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  1. Give up there is no hope. Guard is forever stuck on support or fotm gimmicks. Also nerf ToF.
  2. Look at the in game pet stats. Its 43k. But what can you expect from ranger mains, they dont even know how their own class works 🤮
  3. Smokescales chase people down just fine. If you kite drakes you lose the node. Both have 40k health and 2.2k toughness and are healed+cleansed by troll unguent.
  4. People are toxic because they are trying to be competitive in a dead pvp scene, so they take their frustration out on anyone they think is bad. Just make an empty chat window and turn off chat bubbles and you wont have to read anything people say.
  5. I think a better analogy is this: A box company makes 2 kinds of boxes, pretty boxes and durable boxes. Pretty boxes sell better, especially if you make them glowy or give them capes. Durable boxes on the other hand only come in 1 size, and nothing ever fits in them. Instead of improving durable boxes, they stuff them in a warehouse. 7 years later someone notices that they have been getting stolen. No one cares but they put up a sign saying "stealing boxes is illegal" and call it a day.
  6. just make it no ones job to investigate cheating then
  7. Too much work to investigate people.
  8. But its easier to remove amulets than it is to balance things
  9. There isnt any competition. No one is playing pvp anymore so there is never another good duo queuing at the same time as them. I highly doubt anyone is wintrading in off season. Its all just necro memes, que dodging, and swapping to counter comps at the last second.
  10. Im pretty sure 99% of people who still play pvp dont care about the false sense of prestige from titles and gizmos. Its just the few dozen or so who regularly match manipulate and wintrade that think they are achieving something.
  11. I thought the point of removing duo que was to prevent stuff like this
  12. It does have animation, its just the same as every other necro skill
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