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  1. Seriously? GW2 EXCELS in Open World Content. Literally no other game is as good in Open World PVE stuff as GW2. Some are "similar" (FATEs in FFXIV, World quests in WoW, etc.), but they are really just far cries from what we have. The event system should be the benchmark of Open World PVE content. On the other hand, you have instanced content. This might be unpopular, but GW2 has some really good instanced content as well. Fractals are great, both the idea and the execution. I do believe that GW2 Raids are also exceptionally good (I am not saying that a lot of people play it
  2. New Vindicator feels a lot more fun to play, but still have some issues. For instance I see no reason why it should be brought to any PVE endgame content. It's dps is OK, but other classes outperform it with an easier rotation. It's support is OK, but other specs can do more and better. Here is a quick list of things that annoyed me: - GS auto and GS2 skill animation is the same? Does any other class have a situation like this? It feels so disheartening - Spear Elite does laughably low damage. It's an ELITE skill. It takes 3 uses to kill a regular mob in dragon stand with it. For com
  3. OK, I already posted both an immediate and a detailed feedback, but here is my day 3 opinion: Why did we need healing on this spec? Core rev can do healing, we have a dedicated healing weapon, a dedicated legend. Herald is effectively a support spec, a boon machine. Renegade is one of the most wanted support specs, and can also be played as a top-notch healer. WHY on Earth did we need another spec that has healing capabilities? Why can't we just get a single, selfish, power dps spec? We already have like 4 ways to play support or healer, we don't need a fifth, especially when
  4. Having mained Revenant for some years now, mainly in PvE endgame content (raids, T4 fractals, open world PvE), and always wishing for a GS, here is my feedback about the spec. I will talk about: - Dodge Mechanic - Legendary Alliance & Flipping Mechanic - Greatsword - Traits - Overall spec identity & Visuals I am not trying to reinvent the spec, as at this stage of development, it is not going to happen. There is no need to completely revamp the lore, the skillset, and the general feeling of the spec, but we can definitely adjust some aspects
  5. I'm sure we all appreciate your love and enthusiasm towards the class, but a few months before the release of the expansion, they will not remake the class like this. There is room for improvement like tweaking numbers, slightly adjusting animations and such, but a complete overhaul including its theme and lore is not going to happen. 0% chance. Instead we should focus on giving Anet real feedback as to how to salvage the current spec that we have been given.
  6. Forerunner of Death dodge & Spear Elite should deal a huge amount of damage considering the time it requires. F2 is nice, but Leviathan Strength gives is a super long cd, and is essentially useless outside of Alliance. Dps seems weak so far. I tried several quick builds in full Berserker, and I am having trouble reaching keeping up a consant 30k on golem. (But that might be just me!) I was looking forward to a gs spec for Rev for years, but this needs some serious work before release.
  7. I really liked the post. Some of it was totally alien to me, but it's nice to read about how you guys work! Would love to see more of these!
  8. Dear Anet, Thank you for the clarification, I think everyone appreciates the fact that you take the time and communicate with the community. Even if it's details about the technical difficulties about the implementation of a new system, we are all very happy hear from you. Regarding the issue with Aurora / Vision (which to me personally, is one of the single most important updates I'm looking forward to), I have a suggestion. I am not a developer, but to me this sounds like a "simple" solution, feel free to prove me otherwise. Add 2 new trinkets to the g
  9. It has been supposedly "fixed" several times I believe, but whenever they fix it, the ability to legend swap and upkeep skills mid-air completely disappears with the next balance patch. At this moment, it is not working. Can we please have it fixed somewhat permanently? There are so many situations when it could prove useful, and I always get my hopes up.
  10. As I recall this has been fixed recently, but now I cannot toggle them again.
  11. My 2 cents on this:Whenever I go to a place in order to do an achievement, even when that place is not a daily Season map, or even if it's not a popular map or event, there are people. Wherever I go on the maps, there are always people that join in the activity with me. I never feel like the game is empty, as opposed to a lot of other MMO-s. So honestly, I have no idea why people keep saying the game is dead.
  12. Dear Team, The Banner of the Commander should not be soulbound. I finally managed to farm for days the 500 inscribed shards for for the Urn of Heroic Ashes. It was tedious. Not when I finally did it, I went to craft the ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander, only to find that the precursor item is soulbound to another character, who I also happened to use for farming this very map.This makes no sense, we already had to go throw a lot of farming to get the precursor item, and now we need to craft it again?Please make this soulbind go away, there is no real argument for it. Thank you!
  13. Like it was mentioned before, I am happy as long as I get a selfish power dps spec, that can be a +1 in raids. No support, no hybrid, no niche abilities, just pure dps, a good one if possible. Obviously I would love to have a greatsword, because they are very cool, and Anet usually designs them to have the best skins in the game (personal, subjective opinion). Make it cool, make it flashy, make it awesome.
  14. Mostly casual player here.I never had any problem with the fact that some rewards will not be given to me. I literally took years to get the legendary armor achievement part 1. And I am fine with it. I absolutely do not want things to be handed to me. I am proud to have completed all the story achivements and a lot of collections up until Icebrood Saga. If I ever get my hands on a legendary armor, it will be my achievement, and not just Anet giving me something because I was a casual who begged for it.On the other hand, I feel completely uninspired by the grindy nature of the recent story. It
  15. Please don't, I love the new Sevenshot. I could only use the old one at the very beginning of the fight, before engaging, if the opponent stood still and I was at max range. Sure, it felt good, but you know what felt bad? When the enemy moved 10cm, and thus he received 0% damage. The fact that it was okay on large hitbox bosses in raids is just simply not enough reason to justify the old version.Now let's hope they do something to Skill 2. (Which now, actually is very similar to Skill 3, so maybe replace 2 with 3, and add a totally new skill 3, like a movement ability, or a large bursting atta
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