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  1. Dear Anet: I cannot kill thief so please nerf it now so I can stop crying. Thanks
  2. What team were you placed on? - Moogooloo What team did you expect to be placed on? - Titan's Staircase Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? - No I selected the Allliance for Titan's Staircase well before Thursday deadline Have you shard/world transferred recently? - No What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? - Blackgate
  3. I am probably both blind and stupid but I learn to adapt to what we are given and don't cry about it. Good luck with your fashion wars. BTW, rank 10k AND pve player so yea...
  4. @ OP please go play fashion wars and leave my WvW alone. You dont need buffs, mounts, gliding, amulets or borderlands. Thx bye.
  5. You guys honestly think Anet will make improvements for WvW? AHAHAHAHHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......
  6. There is a WvW category in the index for a reason. So ANET knows to skip over all these discussions.
  7. Cannot purchase the home instance node for the new zone.... not appearing in the vendor's menu for me
  8. There is no competitiveness left in WvW. If you are not running a massive k train zerg then you are logging in to get your pips and/or warclaw achievements and logging out. WvW is essentially PVE with somewhat of an opportunity to fight other players as long as you are not getting rolled over by the massive zergs that run around hitting doors. It is so sad that WvW has turned out like this. :'(
  9. Does it even matter what we want? I want WvW back instead of this PIP farm that we have now.
  10. Ran the bosses for a few days and then realized that I am better off spending that time picking my nose. Get better drops there than from the bonus chests.
  11. Good luck with the fix guys, I hope you get it sorted out soon so people stop bitching at you. I'm sure you are doing everything you can to get it back up as soon as possible.
  12. Chests are bugged for me... Cannot progress at all with this achievement.
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