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  1. hello ther. im trying to log into the support part of the gw2 website and its keep looping me back to the login page idk whats going on thought i would ask whats happening
  2. hallo all, im trying to decide what combo of classes is nice to start gearing for raids (DPS, power/condi) for alot of the bosses. any advice? thx for replayies
  3. hello ther, im Nathan and im looking for a team for raids (semi decent raider bit anxityous when under pressure but doable) would like to join for raids if ther is a spot on a team within your guild. im atm have 7 legendary armor pieces from raids and have most experince in wing 1 til 4. 5/6/7 im need some training and so forth. im atm only class i can play is guardian with power dh en condi Firebrand geared. can gear more classes but thats gona take some time pepehands thx for any replaies
  4. hello ther im a bs main looking to improve on this class (power/condi) for atleast wings 1-4 and when im confident looking for 5 and above(i have 5 legendary armor pieces and have decent experince on 1-6 never did 7 so dont hold me on that =) hopefully ther is any spots for learning and imporving within your guildthx for your replay can whisper me ingame on this acc name if need more information
  5. im intersted in joining main bs (power./condi) im 3 heavy/2 medium deep into legendary raid armor got fair amout of exp on 1-4(cannon job on sabetha is bit shaky but the rest is realy i can peform) . 5 and 6 i only struggle with dhuum greens and a 7 i didnt do at all so wil love to learn with you guys =)got full ascneded power/condi bs ready for battlethx for your replay (did ingame aswel)
  6. im nathan. and im search for a static raid squad to clear the raid wings with. im fairley exp with all wings struggle a bit on 5-6 and xera+cannons of sabetha. the rest is fine and realy doableim sitting on 5 pieces of legendary armor (3 heavy 2 medium). imgur.com/a/jy7n3kC as you can see this is my kp amout for the diffrent wings take directly from the game =) my classes i have geard is a power dh/condi soulbeast/condi scourge and working towards bs so you can whisper me ingame via nathan goossen.9546 or send a ingame mail =) thx for any replaies (sorry for grammer im dutch and bad in gramme
  7. hello im intersted i only has condi scourge and power dh ready for raiding(full ascended and dh has second set for KC)139 Li right now =) hopefuly i can join up thx for replaying
  8. im intersted to join i have a condi ps + a magi druid 46 LI and realy want to learn raidsthe oonly day i cant come is wednesdays hockey training for the rest i can help with it =)
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