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  1. That is just plain wrong. If you truly believe this you most likely never crafted a legendary and/or you are playing the game for a couple of hours a week. As I said most chapters can be replayed within an hour- the vast majority require you to complete the story (15-30 mins of instanced gameplay), gather 50 times (15 mins) and do the meta event of the map (some are like 10mins long others 30, so let's say a 20min average). Even if you are doing everything slower, doing extra events on the side and so on it should not take you more then 2 hours per zone. Assuming that this is the case it
  2. Agreed, I should've suggested flattening instead of completely reversing the rewards so people would get a better idea of what I mean by my post instead of thinking that I want a system that promotes less gameplay or gives free things to the new players.
  3. I would suggest trying them all out before making a decision. Make a new character and go to the pvp lobby. You will automatically be scaled to max lvl and have everything unlocked. This way you can try some of the builds and see if you like the gameplay. I did this mistake a few times, I saw "a cool guy" absolutely crushing with a spec that I don't play. My first thought was "dam, I want to be able to do that". I found the build, tested it out and realised I have absolutely 0 fun playing it.
  4. I'm sure that a lot of the veteran players (including myself) would love that. However, the idea is that the first rewards are not lucrative enough to attract new blood to the mode. The new players will never make it to diamond in the first place.
  5. I said EASIER then completing a long collection. Maps like Grizzlewood reward like 15-20g per hour, the game gives you 2g for the daily, the HOT metas take literally minutes and give you a few gold as well. And that is just the super casual content, I'm not even suggesting Fractals, Raids, etc. (and not even farming the casual stuff) Assuming that you don't get a lucky drop and you casually do a few meta events here and there you should have absolutely no troubles getting 20-25g a day just from playing the game. This way you can get an outfit per week if you want to. Of course, this
  6. I'm not sure that I agree. The people that like and play WvW do it primarily for fun. The vast majority of WvW players play it almost exlusively (not everyone ofc, but this is the main mode of the game they play). They are high ranks and already have most of the rewards they can possibly get. I've never gotten the last chest and think to myself "whelp, now there is no point to play anymore". So the core WvW players will play and cap the rewards no matter how they are structured, the afk pip farmers will always do the same because it takes no effort to do it. And this leaves only the new
  7. I see you point, but you can obtain any gemstore item with gold. Why make a ton of unnecessary collections (they will be a ton because there are a buttload of gemstore skins) when anyone can just play the game, save up some gold and buy the item this way? The average outfit/skin is 700-800 gems and that is roughly 200g. Especially for PVE players that do meta events and things like that it will be way faster to farm up that 200g then to run around and complete a long collection that has multple stages. To implement something like this would require a lot of work from Anet to resolve
  8. You are absolutely right- people will never be happy and will find something to complain about. I don't want anyone getting free stuff nor I believe that wvw should be the fastest and most efficient way of obtaining legedary gear. However, making it a tiny bit better for new players might attract more people into joining wvw and some of them might actually stay past the rewards. Cutting a 15 week timegate to 10 could be huge for some players (still the ones that want to go all the way are going to get the required tickets in 6 weeks) As an experienced casual player I decided to join a ne
  9. I think that main issue is that there is nothing meaningful to add. Players get showered with free laurels and the LS maps are incredibly easy to do. You can do them on multiple characters, so if you really need an ascended trinket you can probably get one in under an hour of gamplay just using map resources (basically for free). The legendary amulet is incredibly easy to get as well. In most cases you need to replay each story, gather 50 times and do the meta event of the map. This takes roughly an hour per zone (espeically if you are replaying it and skip all dialogs etc). It can be a l
  10. You don't get it for free, you can see the exact materials in here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Conflux You need a buttload of wvw materials and roughly 1700 gold to craft the ring. The tickets are the only thing that is timegated and prevent you from just buying everything of the trading post. It's the same thing for the legendary armor (you can check the materials here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Legendary_armor ). If I remember correctly it's' about 600g a piece and to get the required tickets you need to cap the wvw reward chest for 22 weeks.
  11. Hi all, I've been doing WvW for quite a while and I never really thought about the way the claim tickets are rewarded ( I just play the mode because I enjoy it and never really cared). Recently, I got my last piece of legemdary armor that used my remaining tickets and soon after I decided to go for Conflux. I started researching it and realised that it will take another 6 weeks of capping the wvw rewards to get it. That is a pretty reasonable timegate for a legendary, but it got me thinking- why do the first chests reward barely any tickets? Imagine a new player joining the mode and
  12. There are few builds that work pretty well, especially the perma alacrity support one, so I wouldn't say that mesmers are weak in fractals. For general pve you can go condi mirage and stay blurred like 80% of the time allowing you to crush difficult solo content. For raids you can go either power, boon support, alac, condi - according to metabattle these are all raiding meta builds and they are all quite different. The GS mirage is a meta build for tagging as well. Virtuoso looks amazing, but I believe it's a bit too early to draw conclusions. I would recommend picking a bun
  13. I think that they made it this way because there are a ton of casual players. In some places, you need to level a specific mastery to progress in the story. Imagine a super casual player that logs in for an hour every other day or so. If they make the bars 5 times longer to fill this means that this player will have to spend the next few gaming sessions (probably about 1-2 weeks for him) to grind it out. How excited will this player be to play the game? He wants to finish the story and he is randomly bottlenecked by a 5 hour grind he doesn't care about. As someone that has a bit more time to
  14. I really like the idea of AP...in other games. I believe that achievments are a great tool for you to stay engaged into a game. Lets say you normally WvW, but currently don't feel like it? Go chase a randnom collection or pick an achievment to do. This way you won't feel bored, will be able to work towards something "meaningful" and enjoy different aspects of the game. GW2 completely ruins this with the daily quest rewarding 10 AP. Some of the most annoying and hard achievments in the game reward you with 5 AP and huge collections that require sooo much time reward you with 10-20AP.
  15. What makes it most valid as a discussion is the fact that the game is played world wide right. The average salary in some eastern european countries is like 400 euro a month, and that is very different compared to other parts of europe where paying 25-30 euro for a single meal is normal and not even considered as spending a lot of money. I think that this is a very important thing that people need to have in mind and they clearly don't. I completely agree that over the last few (not even few) years GW2 has seen barely any meaningful updates. sPvP and WvW have been on life support for yea
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