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  1. Can we get an option to put in the spear art work to replace the normal button artwork for *all* weapon skills? Under an accessibility menu? Two reasons: 1. i play all 9 professions, ~20ish of the elite specs across them. Remembering exactly which one is a cc on an arbitrary spec/weapon/build combo is a bit too much for my memory. Having a "simple icons for stupid people like me that can't remember ~1000 weapon skills" would be awesome. I'm such a casual newb 😛 2. I'm also quite visually impaired and so having large, easily readable icons would be of great help. My retinas are turning into Swiss cheese - and i don't mean they have holes like Swiss cheese (even though they 100% do). I mean someone seems to have reached in and replaced my retinas with something a bit less functional than Swiss cheese is at detecting light. I definitely appreciate the time and effort that the artists have put into all the artwork in GW2. But I just need a little assist in my high APM holo/zerker/chrono/firebrand/weaver builds. Thanks!
  2. Things I look forward to in the next expansion... 1. More bars to fill in the middle of story I fondly remember watching a Star Wars movie in a theater for the first time. What really made it special, was where the movie randomly would pause, and everyone had to get up and run around "doing things" until each person's bar was full. Only then could the movie continue. It really adds to the realism and good story telling when GW2 does that. You tend to see that a lot in great works of literature too, where the characters all have to run around filling a bar between dialog, like that classic scene in Romeo and Juliet 'O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore are thou Romeo. I need to fill this bar with doing random things'.....Shakespeare at his best. 2. Fewer choices in response to NPC dialog When I play D&D or BG3, or other MMOs, what i enjoy most is hours of cinematics just playing without any interaction. Having absolutely no control over my own character's choices really pulls me in. Especially in D&D when the GM just takes over my character and controls it....just maximum fun! GW2 is moving in the right direction though, so I have hope. Early on in GW2 personal story, we'd get 3 or sometimes more (!) choices in dialogs and i just couldn't decide. But now with SotO, all dialog choices are "continue" or "cancel". And sometimes my character would just say things, so I could walk away and mow the lawn, or do my taxes - complete story immersion! 3. Fewer NPCs involved in a 'war' When I watch Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, or Lord of the Rings, the most made-up and least accurate part of the movie is when they have more than 3 people in the battle at once. At least they usually get the part right, where the enemy will send precisely 1 or 2 enemies at the hero at once. But when they zoom out and show the whole battlefield, having more than 1 other combatant in view is just crazy talk. As we all know from SotO, when you conduct a full scale war, there are only 2 or 3 people in battle a time. And then once there is a victor, you walk to a new area and get 2 or 3 more. When 100's or 1000's of people try to murder each other, we all know that is called a 'mild disagreement' or even 'police action'. I'm hoping in the next expac that there will be Total Galactic Genocide and the result will be a small dandelion being sprayed with roundup. What are you all looking forward to? --Zerothbase
  3. I think we have different definitions of "worked just fine". I think you are saying (correct me if i'm wrong) that as long as most players can get credit for the daily, then it is working fine? I'm suggesting that mini-dungeons are a bad choice in general, because they can't scale for hundreds of players. You end up with a few players able to clear the mini-dungeon (doing the daily, engaging with content, with other players). Then there tends to be 10x as many players that have a clear path to run to the end (or get a mesmer portal) and yes they get credit/completion, but they aren't really playing that mini-dungeon. Then as soon as the mini-dungeon resets or respawns, the cycle begins again. Compare this to PVP, or Fractals, or the regular dungeons where the groups of 5ish players all have to complete the content to get the reward because it is an instance. If you want to just get dailies completed without work, then we should just go back to login rewards and forget the entire daily system. But for me, I'd rather have quality dailies that require playing the game and also have rewards scale based upon difficulty of that daily.
  4. The issue usually is that ANET is offering something highly desirable and then the play is intermittently bugged to get there. Often years waiting or never getting fixed. The same drama happened with the Siege Turtle in EoD. It was offered, highly sought after, enough people got it to spread word that it was possible (even easy if you were in the 'correct' guild/group), and then most of the casual population couldn't get it due to bugs/difficulty. Thankfully in that specific case, they fixed/altered the Dragon's end meta to make that more achievable. By being buggy intermittently, you end up with people being quite angry when they see others that were lucky and made it through. If something was never offered or literally impossible to get because the bug is 100% breakage, there would be no or very very few complaints. In this case, people are excited to get items from the wizzard vault as fast as possible. Engaging in non-daily content doesn't progress that goal. And people see some players succeeding which creates frustration out of feeling of unfairness to the player base.
  5. It wasn't my intention to exaggerate. Can you name a few mini-dungeons that are fine for hundreds of people doing it at once, while also forcing the players to engage in the content? All the ones I've seen that handle that kind of load are, in a nut shell - a small handful of players clear the dungeon, and then dozens/hundreds of people porting in by mesmer, or just running/mounts to the end. And i'm not counting a small/easy jp like Vexa's Lab which is easily bypassed by mesmer, or a mild amount of jp skills. I'm not any good at JPs and i can run a cleared Vexa's at full speed to the end with barely pausing for a knock-back droid or 2.
