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  1. Let anet do what they are doing,theres plenty of nice new releases coming up.
  2. maybe maybe not,simply celestial is jack of all traits and scalings and master of none.
  3. We went through this before,the deployable cannons were fun till blobs started mass using them outside of objectives. That resulted in them easily stripping an objective from all defensive sieges and having easily an advantage due to numbers. On the other side of the fence there was a case of valley fully decorated with cannons,which as far i remember no one could get close. I think if moderated to a certain cap within objectives they could be re introduced,it was a fun siege addition but needed limitations.
  4. By default teleport isn't more annoying than stealth. When mixed with 3rd party program's responding to cc,then yes it is because that is one unskilled player ruining the mode for everyone.
  5. A small reminder why the EOTM ktrains died,a single group had turned it into a gold business by running all 3 sides of the map. This came topped up with a serving of verbal abuse ,griefing and death threats to people who tried to compete in the map. By the time anet took care of the problem,all the legit players were gone from it and many left the game as well.
  6. Backseat yelling from spies stirring drama. Too many spies calling in queues on you. Constant sabotage. Too many lazies expecting to be spoonfed profit without working for it. Tag watchers. No progression as a commander to encourage sticking with it. And at some point it became a job that doesnt pay for the time invested,i was doing 20 hours daily for 6 months straight and didnt hear a thanks. Basically it all boils down to anet's decision to go f2p,with p2p a spy had to cough 60 bucks for each failure and now with the f2p model the spies are admiting it open
  7. We need more fun and content in wvw regardless of putting the turtle ( who does happen to be an OG gw competitive mechanic) into the game. But for a start purging 3rd party program cheaters should be a bigger priority.
  8. Yeah specs included,its always the same deal with necro regardless of what you use.
  9. Between borderline zero stability,chain pulls over walls constantly and immobilise spam on top of the worst mobility in the game makes necromancer the top candidate for the worst solo experience in WvW. Adding to it that if you arent the attacker in an objective,you may as well alt+f4 instead of going up to the wall to defend due to how line of sight works hindering the necromancer completely. The rampant cleansing on large fights adds even further to the horrible experience that is the necromancer due to most ranged options scaling with condition damage and thus you end up no
  10. Which class you think handles the worst in our current WvW meta of condi bunkers,boon blobs and chain pulls?
  11. No transfusion no shroud currently,i think this needs a little bump. Because lets face ,all necromancers who wvw now want to have a word with the guy doing balance.
  12. Opened client,loaded catalyst,readed the skills and turned the game of. The discrepancy on balance between harbinger and catalyst is disgusting,the catalyst kit is so grossly overloaded that harbinger should be renamed to NPC.
  13. Well heres my bone with harbinger,for one the whole being mobile lie i see plastered all over the damned place is false advertisement,one 900 range leap doesnt make the class mobile. Using pistol doesnt make you any more mobile than using an axe,the offhand options lets face it are horrible and still clanky as the day the game released 9 years ago,on top of the traits affecting them not making any real difference . Can someone from the development team go into wvw and ROAM in tier 1 against mag for a month with the spec? let us know how well harbinger works against thi
  14. My personal opinion by experience so far. I am not hyped by the teaser because it doesnt have anything to show other than a gun,and given how anet treats the class we all know how this will go. They will leave it overpowered for the beta so they can get hype and sales and after launch comes they will eventually cripple it,just like they did with core and reaper and scourge.
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