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  1. Try this:https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/professions/Guardian?v=2019-12-19T00:00:00Z You need to view the document at the latest schema version to get the new fields. There is documentation about schema versions here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/API:Main#Schema_Versionsand you can find my original post introducing the feature here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/72091/api-updates-march-22-2019
  2. Hello all, Build and equipment templates are now available on the API! I've also included some necessary data for decoding/encoding build chat links (I provide the format in this post). Recent API UpdatesFirst, here is the change in list format: Added code and skills_by_palette to /v2/professions.Added code to /v2/legends.Added build_storage_slots to /v2/account.Added build_tabs_unlocked, active_build_tab, and build_tabs to /v2/characters/:id.Added equipment_tabs_unlocked, active_equipment_tab and equipment_tabs to /v2/characters/:id.Added equipment.location and equipment.tabs to /v2/character
  3. Hello all, I added some missing content to the API: two home instance nodes, some missing novelties and the latest mount skin. I have also added a new quests endpoint so you can see all the finer-grained details of the quests available in the game (completing the trio of /v2/stories, /v2/stories/seasons and now /v2/quests) I also put in a /v2/characters/:id/quests endpoint to let you see all the quests you've completed per character! This also means you can automatically track which paths of the personal story your characters have completed (I hope someone writes an app for it :D) Recent API U
  4. Hello all, Just a small update on the API to coincide with today's release. Recent API Updates/v2/novelties is now available with the novelty data./v2/account/novelties is now available to show what novelties you've unlocked.Thanks!Snider
  5. Without promising anything, the outlook is good. :)
  6. Hello, I'd like to give a quick update on what's going on with render.guildwars2.com just so there's clarity into the progress being made. The Short Versionrender.guildwars2.com is still broken, but we're working on it. We'll understand the problem better after tomorrow's patch. The Longer VersionThe code behind render.guildwars2.com has two changes that will go out with the deploy tomorrow. First is better logging. Internally we send a signal to the server to have it "go to sleep" and "wake back up". It's going to sleep, but only parts of it are waking back up which puts us into a bad state.
  7. Hello, I know you all have noticed the API breaking frequently recently and I wanted to write a post about it to help describe exactly what parts are breaking for clarity. render.guildwars2.com is a piece of the API that converts game asset images into jpgs and pngs for the public to use in their apps and sites. It's backed by a pretty simple standalone piece of server software whose sole responsibility is to cache the assets, convert them, and serve them as images. This server has been getting stuck in a bad state about every other month or so for a while now (I think a little over a year). I
  8. Hmm. Some non-static endpoints require an access key but do not require any permissions. Off the top of my head, I believe /v2/tokeninfo doesn't require any permissions. Maybe that endpoint was built that way because it assumes account is always set. I'm not sure why you'd want to generate a token that expires in the past. I could have it error when exp < iat, but there's not a whole lot of benefit other than helpful sanity checking for the user of the endpoint. Also, if I have time at some point (and I remember), I'll put some cache-control properties in the response headers to tell the cl
  9. You're right, it really should be POST. I chose GET because for API internal reasons POST is much harder and I wanted to get a fast turnaround on this feature. That said, I think GET is OK here because it's still a stateless call: the subtoken parameters are just stored in the subtoken itself. Nothing is written and no state is modified on the API server-side when /v2/createsubtoken is accessed.
  10. No. I decided to start with a required expire time and a maximum. I figured the endpoint should start more restrictive, then wait to see if we need to loosen the restrictions depending on app developers' needs.
  11. Hello all, A while back I introduced the concept of schema versions to allow the API to change easily without breaking existing apps. I've bumped the schema version a few times since then and I've been asked to provide a way to access the schema version changes. That can now be found in /v2.json (when accessed with a recent schema version, of course). Recent API UpdatesHere is the change in list format: Modified /v2.json to list all schema versions with a short description.Thank you for all the bug reports, they've been a big help. If you see any more issues let me know. Thanks!Snider
  12. A quick update: Some users have already pointed out some bugs with the new /v2/createsubtoken endpoint. Those have been fixed.I have also changed /v2/tokeninfo to understand subtokens, given a recent schema version parameter (e.g. ?v=latest). If you see any more issues, let me know. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, I put together a quick change to the API to allow some more fine-tuned control over sharing API keys a few weeks ago, and I had a chance to deploy it today. I have added an endpoint for creating what I'm calling "subtokens". Recent API UpdatesFirst, here is the change in list format: Added the /v2/createsubtoken endpointSubtokensAs a warning: this change's uses are niche. A subtoken is a special API key that can be used anywhere a normal API key can be used. It is simply a wrapper around a regular API key with reduced permissions. It can be created by accessing /v2/createsubtoken w
  14. Hello all, I recently mentioned some backend changes I made that went live with yesterday's patch. As a result I am rolling out some fixes that weren't possible before. The daily achievements you see in-game are different depending on which expansions you own for that account. Because listing the daily achievements doesn't require an API key, there are flags on each achievement that describe the access requirements for each. The way those requirements were represented changed at some point in the past to be a bit more complex. I have updated the API to understand the new format and I've bumped
  15. Hello all, As of today's patch some backend changes to support the API have gone live. I will be working to bring some of the benefits of those changes over the coming weeks. One of the changes broke the mounts endpoint for several hours today (it is now fixed), but in return all missing mount skins have been added to the API. Recent API UpdatesHere are the changes in list format: Missing skins have been added to the API.Thanks,Snider
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