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  1. To op: it may help if you actually read the content of the arena net post instead of assuming everything.
  2. Does this mean the daily login rewards are gone now? Will this affect the economy with sky high mystic coin prices?
  3. Maybe a compromise is a gem store item that costs coin to use but unlimited uses. This expands the activities you can perform to use transmutations and creates more value for gold.
  4. -Pyromancer Puissance is really good better than previous version-Persisting flames is...rather pve based ( only in pve enemies will ball that long in your fields) and staff weaver with lava font and pyroclastic blast Overall I give a 4/10 to this patch: -Obsidian flesh is a ridiculous change-Scepter ele is still dead and buried-Arcana GM are rather bad...you can play around them but nothing build defining, attunement CD and elemental attunements are the reason for me to go arcane-Staff ele ......too much after cast, gameplay requires future reading for maximum results The situation is not good.....and WvW with its stats customization is the only reason why I still give a kitten about this game playing elementalist Im saying when you play solo it’s not exactly cool that you lose 10 might when leaving fire. This is ok for groups but punishes solo players. The burst damage from the effect feels super weak.
  5. I don’t like that the new fire trait changes punish solo play.
  6. Yeah, two weavers throwing the buff back and forth would be cool but losing 10 might as a solo player every time you switch feels bad.
  7. Anything change for your build from the nerfs for PvE?
  8. Mail limit increase would be a perfect thing for them to monetize. Maybe a mail carrier you buy could come with some more slots.
  9. I wonder this too, I think half the time people don’t even read chat
  10. I agree, upset about the nerf to complex weak class
  11. I don’t really understand the need to nerf condi weaver...why take something so complex to even play and make it worse?
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