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  1. I store the Dreambound weapon because it has a special function (auto scaling for low level chars) but all other weapon/armor below Ascended (not precursors, of course 🙂 ) I do salvage because I still can use the skins of these items later, if I want to.
  2. It is usually a good practice (for years) to write in squad-chat when the map is full. It is a nice thing to help others, not a complain. So the comm can remove the group from LFG which would also be a nice thing so other players, that look for a group, do not have to wade through dozens of groups were they cannot join the map. However, the lab farm seems different to the rest of the game and some comms for the lab farm are some kind of special snowflake and behave different, or maybe do not know this and so I never bothered to write "map full" in lab farm LFGs the few times I looked into
  3. You can just walk with your alts from The Silverwastes to Verdant Brank, no need to use teleports or to do the story with alts.
  4. I played the NW Open Beta this weekend (and did not play WvW in GW2 this weekend) and I have to say the graphics of NW look nice (if you like north american landscape - because that is all there is) but after 2 days it became totally boring, so I stopped playing. In the Open-World PvP, character level and gear are much more important than player skill (a character that is several levels above your own is nearly unkillable) and spying in open-world pvp group fights will be fun (or not - a spy can simply set himself to "no pvp" and can not be killed from enemy players/groups). And big PvP g
  5. PvP and WvW legendary armor have the effects (T3) and shiny skin of their precursor. Right now, I don't have to deal with the increased visual clutter, if every beta-character (and not only the accounts that already have "legendary" skins unlocked) would be covered in legendary armor, back item and weapon effects and could have all the floating balls above from the legendary trinkets and I hope this will not change.
  6. Please, no. The visual noise would be too much if all beta characters would be completely covered in legendary armor, weapons, back and trinkets.
  7. Nothing will happen with your real account. Beta-Characters use a copy of your real account. So, for example, you can buy (if you have the gold, laurels, currency, etc.) whatever you want with your beta character from vendors and it does not change your real account currency. And also: If your toons (this is not only for beta-characters) use legendary gear, the gear is not "on a toon" but in the legendary armory and nothing happens to this legendary gear if you delete the toon.
  8. Before the next beta I will put my portal tomes and passes (and other items I have in the shared inventory slots) into my bank, so beta characters have access to them.
  9. If your beta character has this bug after the patch the (only) solution yet is to delete that character and make a new one.
  10. Yes, seems fixed. My beta characters never reset again.
  11. Were you playing during/after daily server reset (00:00 GMT)? My theory is, that they reset once after every daily server reset when you change/enter a map/instance and that this is a bug. [BETA] [BUG] Beta Characters unintentionally reset - Bugs: Game, Forum, Website - Guild Wars 2 Forums
  12. I created yesterday 3 beta characters and took some time to set up and optimize gear/stats/traits during playtesting them. When I logged in today (after daily reset) again, the characters were still unchanged at the character select screen but after Lions Arch loaded and the "new character visits Lions Arch for the first time" animation/video played, they were reset (gear, armory, traits, inventory, bank) and all my gear/stats/traits setup work was lost. I understand that beta-characters are deleted after the beta-test-phase. But there is no need to automatically reset
  13. Yes, that reset was/is bad. Are you sure your beta-characters reset every time you log out? My beta-characters did also reset (inventory, gear, armory, traits, bank) but when I logged in again into my account today it was already after the daily reset. They were still unchanged at the character select screen but after Lions Arch loaded and the "new character visits Lions Arch for the first time" animation/video showed, they were reset.
  14. Anet is not a charity that needs our support but a business/company that sells a product/service. The price is Anets decision and as long as they do not share their internal, confident calculations, we can not see if a price is (not) enough to cover the costs. I pre-purchased also, but not because I want to support Anet. I pre-purchased because I think what I will get is acceptable/good for the price I paid.
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