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  1. Okay after speaking with my other static member I've decided to do Healing Ren. :)
  2. Thank you, everyone, for your opinions. I'm kind of torn, I was speaking with one of my static members. They said to go, Herald, because no one takes healing Ren for alacrity because they will normally have a DPS/Ren for that. So they suggest Healing Herald. I'm split lol on which one to go for across the board like PVE/Fractals/Raids/Etc.
  3. Short answer is not where it counts. Long answer, renegade has the ability to provide 100% uptime on might and alacrity. Alacrity in particular is extremely useful for a group and can only be provided alternatively by chrono. Both can provide near 100% uptime on protection. Herald provides fury and reg, but these are highly common boons. No one is going to run herald for these. Oh, that really does put this into perspective for me, I see your point. Okay, I will go to Healing Ren then. :) Thank you, everyone, for your opinion!
  4. I'm comparing the two guides, Herald tho provides way more boons and a better up time?
  5. Hey Everyone, I main boon druid for raids and I wanted to try something different. I've always like herald spite most peoples negative opinion haha. I was looking at SnowCrow's Healing Herald build. From what I see it appears to be decent. I was wondering other peoples opinions on using a healing herald as a second healer in raids. Thanks! :)
  6. Druids are just amazing in my opinion. What other class can res multiple people at once when they get knocked down? Druids provide outstanding heals/boons/mass revives. That's why Druids are number 1 and have been for a while. My guild does raids daily we always bring 2 druids one that focuses on boons and another that focus pure heals. <3
  7. Hello GW2 Community! :3 Highgarden [HG] has a level 26 guild hall. We love to do PvP/PvE/Fractals/Raids/Raid Training/Dungeons/Bosses/WvW/Fashion Wars/Giveaways/Discord/ & MORE :) In this family, everyone matters and everyone's voice has a right to be heard. We do votes as a family on what to build next in the guild hall and what direction we go overall as a family. We do welcome all NEW & OLD players! <3 If this sounds like your type of family please feel free to reach out to me in the game! <3 We are looking for a lot more members who love raids/training & fractals. If that
  8. Hey Mighty, Sure thing! No problem at all if you want to msg me on my discord app while I'm at work that is fine. Discord User - Gabby#5645
  9. Hello :) Join Highgarden [HG] We do raids/fractals/pvp/bosses/etc :D We love to have you! Just send me a letter in game and I'll add you once I get home.
  10. Hey! Join Highgarden [HG] ! <3 We do raids and & raid training every week along with fractals! :) We also do a daily Teq boss fight, along with guild missions on Saturdays! e love to have you :) If you wanna join just send me a letter in game and I will add you once I get home after work :)
  11. Hello My Fellow Asuras :) I’m competing in my Guilds fashion show I am the only Asura who has entered! A Char is beating our race and we can’t have that lol. Please support your fellow Asura and lets show what race is the cutest! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/43761/highgarden-hg-fashion-wars#latest THIS IS CLOSED THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT <3
  12. Hey GW2! :) First off I have played GW2 since day one and have always loved ranger. I have mained nothing but Druid for PvE and PvP since it’s released. I absolutely love it with a passion. I’m just curious what is everyone else’s PvP Builds for Druids? Personally I always played Bunker but now I play offensive. I tried the whole long bow and 2h but I personally hate the 2H. I’ve been doing actually Staff/Long Bow and it’s been doing great. Basically be a sniper in game but I use my staff to shield from other snipers and for its mobility. I like having the Druid spec cause I use my celest for
  13. @SirTomato.3627 If you actually read the post he could not list all options to vote on one page. He linked the other two post where you can vote. You should finish school before commenting cause you obviously can’t read.
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