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  1. EoD will make pvp better, and here is my proof. Triangles have 3 faces and vertices. EoD is the 3rd expansion. However a triangle is a shape and gw2 is a game. There are 5 letters in shape and 4 letters in game. If we take (5-4)*3 we get 3, but also (4-5)*3 we get -3. This demonstrates the symmetry between the two. Now symmetry is derived from the greek word symmetria which means "agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement". The "agreement in dimensions" can refer to the geometric dimensions of a triangle, and through its relation to gw2, the multiple dimensions of gameplay that EoD
  2. Decrease skill coefficients, increase the amount stats on amulets. Now damage scales more with stats. The only issue with this is that the "support" amulets are really hybrid, so that would likely have to change as well.
  3. Damage done = (Weapon strength) * Power * (skill-specific coefficient)/(target's Armor) "base damage" is a combination of weapon strength and skill-specific coefficient.
  4. Power creep just introduces more and more low skill builds that eventually become the meta. Its dumbing down the game and removing any sense of competition since gemstore bob or a bot can roll scourge and get into plat. Even the mat is a boring slog where there is just a never ending fight between necros, guards, revs, and holos.
  5. Yes i know 5 mirages is not a meta comp. Its a theoretical meme comp. Its not supposed to have optimized dps.
  6. persistence of memory + phantasmal haste, time warp, multiple SoI, and celetity sigil if you really need it. FB quickness hits 5 targets. With 3 minion necros there is a lot more than 5 targets that need boons. Also you could get a couple mes to run inspiration for inspiring distortion + blurred inscriptions, and you could have up to 10 chaos storms every 30 seconds or so.
  7. basically mm is incredibly op because of all its passive damage and sustain, but its also bad because it only has passive damage and sustain.
  8. I like my fractal meta better. 5 condi mirages who just auto attack and dodge. Just ignore every mechanic possible with constant aegis, evades, invulns, have perma every boon except resistance (and even then you could get lucky with SoI), and you have all the utility you ever need. Or how about: 2 quickness fb 3 minion scourge
  9. Anet doesnt gain any money from fighting bots and hackers. Their resources are already stretched thin working on pve content, and now with the xpac on the way there is no way this issue is a priority.
  10. I dont even know what you are arguing. LB trapper is very strong into certain comps in ranked. If you dont understand matchups and play into counters then thats a l2p issue on your part. Yeah you take dps traits and have 11k hp... ok? You still have everything ive listed earlier which is more than most dps builds have in terms of defense.
  11. I took all that from the radiance - virtues trapper build. You might want to look at the skills and traits again.
  12. You also have very good boon generation with prot, resolution, stab, you have light aura, you can have condi conversion if you run contemplation of purity as your 3rd utility, and you still think you also need stealth and superspeed...
  13. you have 2x f2 and f3 with the invuln elite, multiple blinds, aegis, and projectile blocks, 4 ccs where one has no telegraph and one is unblockable and on a 10s cd, and extremely strong area denial with tof and pob.
  14. If certain builds like mm were deleted from pvp it would be an improvement. More build diversity doesnt mean better gameplay.
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