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  1. I chose Ranger (specifically Soulbeast), but the beta will show, if I stick with sword/axe + hammer or if the latter will be replaced by spear. It will be really tough for spear though, because hammer has lots of AOE, CC and a buffremove.
  2. I mean, I get the idea to visualize voices that only your character can hear as whispers, but I support the idea, that the color of whispers and also the notification sound should be changed. It happend to me more than once, that I missed real whispers because I participated in events in Amnytas.
  3. Oh, well haha... I didn't think about that meaning, lol. Interesting, that it didn't get kittened, tho. 😅
  4. As a man irl, waking up as a female Sylvari surely would be very startling and confusing, but once I learned how to cope with that, I'd definitely go for some beetle racing and griffon flying if bonking really turns out to be mostly harmless. 😊
  5. Don't get me wrong, I don't need a green star to guide me, I came from oldschool RPGs as well. I do like games which are based on free exploration and I really like the way the open world content is designed in GW2. Yet there is too luch filler content in between the story parts for my taste. The introduction of masteries confused me, true. All of a sudden, I had to switch my state of mind from "go follow the star" to "go and do whatever comes across your way" and it wasn't properly explained, imo.
  6. To me filler bars feel just like lazy writing and story telling. It always feels to me like I'm ripped out of the story to do some chores until I can finally continue. And you are right, GW2 had this type of content since release: Hearts are nicely wrapped filler bars, with HoT came masteries that somehow felt out of place and disrupted the flow of the story. Don't quote me on that since it's been a while, but I seriously felt confused when the game told me to go now and learn about my gilder or how to glide. Suddenly there were no directions anymore (no green star to guide me) and I started to search frantically for NPCs or events that could teach me how to build and to use my glider, until I found out I had to activate the mastery "filler bar" and had to do random and unrelated stuff until my character suddenly knew how to glide. It was a huge letdown at that time. I wish I had to do a specific quest, that feels in best case taylored just for my character, that taught me. I know it takes too much effort to tell the story in MMOs like single player games use to present it (a lot of cutscenes and personal decisions, etc, Baldur's Gate 3 comes to mind here), so it's understandable we do get filler content from time to time instead and having a mechanic like masteries gives players a feeling of longterm progression, yet I wish the main plot was presented in a more immersive way. Lucky enough the filler content we get doesn't (most of the time) consist of "Kill ten rats" or "A to B" tasks, but is tied to the open world which is filled with meaningful events and content, that directly relate to our current plot and contribute to the lore. So in the end it doesn't feel that shallow.
  7. Yeah, it would really help to keep up the immersion if we had to do specific tasks/events fitting our current progress in the personal story. I always avoid the big meta events when I have to do a "filler bar" because of big spoilers or unrelated content that break my immersion. Like mentioned before: When the main task is to search for a general, I don't want to go out and feed hungry Kryptis or fight gainst a huge wyvern that never was properly introduced before. But the downside would be that filler content becomes way less convenient, especially if events are bugged or when maps aren't crowded anymore and events become to difficult due to the lack of other participants, up to the point where people might get stuck in the story.
  8. I tried playing with turning with a & d instead of strafing, as well. But everytime I rightclicked my mouse to control the camera, the controls switched from turning to strafing again, so I gave up on it eventually and changed it back. So maybe your issue is related to mine, as well.
  9. After all those years I have accepted that the costs, the mechanics of the assembly and the effort to level a guild for hall decoration was always meant to be a long term goal for many players. But raising the (especially the local) decolimit, beeing able to rotate decorations arounf X, Y and Z axis before placing them and an option to allow visitors to enter the hall without beeing a member were always on top of my wishlist. 😊
  10. Thanks, bro. Your input was very important and made rethink and improve the layout over and over. 😊
  11. It's finally done! I proudly present you my sixth guild hall racetrack. Enjoy! 🙂
  12. Ok, I'm really late to the party and you most probably are busy with the new release, but I just wanted to say thank you for fixing the bug, as well. Here is my project, that I finally was able to finish: Enjoy!
  13. The trailer from Nyoko is still my favourite beetle racing video, so awesome! 😍
  14. Yeah, looking forward to another Horrorween! 😍 Number: 101 Account: Andur.9275 Character: Lelina Falkenfeder
  15. I want to second this, please fix the camera rotation bug. I'm currently working on two beetle racetracks and won't be able to finish them because the trackpieces have to be placed almost pixel perfect.
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