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  1. Can't we have checkpoints for whenever we get dced 100 times in the normal story, its really annoying and unforgivable for players to have to redo everything just to keep getting dced at the end of every story from the base game, and no i checked my internet connection and other settings everything is fine it's just a freaking random dc that takes me back to the character screen, it's annoying and it ruins gameplay...
  2. Ok ty, can't believe arena net actually allows this type of practice, hear so much about gw 2 community being nice and i just keep getting grieved and made fun out simply for wanting to complete an achievement...
  3. Yea but what about other players abusing the party i am trying to form, it'll go both ways, what was i suposed to do when random players take over my party then, im scewed... i got no choice to let them take over because i can get kicked and like this i cannot hope to find anyone to help me out in my achievement because everytime i progress players keep joining and taking over... i even have to abandon the content im doing...
  4. I made a group asking for help with the master coin achievement in world 2 zone 3, i progressed far enough in the stage, the people that joined in took advantage of how far i was just to get to boss quicker, and changed the description i had set asking for help, i did not wanted to do the boss, so if i set a group and then whoever joins can simply change whatever they want and then still kick me from the group i was trying to form wth, what sort of lfg is this, this is grieving, i was forced to leave from my own progressed stage, i was just gona get kicked if i did not go to the checkpoint, w
  5. Ok than k you very much for the reply. Is there any chance for a screenshot someone could share at where i need to stand to unlock the zone 2#6 location pls i tried everywhere i am not managing to find it u.u? Ok i managed to find it just had to use the flower to jump towers where the shadow assassins were at, apreciated for all the help, finally all achievements done!
  6. Oke so slightly after when you obtain the glove of wisdom , ty vm i will make a search there, but is there a vcloud i need to activate to get that zone unlocked in the achievement or do i just need to pass through it ?
  7. My problem is i alrdy did that since instictively we always follow the clouds i cannot see any Clouds i missed at this point, i went for the baubles cuz according to some people if u follow the baubles u end up finding that zone, but because arena net changed the clouds so much its hard to say which zone is which now, so i cant find any Clouds i missed, and i done enough runs i checked the internet alrdy for info about it cannot find it, so does any1 have any idea please ?
  8. Hi all, so i am kinda stuck in the baby's second super adventure: world 2, which is to complete the zone 2 in infatile mode, i am missing zone 2 # 6 (https://ibb.co/zxfq6tv), i followed dulfys guide for the baubles and i did not find this point or i just seem to not find it, does anybody know or with some detail tell me where it is so i can unlock it. Ty vm!
  9. Ah ok i am from EU, unfortunately, oh well. Ty vm for reply.
  10. Does any1 know any fixes that allows me to team up with my US guild for fractals, i saw a couple of solutions like loging in while not being invisible then reloging nothing like that ever works, most solutions do not seem to make it work at all, anyone has any sugestions how to bypass the network error when teaming up with US players (im from EU) ?
  11. Hi i am interested in joining and doing some raid and other contents, i already do a bit but mostly having trouble finding groups, any chance i can join?
  12. Hello everyone, i tried googling it but all threads about it seem outdated, i bought gw 1 today, and i was wondering can i still link my gw 1 account to my gw 2 account or however it is suposed to work, i tried following the instructions and went to the section of my account, Game Content, to look for the link button but nothing is there, am i doing something wrong, can any1 direct me or inform me what i am missing ty vm all o/.
  13. I raided a year ago or so with a Banner Slave cleared everything, except for dhuum, twice each boss at least, had to stop due to reasons, decided to come back and looking to get into it again but this time as a healer or dps (hdruid or shoulBeast power, working to get more condition gear), so i am looking for a static with a fresh start wanting to progress through all the wings, i still remeber a lot, am ok starting over, i can raid any day of the week at any time, if interested to fill in a spot please send me a whisp in game (Hugedeal.5426), or simply reply here, i'll try to remeber to Bump
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