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  1. Speculation - My hunch is that the "Gen 3" are going to be more along the lines of legendaries for the sake of stat swapping/build convenience instead of flashy. I actually expect that they will all be a set with similar general appearance like a BL voucher set, dragon slayer set, etc. and all weapon types come out at launch. I doubt that they have the design budget/willingness to make 16 new unique legendaries, and it would annoy people to get the free precursor token but not have the weapon you want out immediately. Being so similar, the weapons will share some effects, but effects will no
  2. PvP gives decent liquid gold by just playing matches. To really ramp it up, you'll want to start farming Tomatoes for that sweet cash to gems to gold. And sir, this is a Wendy's PvP forum
  3. Looks like you are going to "raise" the baby turtle yourself. Get the charged quartz ready.
  4. Your best bet is probably going to be to watch a video guide. There are some tricks like hitting some on the wall/roof with the napalm AoE skill. Here's the dulfy one: The buyable item that you refer to is not for mastery points, but is a hero point unlock. You can purchase them in WvW, and they are designed to let WvW players unlock elite specs without having to go to pve. They won't help with this mastery point. The good news is that you do not need this particular mastery point if it is too difficult. There are more mastery points available tha
  5. Not ingame that I know of, but perhaps this tool can be used https://gw2efficiency.com/account/farming-tracker Haven't used it in a while, but I believe that it tracks wallet currencies. It does add it up over time though, so if you're looking for data on each individual drop then it might not be what you're looking for. The only buff that I know of that influences a currency is gold find, which obviously influences gold. Gathering buffs do not appear to affect the living story nodes (some old data from my wiki page here).
  6. It should be a title that you can never turn off that says: “Skritt for brains” you know, because always chasing the shiny…
  7. Is this that drake attack where it does this massively long power up phase and then an equally long channeled attack that you can basically just walk sideways to avoid? Just checking.
  8. I tip commensurate to my estimate of the time that it saves me, with a rate of about 20g/hr applied. I usually don't take ports for the easy daily stuff, but for that I'm tossing them 1g if I do seek out a port for some reason. For chalice of tears or searing ascent, the guide videos alone are 12-15 minutes long. Add on the time that I'd spend flipping back and forth figuring out where to go or missing a jump and I'm tipping 10g for searing ascent and 20g for chalice of tears.
  9. The gathering should never have been part of this return to achievement set. It encourages too much bad behavior that should have been entirely predictable - people running ahead/running off to gather instead of actually doing strike, leaving 2 or 3 people actually progressing the instance.
  10. Great stuff. I've been playing "the alchemist" from your other video this season in league and am having a lot of fun. I have had a soft spot for pry bar all the way back since this legendary thread: https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/professions/engineer/The-TANKCAT-build-Prybar-some-faces and am always up for prybaring some faces. But pry bar in the face with a rocket kicker? Wonderful.
  11. People play MMOs for the story? I'm here for the grinding and yelling at "bad" 😉 teammates in PvP.
  12. Are you lvl 400 artificer? Is your inventory full? Do you have the full quantity of all the ingredients in inventory to make the 10? Also, why craft them instead of buying off of TP for much less than crafting cost?
  13. Starting over from lvl 1 will certainly hold your hand through getting back up to speed, but if you have played before you likely remember at least some stuff. Here's my 2 copper: 1. Pick one of your existing lvl 80 characters. Take a minute to read through the skills and traits on the hero panel (press H). Does your build make sense (basic stuff like do you have the +dmg to greatsword skills trait slotted but you aren't running greatsword, or +bleed duration traits but few/no sources of bleeding)? If not, take a minute to look up a decent one or at least put one together that m
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