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  1. I (routinely) have issues with disconnects from the GW servers (US EAST)--------which I suspect is due to over-saturation of these (this) server. I note it especially in the LATE afternoon/EARLY evening (weekdays) which I do believe is the most-used timeframe.
  2. I run on an ASUS (AMD) RX580 and this is a problem I've never seen. I suspect it occurs on older GPU's (from either major provider).
  3. Apparently the "Shrine Guardians" say NOTHING!!! (At least as far as turning over rocks is concerned!!) I'm hopeful?? that ANET is going to have this 'bug' fixed on tomorrows update (but am NOT holding my breath!!)
  4. My "guess" is that this "bug" only affects the 6th statue (regardless of which one it is). Apparently ANET applies the "law of Diminishing Returns" to this achievement!!! I'm still missing Melandru (and don't tell me how "easy" this one is!!) and have been trying for the past month+!!!!
  5. still bugged- ALL stone moves in Echovald Wildlands. NONE of them give chest just ghostly swirl!!!
  6. The only one that I have NOT accomplished is #12--------the FIRST bush works the other 2 do not!!! The center (whenever tried) is just a DUD!!!!! I have tried this on MULTIPLE characters with the same result!!! It is a TOTAL IMPEDENCE to area mastery!!!!
  7. As far as "Cantha" is concerned, NOW is the time to allow players to create NEW "CANTHAN" characters, with a CANTHAN storyline so as to make this a "REAL NEW WORLD"!! Otherwise, we're ALL just "Foreign Invaders" intent on changing US (the Canthan people) into just another version of themselves!!!! After all, the Dragons are YOUR problem---------not ours!!! We get along with OUR dragons "just fine"------------so take YOUR troubles back to YOUR lands and solve them THERE!!!! Should the story progression MAKE "dragons" EVERYONE'S problem, then merge the stories!! Else let the "true Tyria
  8. I guess that what I'd REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to see is the ability to create NEW characters, with NEW storylines, in both the Crystal Desert AND Cantha. Now that Cantha is becoming "reality" would be a GREAT time to introduce that aspect of PvE into GW2. An additional benefit would be to allow Human-type characters to BE Canthan, Krytan, or Desert Dwellers and run their OWN storylines merging at some far later point into the generic "Tyrian Tale". After all, just how BIG a problem WERE the dragons, until those "nasty" Tyrians poked em' with a VERY sharp stick?? Neither the Crystal Deser
  9. As a question: Has ANET welded itself to the idea that ALL characters start out in Tyria, REGARDLESS of race?? While that makes sense in regards to Sylvari?? the rest have existed for HUNDREDS of years AND have managed to expand into EVERY area of the planet-----------thus it appears to me that NEW characters ORIGINATING ANYPLACE BUT the original environment (Kryta, Ascalon, etc----------SHOULD necessesarily BEGIN in their "native" environment (Including the desert). And, in the same manner, should begin at Level 0. This implies that THOSE characters are going to progress in THEIR native area
  10. The DX software is a Microsoft additive to the Windows OS-- anything earlier than Win 10 has (at best) DX9 --Win 10, AS CURRENTLY configured has DX11 installed. All of the DX modules are BACKWARD compliant, so DX 11 can easily deal with ANY prior version. DX 12 is available on the new Windows 11 OS--------and again, is COMPLETELY backwards-compliant, so NO player should have ANY issues related to this module (regardless of which iteration their system includes), It should be noted that Microsoft has ROUTINELY updated (through the "settings" module) the DX configuration as appropriate to the us
  11. Yes, but since the DX software is designed to be backward compatible, no user should see ANY adverse issues related to the DX software.
  12. Since ray tracing is newer than DX11 and closely related to the upgrade to DX12, I have NO expectation of seeing THIS "enhancement" in GW2 in ANY reasonable timeframe!! And I question whether or not "ray tracing" would have ANY positive impact on gameplay in GW2----------considering the "age" of the game architecture. This game, after all, was created almost a decade ago, a FULL lifetime in computer/software architecture generations!!
  13. My system, for the past 2 years (at least) has been using DX11/12 (through Win 10). Fortunately, the DX series IS backward compatible. Currently, I'm upgrading to Win 11, and do not expect to see any adverse effects (as of today, at least!!). So, to me, while I "might" see an increase in frame-rate (I'm currently system set at 144 fps and routinely can get 80~fps in GW2), I don't expect to see any ***WOW*** factors with the upgrade to DX11 (in GW2). That being said, ANY upgrade to an "older" os (even in a game) is an applaudable achievement!!!! HOORAW!!!!! I look forward to seeing how the beta
  14. Yes and I've tried ALL of the pillar, both above and under water!! Same result still getting pulled and CAN'T activate the "Special Effect" it just remains locked. One character has already completed the entirety of "A Crack in the Ice" the other is doing it for the first time. Same effect
  15. The "special Effect" key remains LOCKED and unusable no matter HOW quickly my character reaches the white circle AND hiding behind a pillar (ANY PILLAR) doe NOT prevent "pulling". These issues render the "Precocious Aurene" event undoable. I have tried with a Mesmer and a Warrior and got the same result.
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