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  1. Couldn't agree more. During a beta test a Krytan longbow dropped for me. I instantly fell in love with that skin and it still is my favorite. I really wish there were more skins like this: Elegant and subtle (without flashy effects), yet detailed with a good texture resolution (unlike the crafted weapons).
  2. While the boost orbs have a functionality, the checkpoints are visual decoration only. They wll disappear once you passed them, but there is no connected time measurement, afaik.
  3. Placing holographic track parts really can be a problem. Maybe there could be a temporary one pixel sized trim added around the piece that is about to be placed, similar to the trim to highlight en enemy / team member. Oh, yeah and what Garfried said: please add the missing curved ramp to the new set. 😊
  4. If you want to get in touch with an active beetle racing guild, visit us on discord: https://discord.gg/wkJbRwA We have tutorials that cover all the current knowledge about the beetle and we even have very capable mentors who can give online lessons to everyone - from absolute beginners to "pros"-, who enjoy racing and want to improve. 😊
  5. I really like your suggestions of having a beetle festival and some kind of lfg system, which would allow track builders to grant puplic access to their guild halls. 👍🏻😊
  6. Oh, yeah. Thanks, I totally forgot about this, because I don't visit the forums too often, haha.
  7. You want to visit some guildhall tracks and get in touch with us maniacs? It's easy: just join the discord servers Dyers mentioned above and ask for an invitation to the guild(s) you'd like to join/visit. On beetlerank[dot]com you can find under guildhall cup a nice selection of custom built tracks to choose from. 😊
  8. Count me in, as well. edit: NPC clothing (with higher texture resolutions) as armor pieces would be highly appreciated, too
  9. Well, not going to argue with that, such achievements would be bad game design. I think in general games shouldn't need something like achievements, the game on it's own should be interesting and rewarding enough to keep you participating. If it needs an additional motivation to keep you interested enough, it is simply not your cup if tea / there is something wrong with it, imho.
  10. Think about it: a game intended to have massive and long lasting changes in its world, wouldn't have achivements based on regularly occurring events.
  11. Mhm, I had high hopes after watching that manifesto video as well. Of course we have keep in mind, that the manifesto was just made for advertising the new game, but you could see how high the ambitions of the developers have been those days. To me the most sad thing is the fact, that all the basics needed to realize a 'bandits burning down a village' scenario are already implemented but somehow were never used to their full potential - for example the game is able to spawn and despawn objects in the open world, like fences, tents and houses or NPCs that can react to dynamic events surrounding
  12. My (not so serious) take: HoT: So much potential, but way too short. PoF: Roller Beetle goes brr! EoD: Soo-Won, and thanks for all the fish.
  13. TLDR: You decide how much money you want to spend for your hobby. I think in general ANet is a pretty customer-friendly company. But it really makes me shake my head in disbelief, how far the gaming industry has come. Most games nowadays are built to wake your interest to a point, where you / we (as a customer) are attached enough to invest more money than just buying the product itself / the licence to participate. The next step most companies do is to keep up that urge / willingness and not just to be able to keep the company running or gain a well deserved income,
  14. While I prefer beetle racing, I wouldn‘t mind if skiff time trials were added to the different zones. Oh and btw, good job, your own track looks fun and is well made.
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