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  1. Pretty sure this has been requested before, but I cannot understate how welcome this would be. We know that deconstructing outfits into armor sets is a no-go because the different armor weights are built differently. BUT: Just selling the head / shoulder / glove part of outfits would sell really well. A lot of people would buy just the dervish hoodie, the ritualist head, and other iconic parts. If not possible, just please create a separate dervish hood or ritualist headpiece standalone item for the store. 🙂 I am madly in love with these 2 headpieces.
  2. Please give us additional ways to earn Charms and Symbols. Right now the only way to earn them is ba accidentaly receiving them with a low drop rate from salvaging runes. Since these are needed for legendary runes it would be nice if they had a direct drop rate from something specific. Strikes maybe? Or can choose a random charm or symbol from Meta chests instead of amalgamated gemstone?
  3. To everyone experiencing the "alliance switches to blue issue", what solved it for me was: switch to red, then switch to a different build template, exit hero panel, then switch back to Vindicator build, and then it stays this way. The issue only appears if your character gets downed or dies, until then it stayed okay for me.
  4. Wouldn't making ALL boons 10 man solve the issue? Then you only need 1 person per team to cover x boon. Let's say 2 or 3 people are needed for essential boons, 8-7 can be anything, no mirror comp problems. Or would that mean that the highest dps class will be stacked 8 times? Wouldn't the fact that we have 27 elite specs reduce the chances of that? Not EVERYONE will be playing I dunno, Power DH to get into raids, there is a lot more variety out there.
  5. Agreed, Firebrand gets + 15 new skills, all buffs (including quickness, which is one of the most valuable), super dps either power or condi, great survivability and whatnot. Scourge can literally facetank the entire game, no questions asked. Mirage has one of the coolect mechanics ever. I main Renegade and I know it is definitely overpowered. Whereas new specs get just a piece of that, with subpar damage, boons that literally anyone can provide, and it just feels so disheartening, reused animations, no interesting mechanics or fantasies. POF Specs need tradeoffs. (Particularly, Fi
  6. During Future in Jade, you get the Time Plot achievement, if you quit the Jade Bot, and reeinter before scanning the last item, and scanning the last one within the allotted time.
  7. Yes, my 2 biggest problem as well. 1, Unless you stat for it, there is no reason to use the 2 sides. If you DO stat for it(both healing and power) , you will be subpar in both support and dps. Instead of giving us a selfish, full on power dps spec, they want to add on top some hybrid support aspect. We already have 1 spec that is all about boon generation, and 1 spec that is one of the most requested support specs in the game, there is no need for a third. Possible solution: Make it so that RED guy has bunch of dps abilities, whereas BLUE guy is full of utility skills like hard cc,
  8. There is no problem with reusing older animations. I love GS5 (from reaper GS2), have no problem with GS4 (ranger gs4), or even GS3. My only BIG problem is that autoattack and GS2 have the exact same animation, when GS2 is supposed to be your "fire away heavy hitter skill". And it's the SAME as autoattack. Can you think of ANY spec that has 2 skills out of their 5 weapon skills that look EXACTLY the same?
  9. Same thing happened to me, but there is a fix. Swap build templates, then swap back. Now it no longer jumps to blue. Let us know if it worked!
  10. When I mount up, the Alliance skills are always switched to the blue (support) ones. The ones that I don't even intend to use. Only happens when I mount and dismount. Edit: after trying several things, it seems that if I switch build templates, it goes away.
  11. My only gripe is that as an alacren I have to sacrifice all my dps, dressed in Full Diviners, I hit like a wet noodle. What does that give me currently: 10 man alac. Fair enough. In the future, if I sacrifice all my dps, still hit like a wet noodle because I can only cover 100 alac uptime in full diviner, and can only give alc to 5 man.... that's not cool. Then change the Grandmaster Trait so that F4 provides a super long alac, and I don't need to completely swap my gear. Like how Mirage literally just traits something, or Willbender will just trait something, while being in full d
  12. I am also hoping that the GS2 animation gets an upgrade. It's not just the same swing as a regular auto attack, but literally a "non-elite", oldschool axe 5, or mace 2 animations looks better than the few red lines we get on the ground. Please make it look cooler!
  13. Seriously? GW2 EXCELS in Open World Content. Literally no other game is as good in Open World PVE stuff as GW2. Some are "similar" (FATEs in FFXIV, World quests in WoW, etc.), but they are really just far cries from what we have. The event system should be the benchmark of Open World PVE content. On the other hand, you have instanced content. This might be unpopular, but GW2 has some really good instanced content as well. Fractals are great, both the idea and the execution. I do believe that GW2 Raids are also exceptionally good (I am not saying that a lot of people play it
  14. New Vindicator feels a lot more fun to play, but still have some issues. For instance I see no reason why it should be brought to any PVE endgame content. It's dps is OK, but other classes outperform it with an easier rotation. It's support is OK, but other specs can do more and better. Here is a quick list of things that annoyed me: - GS auto and GS2 skill animation is the same? Does any other class have a situation like this? It feels so disheartening - Spear Elite does laughably low damage. It's an ELITE skill. It takes 3 uses to kill a regular mob in dragon stand with it. For com
  15. OK, I already posted both an immediate and a detailed feedback, but here is my day 3 opinion: Why did we need healing on this spec? Core rev can do healing, we have a dedicated healing weapon, a dedicated legend. Herald is effectively a support spec, a boon machine. Renegade is one of the most wanted support specs, and can also be played as a top-notch healer. WHY on Earth did we need another spec that has healing capabilities? Why can't we just get a single, selfish, power dps spec? We already have like 4 ways to play support or healer, we don't need a fifth, especially when
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