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  1. A good idea. Isn’t there a torch weapon that makes the fist look like fire? It could be similar. Maybe a metal fist?
  2. True. I was thinking more of a boxer than a ninja. More The Hulk than Spider-Man
  3. Brycar.2651


    I would like an animal tamer spec with a whip. Skills would be a team of five animals similar to necro minions. They would always have the same effects but would visually change skins based on the pet equipped. Like five moas or five tigers.
  4. I would like a boxing ? fighter. Cestus battle gloves / brass knuckles
  5. Spear/javelin using staff skins instead of underwater spears. Or both. Yes, some staff skins would look silly as a javelin. Like an underwater hummingbird
  6. I am not good at imagining the elite powers but thematically I would be happy with mace, axe or torch. Mace main hand.
  7. I still think spider would be cool. Climb up a wall and ceiling. Shoot web and swing or pull enemy to you.
  8. we've got all the movement types covered by the existing mounts, as said. we have:5 land based mounts (raptor,jackal,warclaw,springer,beetle)1 speed mount (beetle)1 surfing/diving mount (skimmer)2 aerial mounts (skyscale, griffon)1 jumping/vertical mount (springer) i dont see how they can add more to what's already on the list. new mount skins are more than likely though just like how we got lots of new glider skins in PoF's time. Maybe high speed underwater? Fish, sharks, dolphins. Etc Also in path of fire there is the villain’s hover board. I wondered if we’d get that.
  9. I have a full set but couldn’t figure a build I liked that maximized poison
  10. I like the story AND I want the skip option. The first time through a new chapter I just enjoy the story, talk to all the characters, click on everything, go slow but not focus on achievements. Then I go back through the story to pick up achievements. I want to just get through the dialog and cut scenes to get to the part with the achievement. I fail often. I don’t want to repeat the slow parts 3 or 4 times.
  11. I think at the end aurene will use the opposite of refraction to blend them into one
  12. Braham will kill Ryland, who is the proxy for Jormag. He will get his fire magic (Primordus) bow back. Also, Aurene will combine Primordus and Jormag into one balanced dragon. If the light prism dragon can refract the magical spectrum then couldn’t she also combine two magical wavelengths / attunements? I am enjoying the lore and DRMs but do admit I don’t find them repayable once the easy goals are achieved
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