot from Rifle Turret. So what I propose: 1) There should be a new trait in Alchemy, that replaces all toolbelt "Throw Elixir" skills with new offensive "Elixir Bomb" skills with various conditions and 900 range. This will allow to create a a new co
  2. So, you like placing cakes on the ground...
  3. Bomb Kit should be entirely replaced with something like Rocket Launcher Kit. Bomb Kit is terrible by all means. It has the most ridiculous animation. It is clunky to use. It is boring. It is not very useful. And most importantly - it is ANOTHER melee weapon. Engineer needs Rocket Launcher because Engineer needs a 1200 range Explosion-based weapon without ground-targeting. Grenades and Mortar are already mostly used in melee range due to how they work. Rocket Launcher needs to be something like Longbow, but with some splash damage.
  4. I'd like to see Mortar to be not projectile at all. I mean, it should work like artillery, like cannon from Siege Turtle - there is animation of shooting straight up into the air and there is an AoE with fixed delay. Yeah, toolkit should be power+defense.
  5. After getting two already ski-fi themed specs I would prefer anything, but a technomancer. I want something more grounded and steampunk-ish. I pilotable steam-mech or something alchemical. I am tired of all of those lasers and beams.
  6. Before Mechanist, I would agree that mace should be baseline. Now it is impossible. Your other suggestion was about bolting 1 kit to utility slot, which is just terrible design. Same goal could be achieved by putting kits on weaponswap. But tbh, limiting Engi to use only one kit will take even more work, than limiting to two kits, because it will require all kits to be rebalanced to have power of a real weapons + all exiting weapons will require a lot of buffs, because now they are weak exactly because Engineer can take a lot of kits at once.
  7. Of course I realize it. I have no hope for Anet to do something this radical. Sadly, Engineer is doomed to have flawed design and clunky builds until the very end. The maximum of what I expect from Anet is to put Kits into weapon swap with limit of one.
  8. Actually, I agree with that. All I want to change is that "right tool" to be not a single ability, but a whole kit. The right kit in the right time. Because current iteration has a very weird downside, that none other class has: Engineer is forced to have dead buttons he does not want to push because they are connected to something else. Currently, you don't want kits as while set of abilities - you just want certain one or two skills from it. Which leads to having some buttons that do near to nothing for your build. More so, toolbelt design has exactly the same problem: most of the time y
  9. Nope. Rev changes utilities, not weapon skills. Firebrand can's customize its Fs.
  10. I understand how they work, I just think they work in a wrong way. I want kits to be desired as a weapons, as complete sets of 5 skills. Not like "Oh, I will take Bomb Kit because my build needs Fire Bomb" or something like that. Not true at all. Engineer don't have a proper power based long range weapon that targets enemies, not ground. Or Rifle is a wierd mix of ranged autos with the rest of skills to work best in close range. Mortar has ground targeting and unreliable at long range due to slow projectile speed. No need to say that the whole gimmick of mortar is to have s
  11. This is exactly the core problem of Engineer: kits are optional and their number is flexible. Ele always has 4 "weapons". No matter what, no matter how you build it - you always have 4 weapons. It is a constant in Ele design. And constants are easier to keep in mind while balancing. For Engi number of kits is not a constant - it is a variable. When balancing and designing Engi devs should keep in mind all possible variations, because otherwise something will broke. So they decided to go an "easy way", which you just described here: They made everything "hybrid". So everything
  12. Tbh, we need less kits to be focused on conditions, not vise versa. The core of 4 kit builds is the fact that there are too many sources of conditions are spread between different kits. We need more kits to be purely power-based.
  13. This is a reason why Engi requires a lot of reworks. Piano builds with 3-4 kits must go. They are toxic, they are frustrating, their whole existence prevents Engi to be balanced and have more variety in builds.
  14. Rocket Kit should work more like a Longbow, its skills should target on enemies, not on ground. It should be focused on direct damage and splash damage, but not on combo-fields. It is okay for it to be a projectile weapon, because majority of other similar weapons are projectile too. Instead, Mortar should be a main combo-field focused weapon. And Mortar should not be a projectile. It should work like an artillery with delayed effect: you target a ground -> you shoot in the air -> attack lands on targeted ground after a fixed (1.5-2s) delay, regardless of distance.
  15. And yet we have not a single exception in the game. It is designed so on purpose of design integrity and usability. Exceptions could be made, but they should be justified by design problems it solves. Your solution of reservation of utility slot for a Kit solves no problem at all. More to say, this guy a way better solution with the same goal: Yep, I do. I agree that number of kits should be fixed. I disagree, that 1 kit is enough, because it simply becomes a weapon swap. 2 kits are fine because it provides ability to combine them and creates more options. 3 or 4 kits are t
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