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  1. I'm going to need some people to do the math on the banner changes because I don't get how this is better.
  2. It depends. If the fight takes obscenely long because players aren't performing well and wiping constantly, even with a win, isn't really encouraging to stick around. Some players only want to fractals for the quick money, and see taking too long as a waste of their time. I wouldn't necessarily call that elitism, compared to many of the LFG Posts.
  3. Yes my point was the animation, moving or not, is copy paste.
  4. Specter auto chain on scepter is also triple chop animation (Axe basic chain).
  5. We've known about this since it was posted over a month ago.
  6. It sounds like you were never going to keep your warriors.
  7. I don't think it's going to be a nerf. The problem with spirits and banners is that's their only real purpose. I would look for it as a buff, to make the classes more desired.
  8. 2 points of contention: the Warbringer backpiece requires heavy WvW involvement which is possibly not what the OP wants. It's also more in tune with a Warrior vibe than Guardian.
  9. What's wrong with Guardian and JPs? 🤔
  10. It's not a guarantee that it'll be "absolutely fine" in pugs. Pugs can and will kick players for low dps, so it depends on the group. As mentioned above, chill/all welcome groups will be their ticket.
  11. Alts are quite literally the only way to experience other classes. This isn't FF14 where one character can do it all.
  12. There's one line that hits hard at the beginning of HoT in Verdant Brink because the everyman pact soldiers don't trust you, and when one of them questions you, and while you're normally such a lighthearted and calm voice you get pissed along the lines of "get back in line soldier and shut up or else"
  13. Sylvari get entirely exclusive conversations in HoT and after when mentioning the Jungle Dragon. I very much enjoyed the unique feel of a Sylvari in HoT and since male Sylvari has been my favorite by far, and main. Arguably male sylvari has the best voice acting post core game as well. It just feels so much more authentic and accurate portrayal of emotions.
  14. Warrior main here. It's not that Core Warrior is "Uber Trash Tier", it's just that with most if not all classes their elite specs are stronger than core across the board. Some offer high utility compared to their core versions, some just pump up the damage. The case of Warrior is less of a drastic change, and more of a tilt of your playstyle. Berserker really just made Warrior extra angry. Berserk mode focuses on the F1 skills of each mainhand weapon for higher damange. It also opened up the path for warriors to branch from their default POWER GREATSWORD BUILD GO BRRRR
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