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  1. Deadeye because nothing beats being a sniper straight out of MMOFPS in a fantasy MMORGP.
  2. What's even worse is that the new PvE legendary amulet requires you to play joke of a story full of unskippable dialogues called living world with annoying "ally" characters that I want to kill more than the presumed "villains" and dragons.
  3. Also, bring back the mantra casting animations and charging time but don't make them go on cooldown and need to recast after running out of charges. This will bring back the cool animations and voice lines that we can cast when entering a new map instance or respawning.
  4. Light set is my favourite, followed by heavy and then medium. All weight classes look good and individual pieces go together nicely with other armor pieces, but helmets could use some polishing. Medium helmet is ok but looks too heavy. Heavy helmet is nice but it always exposes the neck or sides, so it could use an inner layer of cloth or chainmail that covers it. Light helmet could be placed a bit differently to cover the forehead as well for more Napoleonic look, and while it looks decent with headscarf for pirate look, there should be a variant without it that shows hair instead, but that'
  5. Very good point, current system works in a way that it even annoys people that like the story, not only ones that dislike it. Considering how many things you have to repeatedly do, a simple SKIP button would greatly improve overall experience with this game, and reduce time we have to waste watching useless cutscenes and listening to dialogues we heard 1001 times before.
  6. I'd prefer to play the Canthan commander if that happens to be the case.
  7. I'm a relatively new player, so nostalgia factor isn't there for me, but there's being fed up with hearing repetitive PoF theme on every login since I started playing, so my bias says: Heart of Thorns >>> Original theme >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Path of Fire theme.
  8. It's not against the rules to leech and shouldn't be as determining who's leeching isn't an easy task for support team that barely manages to ban obvious bots, but it'd be nice if people brought classes that at least provide passive bonuses if they don't want to participate in the event actively as it'd make finishing the event a little bit faster which saves everyone's time, including their own. But let's be real, almost everyone who isn't doing it for the first time does it for the rewards. Games are supposed to be fun, so I can't really blame people for being fed up with doing s
  9. Impractical clothes like you described don't really fit combat-oriented characters, but to each their own. I prefer things like Warlord armor set for female humans and Priory's Historical armor for male humans.
  10. Spending tens of thousands of dollars from your basement on gems to put up 200000 2.5g buy orders on Mystic Coins and feel like someone important.
  11. Rifle on male human Deadeye. Best voice actor in game with fitting voice lines, combined with good sound effects and animations. Skin would either be Musket of the Sunless or Cursed Flintlock.
  12. Instead of removing Mantra activation animations, they should still be there, but only reset on death/map instance change. This way, the updated Firebrand mantras will function exactly the same way it will in next update, but the cool animations and icons won't be completely gone from game.
  13. Additional suggestion: Teleport to friend should be turned into a currency instead of being an item and integrated into lounge pass tome if it's ever added.
  14. There should be more portal tomes in game:Portal tome and teleportation scrolls for expansion core maps (like Crystal Oasis).Tome for lounge passes where we can save them (f.e. Mystlock Sanctuary and Lily of the Elon, in one tome).Of course these should not be free. Portal tomes for core expansion maps can cost the same as they do for living world season maps, and lounge pass tome should cost a bit more, probably sold for gems.
  15. Cheesy dialogues that drag out for minutes should be absolutely skippable.
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