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  1. So I made a beta character with a certain name. I tried to make an new character with the same name but now it says the name is taken. When will the beta character be completely deleted so I can use the name?
  2. You must have a memory a gnat. From what you wrote your logic is that because your asian and live in east asia that makes the opinions of many people who have expressed theirs including mine "irrelevant". Good to know that you believe yourself superior because you're somehow more asian and can't seem to empathize with others. Also nice touch with the insults and name calling, I can do that too.
  3. Okay let's say that you are, I didn't get the news that you became the sole representative of all Asians.
  4. Thank you sooo much for your troll post you have contributed sooo much to this conversation. It's great that you haven't read anything that any of us had written so far. It's awesome that you want to show the rest of us how ignorant you are.
  5. Asian people who looks at other Asian people everyday. These faces are below average of what Asian people consider attractive. Western and Eastern standards of beauty and attractiveness are different. Maybe for western people these faces are okay or just look past them. However, for many others who want to make a Asian looking character but to be limited by below average looking faces it's really disheartening. I can't speak for every Asian person on this board but for people to say stop complaining, it feels like you're trivializing how important representation is for some of us.
  6. Awesome, telling Asian people how they should be represented. Don't complain it's fantasy. No you're lying you're not Asian but a white male weeb. No you people don't look like that you look like this. Lastly, why are you complaining, what's with all this talk about racism I just want to play my game. Then don't even enter this thread just ignore it and go about your day.
  7. Like I said before I don't think ANet were trying to be racist or anything like that, but compared to the effort they put into past faces and hair this round is highly disappointing. For me it feels like a slap in the face (no pun intended). Yeah we don't have the time and resources so here are some generic npc flat faced squinty slant eyed faces for you. Work those sliders folks.
  8. Cause the POF faces and hairs were good. My main has an elonian face and hair because it was really attractive to me.
  9. I'm a Korean male and when I first saw this I thought that it was kinda weird. I'm not offended by it but thought it was strange they would pick this one out of all the others to make unisex. It's fine though.
  10. As an Asian person, I find the human and norn faces for both male and female disappointing and off putting. This is a fantasy game where I want my characters to have unrealistic beauty expectations. I pretty confident that this is true most players, because of how they make their characters. But to only have faces that are caricatures with stereotypical features are some what offensive and is a strange move. Would I be offended if these choices were included with other better looking models, no. But to only give these options, doesn't feel good. And in my opinion is it racist, not really.
  11. Okay I'm a return player from vanilla and I have been playing through all the expansions and living worlds. Having a good time and but for the love of god why are there so many currencies. There has to be a better more stream lined way to do this.
  12. Dude stop, what's the point of this thread. They can do what they want, they don't even have to do any of these livestreams. Yeah this week didn't show much, so what. It's good that you're excited but you're just complaining to complain. I'll go the opposite way and say I appreciate that they don't spoil anything.
  13. Save yourself the trouble and pick another class. I'm a casual player and my first class in this game was a warrior. I actually stop playing the game because the class was so awkward and clunky to play. If you're not willing to dedicate a lot of time then it's just easier to play literally any other class. I main thief daredevil and now leveling a guardian and actually enjoy playing instead of being frustrated.
  14. I really want to know who was the genius that decided to give guardians stealth.
  15. Anyone see the new map preview, it's hilarious. Trench coats and butt capes for all of Cantha. So the majority of the community asks for Anet to move away from this design element but they refuse to. I feel like they are doing this in spite. Have any of you actually done anything physical, do you folks know how difficult it is to move around in something like that. There's a reason athletes don't wear clothes like that. Why would my thief who is suppose to be swift and agile be wearing heavy bulky trench coats.
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