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  1. Well is it fair to say that communication is one of the keys to succeed in ranked matches?
  2. The bots killed it for me. I've been doing pvp since launch. This is the first time I really don't want to login to play.
  3. Is it me or are the quality of players much lower than it use to be? There are players who go for lord at the beginning of foefire map, thief players who do not decap but choose to team fight mid, players who absolutely no dmg, bring no team utility and only serve to feed enemy teams. Its kind of interesting. Maybe other players here experiences are different. But I've been playing since launch and I've never seen the quality of players at a all time low like it is now. Between this and bots, its crazy. Around 5 of my placement matches this season were with bots.
  4. Samething happened to me. I've technically finished the puzzle twice. But the last part when you jump through the window is glitched. I'm clearly right in the middle of the cracked glass when i jump but I end up falling to my doom anyway. Super frustrating to an already super frustrating puzzle design.
  5. I have no of these issues. Running the game at 2560x1080p. I’m using an amd gpu, are you guys using an nvidia gpu? Also it’s stated in the patch notes that anything over 60hz doesn’t work, To get around this run the game in window full screen mode.
  6. The game crashes upon defeating Joko while using dx11. It works fine using dx9, the following cutscene after his death works fine.
  7. GW2 has almost been out 10 years. PvP hasn't really gotten better. Instead I'd stay its become dry. Anet has killed off so many cheese builds and by proxy non cheese builds due to their balancing efforts. I don't know about you guys. But if its 10 years later and we are still complaining about balance then its not working. There is always a few cheese builds that exist even after their balancing attemps. My proposition is for Anet to bring back all cheese builds that have existed in pvp since the beginning of GW2 life. Celestial ele, petting zoo ranger, pretty much every toxic build. So now we
  8. I could of sworn I seen this same post around 8 years ago. Hmmmm.
  9. So can you buy gen 2 legendaries now? I haven't played for a long time, so don't mind me asking.
  10. Man its almost 2021, everyone should be able to run this game at max settings with no issues. The game is from 2012, the engine is older. There is no excuses. Anet really needs to do something about it.
  11. Then don't use axe 5 on a guard with retaliation. It seems like a very very simple solution to me.
  12. Graphically GW2 has aged great. Anet made the right choice when they decided to focus on art style instead of technical feats. The only thing they need to do is make it so the game runs well on modern machines. I hope we get some optimizations for the EoD xpac.
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