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  1. A butler charges a wage, say 5% to 10% of the harvest, I have 30 home instance nodes and goody "boxes" , the 30 separate stops with unlimited gathering tools or the keys takes to much time. It will only get worse with a new expansion. I did it for a year or two but have slowed down now, The cost of the butler would be made to compensate for the change where removal of lazy instance owners from the economy added to supply. The gems to hire the butler pay the developers etc for the design(s)..
  2. The rise of the lich dragon, you are what you eat. What I would like to see the core of the game refreshed with events that cycled through multiple plot decision points to be unique, just giving a selection of different path to different outcome events starts to remove the fixed world problem and replace it with a world that is no longer static, Risking players only returning for new maps and quests is a waste of development effort. Sometimes the cook did it, sometimes the butler, the names change, the problems change, but the city is always forever.
  3. I was reading the description of the site https://www.thiswaifudoesnotexist.net/ and after downloading and examining the code to create such faces or objects decided that the direction a lot of game map and npc creation will go in is to be found there, Do any GW2 developers agree? Character skins with real but different voices can be generated to speak game dialogs, and Maps with desired size, portal placements etc could be generated, as some of the map may be considered the face of code behind, the code behind would be what was generated. The description writeup is at https://www.gwern.net/TW
  4. Seems that the armor effect part of any armor and the armor skins effect on anything worn, that is armor function vs armor appearance are several separate magical quality's, so how skimpy can a skin be? Perhaps an armor skin is just a framework supporting the protection properties and all else is fashion, or perhaps some armor quality's need a thick skin.
  5. Add 6 to 8 new districts to every city,Currently each played character race has its own home area, really just a node storage area,perhaps as characters advance they could get a new home/house/bunk in one of the districts,and a way of transferring home-node locations to the district they chose to live in in the city they also choose..Add new and changing district events just outside the door.Districts would reflect city history and world history in both style and tradition. Home portal works by character after a house is purchased "or given and accepted" not by race.
  6. I have gained every non-special collection color, no reward for reaching that milestone, but my potions of "guaranteed dye unlocking" are useless now, maybe combining 4 in the mystic forge could give a random exclusive dye?
  7. Show only collectors mounts. The 10 meter snake. -- no range for travel but can squeeze in combat, (sometime also a bit of rider squeeze)The flesh crafted artists recreations of the legendary unicorns -- Too delicate for even a mild wind.The Large-Hob-Snail --- moves as fast when sleeping as awake. There is a market for decorative less utilitarian intown mounts, collectors like such things.
  8. Two things,1.) "Catha or just road to Cantha", that is stops/locations/stations on the way. (maybe with on the road to the far Silverpeaks and several other such re-explorable places)2.) An extension with "life" additions to all the major city's, That is Districts with character, for example the upside and downside neighborhoods of Lions Arch expanded with portals in and out. They would have an ongoing stream of life events, homes or property from rundown to gaudy , with events like landlord issues, bar riots, thieves guild politics/memberships,, temple and other beggars, help for retired mer
  9. Fogfoot, a SmokeScaleSleeper a Polar BearTat Tat Tat a BristlebackNibbles a Tigre
  10. Training as weaver could have added weapon swapping from the weapons usable to add versatility. [ I've played a PvE ele for 6 years.]
  11. Magic glowing armor tattoo outfits, designer swim suits for water map/cultures. please no plain bikinis or Speedos, Fashion is the mirror of our dreams.
  12. Has to be your new login code. Fix did not work, afterwards rebooting computer did not work to fix net error.
  13. I tried to open the first chest of 10 again after the bug was stated fixed in release notes today, result it looks like it opens but no gain and I still have 31 spare keys.
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