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  1. oh wait so the starborn outfit has never been for sale in the black lions :o?
  2. Hello everyone, so quick question, i just got my 9th weekly anniversary drop, from the package i purchased from the black lions, why is it that i do not have the option to choose the starborn outfit... is there something wrong, why is it the only outfit i cannot choose, i really like it but for some reason it is not there to choose, anone havign the same issue, or is it intended?
  3. So i am farming the achievements for my bounty stuff, and well i keep getting ambushed by joko instead of the target i need, my question is why do we have this gimmick this isnt fun, its a time waste, everytime i get this i have to go back to the bounty board wait 15 more minutes and redo it hoping i dont get ambushed again, im trying to do lady shamshir, and i got ambushed twice in a row now, whats the point of this, is it suposed to be engaging is it suposed to bring more challenge, what by having a god danm random chance to get the target i need... this is world of warcraft nonsense levels
  4. Hi guys, can anone confirm to me if someone buys the End of Dragons expansion they get the Path of fire + Heart of Thorns for free, or do they still need to purchase Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns ?
  5. Hi guys, so i bought my new exp, and i am aware it takes around 72 hours to get your gems, but i am just wondering did any1 manage to get it earlier then that or does it actually always take the 72 hours p.p?
  6. I thought after lw season 4 ide be able to enjoy the story without dcs, but the god danm icebrood crap is even worst, every god danm dragon response mission, everyone one of themthere's only disconects after every each dialogue, wth is hapening, is this how end of dragon is going to be, you cannot by any means think this is normal anet and not at least GIVE IT A GOD DANM CHECK, god we are getting to world of warcraft levels of bad now, technically wise....
  7. I cannot stay conected at all during the cutscene after kralk breaths me and Aurene, after that the game screen goes black and i get dced, not a game crash a dc, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, anyone have a solution...
  8. Eh, i really enjoyed the raid wings designs and well scenarios, strikes being 1 single boss feel boring, oh well ty vm for info.
  9. So just a question, regarding any news about raiding in End of Dragons, does anybody know if we getting new wings in next expansion, or was anything mentioned about it, i'm just wondering because for me raiding in gw 2 is rly well done, and i see a lot of people saying they ain't releasing any more wings, anybody has any infos :o?
  10. I just did it didnt use the brazier but after the small cutscene it i got dced but when i reloged i got my reward, this is still very frustrating, the amount of stories i keep getting dced on is pilling up i had to repeat that 1 where u protect aurene from destroyers 10 times or more cuz of constant dcs, is this type of frustration also carrying to end of dragons if you guys keep this up thats it for me im dropping it here, and i know no one cares, but i assume i aint the only one feeling this way, i mean these constant dcs are no way to keep playing the game.... seriously....
  11. Funny, we actually see what the gw 2 community actually trully is, true colors revealed, once marionette got released groups locked it under legendary insights linking means it is not everyone, if u have not raided ull never find a spot in any group... it's suposed to be a reminding of a past nice event that was fun and acessible to everyone, now only vet players get to enjoy it... well glad to see you guys are actually the same as the wow comunity, and i am no new player, am a veteran but disgusting, hate to see gw 2 comunity always say they so open mind whilling to help new players then when
  12. Is anyone having the same issue, i was doing my dailly fractals, and sudenly i got dced now i cannot login into gw 2... anyone having same problem, is the login servers ok oo?
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