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  1. Does this work with DH spear of justice? Also asking for a friend.
  2. How will i enjoy my time on desert BL if you nerf pulls? This is unacceptable, we need less stability and more ping pong. (Old video to illustrate why we need this)
  3. What is this trend of posts with people wanting to pay anet to fix their game? So many of these kinds of posts/comments lately, no wonder game companies get away with everything nowadays.
  4. The pvp stat amulets are locked into specific combinations, people in WvW like to use multiple different stats combinations on seperate gear pieces and min/max them for more build variety. It's more fun than just picking 1 trinket with all stats imo. So the build diversity thing is mostly about reducing the amount of player input on your stats. Double if they decide to remove pve runes/sigils and opt to use the pvp ones. There's a case to be made for ease of entry for new players but imo it's too late to change to something like the amulet system now that people have invested all their time an
  5. Yes let's pay more money for our favorite neglected gamemode. Combined with the power of bandwagoner transfer gem purchases alliances might release in 2030 instead of 2040. And we'll get to cast 2 skills per minute instead of 1.
  6. It softly whispers in my ear... do it... do it...
  7. Had a friend ask me this as well. Could work, decent sigil for ineptitude. Doom sigil is more valuable for the poison application i think. Pretty important to have in bunker meta. Replacing cleansing or one of the energy sigils with it is an option. :+1:
  8. The poster is asking for a WvW build, else i wouldn't bring it up. :p I mean yeah they apply extra obvious tells, but you're not dropping target for more than a couple seconds anyway in the limited amount of stealth. Competent players will re-target near instantly. It's useful if you're on old power mirage and you can get a few secs to launch less obvious GS burst i'll agree. Just not really relevant for this particular build imo.
  9. @Moradorin.6217People still have trouble spotting the real mesmer in 2020? As if signets make it that much harder when there's food buffs, banners, objective buffs etc. If your mesmer build 's effectiveness is measured by people not finding you among clones you have bigger issues. Signets (traited) give you more staying power and are actually pretty good imo.
  10. Roaming on this hybrid core build atm. Does pretty good, even vs some outnumbered fights. Just get hard countered by s/d acro thieves or things like convert scrapper. Basically spam out a ton of shatters and distorts. It's heavy on cleanse, can swap out cleansing sigil and inspiration 3-2-3 to 1-2-3 for teamfights. Keep a focus instead of torch on a 2nd gear template for camps/pull kills. Can drop moa for other elite, i just commit to the signet meme. :p Helps with all the heal bunkers these days.
  11. Bit dramatic. Because especs sell expansion copies. It's wishful thinking i know, but they could just work on core mesmer skills/traits and create new specs.
  12. @Lampiao.2470 A lot of effort went into this, good job. I need any form of musician mesmer e-spec for my bard character. I'm not entirely convinced about the full mechanics, i agree with the lack of good AoE damage. (I don't particularly like chrono and mirage in open world/pve) But scourge shades / kalla always felt bad to me. Then again i'm not a mesmer main and barely do PvE so there's that. Still, fun read. Thanks! I get your point, but might as well just ask for other classes/specs to be brought up to par or get better/more interesting mechanics instead of preemptively wanting a potentia
  13. Haven't played WvW in a while but the buffs to Mallyx CtA and EtD look promising for roaming. My biggest issue was the CD on EtD causing Mallyx to feel extremely clunky since the last patch. CtA buff is nice, the damage increase isn't really relevant to me but i appreciate the old 30E cost and CD reduction. That will revert mobility back to old standards. Larger radius is nice as well. I agree that CtA and EtD are pretty much done and should be left alone at this point, moving value from Pulsating Pestilence to the utility skills or other trait/legend mechanics would be preferable to me to g
  14. Yep, the salvation update was pretty much a joke. Taking the traitline in the direction of the orbs from staff AA was a mistake imo. Selfish builds gained a better choice for grandmaster traits, but nothing really changed for support builds aside from the loss of Nourishing Roots' (NR) regeneration. I think if the devs wanted salvation to have better healing capabilities outside of Centaur Stance they should've just introduced a minor or grandmaster trait that functions similarly to ele's Soothing Mist or necro's Vampiric Presence. Could simply be gain health when you attack/are struck, or s
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