  6. I agree. I consider firebrand to be S tier in most casual openworld content. If you are just running around zones, killing trash, doing metas, farming etc. Cele Firebrand is great! You've got a lot of everything for great aoe damage, and boons with a tool for every short, or medium hard/length fight. But as stated by Buran, firebrand drops many many tiers if you fight a single hard target alone (or worse, try to solo a strike/fractal mission Hizen-style).
  7. Since the start of the new daily system development, it should have taken someone, with almost any level of knowledge of trying to complete dailies in the 3 modes, literally a few minutes to scan the list of dailies and immediately rule out the ones that are effectively impossible to do across a large scale. If you want bonus points, you can spent a couple minutes on each daily to look at the wiki read through the bugs at the bottom of the page. Devs could have sent the list to any number of arenanet partners (with an NDA) and said, "here is a list of dailies in content up to, but not including SotO. Do you think any of them are a really bad idea?" Not, are they hard? or inconvenient?, but are they a really bad idea to have the entire player base try to do at once. e.g. pve - vistas? gathering? giant metas like Octovine? do X number of events (of your choice) across a zone or region? all great things. Minidungeons, or complete a specific event in a specific zone that isn't a giant meta run by thousands of people daily? bad idea. In wvw, camps, veterans, sentries, spender? all good. Stonemist or even a keep? bad idea (fine for a weekly option, but not a daily). In pvp, play some rated matches, kill some players? good. Play a ranked match? bad idea.
  8. Dear Devs, There is not a single mini-dungeon in the game that handles hundreds/thousands of players. There are some that are "broken" in the sense you just have to get to the end (but not actually do anything), but this is bypassing the entire point. Dailies are meant to get a large portion of the player base doing something together to make the game feel more populated, and to bring people back to zones that are rarely used anymore, often to help people that need that event for a quest/AP. But you (ANET) want players to have a good time, socializing, and being positive. When you remove all choice, and you funnel thousands of people into a system that isn't designed for that load, you end up with a giant echo chamber of anger and hatred. What does that look like to a new player, coming into a zone to try out a daily and finding a constant spam of map chat that sounds like the entire game is broken? Even as a veteran, I'm 100% avoiding Echovald for the entire day for my own mental health - because it will just make me even more frustrated with this system. thanks for your consideration.
  9. I've submitted a ticket, after installing Chrome, because the Sign In button on help.guildwars2.com does (as far as i can tell) literally nothing on Firefox. Also after logging in on guildwars2.com, the credentials don't carry over.
  10. new item request: jade bot gathering tools (get to work little buddy!) Jade bot fishing pole (where the bot itself goes out and is above the bob) if possible, use the jade bot skin currently selected 🙂
  11. In other timely news, the Chronomancers union is demanding back-future pay for working so many hours under-time in the coming years...
  12. I really hope one day GW2 will implement the Resolve system from SWTOR in PvP and WvW. It's really the best system I've ever seen for balancing CC to players in PvP. It forces you to choose strategically when/how to CC, while giving the receiving player a chance for counter play without infinite CC. In GW2 terms, It's basically like you get a locked defiance bar for a few seconds if you get CC'ed too much in too short of a time. (https://swtor-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Resolve). It means an enemy team can't just stun lock a player for infinite time - being turned into a moa 3 times in a row (for 18 seconds) is not fun.
  13. i definitely hate map comp a lot - but i've managed to grind it out on a few characters now (so i probably hate it less than the op). i have mostly done it the same way others above have posted - using BlishHud/TacO with Tekkit's AIO Marker pack while watching netflix. I've also used guides like Law Lulles Advanced World Comp Guide to help with setting up a character. My last comp was done using Teh's Trails speed running map comp in BlishHud, and that helped cut down on time a lot. Instead of giving various percentages it just has a popup that says "do this" - which seems to always be the fastest way to complete the heart. And I used the recommended deadeye build which meant everything you aim at is: F1, F2, mob dead, tab to next mob, repeat. I certainly can't keep up with Zotmer's sub-9 hour time but it's vastly faster than i was the first time. However, saying all that, I completely agree that I'd love an alternative way to complete hearts. Any other event/boss on the map, or another currency from literally any game mode. The hearts are so annoying, one of the guilds that I'm in, does a regular "map completion" event for 1 map - but does "everything except the hearts" - because otherwise it would take all day.
  14. On my account I got all the LS 2, 3, 4 and IBS episodes during the Living World Return (Season of the Dragon) event for free. Apparently the BLTC does not consider that "ownership" as it is still trying to sell those items to me today (3/31/2022 for 30% discount). My friends who bought the LS back when they came out don't even see the LS in the BLTC. I have double checked that I have completed all of the episodes that it is still trying to sell me.
  15. Hey! did you notice that "specter" and "scepter" rhyme and both start with "S"? My 4 year old thought that was funny......i guess i just don't get it.
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