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  1. Gw2 is a competitive fighting game. [Reflex] This technology reduces the input delay of the mouse and keyboard. Edit:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/52019/rtx-graphics-card-supports-the-effect-of-ray-tracing-will-gw2-update-this-project-later#latestThis is my post 2 years ago about NVIDIA RTX technology. I did buy an RTX graphics card afterwards.A display supported by the latest technology NVIDIA Reflex. This type of display often also has G-SYNC chip technology. I was attracted. Gw2 belongs to MMORPG. WvW large team battles often have low FPS (Reflex + G-SYNC chips must be a great
  2. According to my RANK 10K WvW experience, I will tell you. Not all commanders are combat experts. It just organized some people. So there is no need to use other people's mistakes to spoil the fun
  3. The 100% decision is in your hands. Gw2 is a competitive game. The degree of freedom is very high. Even if you cannot join the team. You can still play it. Your situation. Consider that you will have less BUFF and Treatment amount in the battle (even if you don’t join the team, you still have a chance to get the team’s BUFF and Treatment amount within the specified distance)The advantage you get is that you will not rely on the commander's instructions. Improve your judgment of the battle situation. Not being able to join the team is not necessarily a bad thing.
  4. What I mean by this sentence includes.Arenanet. It should be stated whether the "alliance" is feasible. Instead of being exiled indefinitely
  5. My topic resonated. So this is a common phenomenon
  6. This undermines WvW. Like a forest fire edit:The same situation also invaded the guild. I have witnessed it many times. When the guild raid encounters big trouble (the strength and number are smaller than the enemy). The guild will show its tag on the map (attracting more pugs to assist in the fight), which is ironic.
  7. More like a GvG place。Guild raids everywhere
  8. There is also a public hall. People who have nothing to do are gathered here. haha
  9. no doubt. Commander to manage (commander can also give others authority to manage) I think all this is temporary. You can set up groups and disband at any time. The premise is that you must be a commander.
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