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  1. I am 99% PVE and love the story. I did both HoT and PoF three or four times each because I enjoyed it. I really want those collections but no way I am grinding the story nine times. I will get two or three of my favs. Then come back to the story next year when at a lull. 9 times is over doing it.
  2. I am preparing my character for mechanist but not confident in which stats / runes / sigils. What do you recommend?
  3. How much time has passed for the commander since the launch of GW2? Is it the same as real world time? Almost 10 years?
  4. What is the advice on the off hand weapon for PVE ?
  5. What are the thoughts on which off hand weapon(s) pairs best with pistol?
  6. Thanks. Yes I also remember a line that the CharR killed their gods. So, I assumed they existed at some point.
  7. I like the ideas above and hope for them. I think Aurean will give birth to new dragons for each of the magics and try to raise them to be peaceful. Death magic can focus on learning from our ancestors. Fire magic the energy to create, ice magic calm cool logic. Etc. but with that she and the new hatchlings will go into hiding. Other stories will evolve that don’t include the dragons. for example what if the chart gods aren’t really dead?
  8. Didn’t they say battle turtles ate fish? I am guessing we will need skiff to find specific fish to raise our turtle mounts from hatchling to adult. Also assuming there will be ascended seafood dishes you can craft as a chef.
  9. Maybe a group of soundless snuck into an unexplored area of Cantha
  10. Hmmm. No mention of deep sea dragon theme. I assume it will be announced after launch?
  11. I wondered if thawing ice raises sea levels and shifting tectonic plates cause tsunamis. Which might disturb the deep sea dragon.
  12. I wondered the same thing. I like the story, grade on the curve and easy to please. Braham is one of my favorite characters. But jeez. Come on. Not even a throw away line with the the commander saying “ I will get this back to Braham”?
  13. A good idea. Isn’t there a torch weapon that makes the fist look like fire? It could be similar. Maybe a metal fist?
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