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  1. Legendary items are for convenience of stat swapping. Owning it means that you already dedicated too much time to it for convenience. Making people grind gold for even more convenience is a stupid design. Legendary items shouldn't RESET stats each time they're unequipped. It's not that hard to do. People that prefer buying equipment templates can still buy them, they lose nothing if this is implemented.
  2. Because each one costs 500 gems per character. It shouldn't be that hard for legendary weapons to not reset their stats each time they're unequipped. This is either a design mistake and neglection, or intentional greedy move to make people spend money on build templates.
  3. 1. Being hyped is illogical and a recipe for disappointment.
  4. I'll stop playing the game and play something else myself if I don't like expansion, and I didn't like almost anything from what they revealed so I will probably don't even buy it unless there's an interesting elite specialization that gets revealed later, and only buy it when it goes on sale months after release. If expansion turns out bad, the best form of criticism would be not buying it at all and playing other game which will directly hurt Arenanet's revenue, instead of sticking with the game, buying expansion you hate but yelling at them on forums. As long as they get your money they don
  5. You can dislike it based on what they have shown, for example if you don't care about fishing or dislike characters they plan to stick with you in EoD storyline. For example I like fishing idea but dislike story characters because I already know how they behaved in past storylines which made me mute dialogues and ignore unskippable cutscenes as they annoyed me, but I don't go around raging about it because even if I did they won't listen. Just look at how things turned out compared to what players were asking for. They only listen to influential players with large following backing them up, th
  6. They don't really listen to community feedback, if they did, they would've taken care of pvp bot problem long time ago (check how many people complain in pvp subforum about it). They'll keep adding things they like and removing things they dislike, and ignoring things they don't care about at all. They only listen if there's a big group of players or some famous streamer with big group of players rallied behind talking about something. Yes, bouncing between games is exactly how you should play games. Playing one game all the time will burn you out anyways. Remember that Arenanet is a company a
  7. There are many posts complaining about EoD. Being hyped makes no sense, but being this negative makes no sense either. It might be bad, it might be good. There's only one way to find out: Wait for its full release. It's few months away anyways. I agree that pricing isn't really good, but that's how pre-orders and first time releases are usually priced. Wait for a few months or a year, it will surely go on sale and buy it when it does. Complaining just wastes your time and nerve, it's not worth it. If the EoD sucks, just don't buy it and play another game. That's what I'm going to do if that's
  8. None for now. Wait for release, then if I like the expansion wait for the sale and buy it once price drops to 10 or 15 bucks.
  9. Just wait for the sale. Buying expansion right on release or pre-ordering it isn't a good idea either even if it was cheap. You might not like it so it's best to see other players play it first and check feedback, then wait for a few months for it to go on sale and buy it.
  10. I live in a low income country so I have a personal policy of never paying full price for any game or expansion. $30 seems like a good deal for people who live in for example America, where you can earn that much after flipping burgers for 3 hours, but I'll buy it once it goes on sale below $20 eventually few months after release, somewhere between $10-15. I bought HoT and PoF for 25$ together, so I'm not willing to pay more than that for a single expansion, low income aside.
  11. And this is why it's best to fix button that lets us quit the story episode. How can it be so difficult? The button clearly exists, and it's bugged. It's not like they have to add something out of thin air. They add dozens of new skins and gemstore items each month. It's simple, they neglected it because not enough people complained and it's not profitable to fix something like that, as players don't quit over it because it only affects spare characters that don't complete story. Problem is that while redoing LWS3/4 on all characters is profitable because they give good rewards, LWS2 is dragge
  12. You like the story? OK. I don't, many others don't either. It's not that hard to fix the "quit episode" thing on Anet's end and stop it from resuming every time we change map instance or relog. It won't prevent you from playing it again.
  13. That's unfortunate. Looks like it was neglected. They really need to fix this, LWS2 has no skippable dialogues, has very bad rewards making it not worth doing more than once and meme-tier story that's just cringe-inducing waste of time.
  14. On my alt characters where I haven't completed LWS2, every time I log in the story resumes. If I quit it, it resumes after changing map or relogging. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible, I've checked old posts and it seems to be a problem for at least 3 years.
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