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  1. The memes on reddit are going insanely wild I can't stop laughing 😂
  2. You know how's ele: to do things it's always double the effort and risk, and never at the level of other classes anyway.
  3. If its a 1200 range greatsword like for mesmer i would love it
  4. Yea great build...against a static inoffensive golem with /godmode on. Cause let's be honest: as shown in Catalyst stream presentation, you will need godmode even against a test golem with Catalyst if u don't wanna die 👍
  5. Shing Jea presentation Link to video above. When at timestamp 46.10 Rubi said "Since I am in GodMode I am enjoying my Catalyst a lot" I was like LOOOOOOL!!! That's right girl! GodMode is the only way to enjoy Catalyst so you know that!?!?!?!?
  6. I feel you! The one I hate the most is the stupid box that makes you open arms and fly like an airplane turning the screen grey what's called... Anyway the usually pop it in Auric basin on the grand chests 🙄 There is a special place in hell for those people kitten 😂😂😂
  7. Barrier? Oh you mean that useless augment utility where I need to be in earth to get that very little barrier. Heals? We have a blast but is in air if I remember so the aoe is no more a water field, and if u think about the heal skill u need to be in water to get the most out of it (!?) Blocks? That's only 1 skill in hammer earth and u cannot do anything while u channel it, for that 1 second that it lasts with a huge CD. All this while trying to manage energy, doing very low damage and at the same time fighting for my life. Cause seriously Ele in general is fighting for
  8. The purpose of energy is: ... to annoy me 😂 Kidding! The purpose of it is to add another layer of clunkyness to something unplayable already. Micromanaging to a whole new level. I would rather play a strategy game at this point 😅
  9. @anduriell.6280 Oh dear hammer was nonsense, but the worst was the F5 and utilities. @HotHit.6783 Exactly that. Plus making the most squishy and dynamic class standing still inside those sphere fields without any sustain mechanic neither from traits nor skills (cause let's be honest those augment skills do not augment nothing really lol). By the way, a gameplay forcing to stand still in Gw2 is a massive fail as the best thing of the game has always been the fluid and dynamic combat system. It's like going backward instead of improving and moving forward (just madness
  10. Omg please take the Catalyst is all yours!! We don't want it nor need it!!!! /back to Ele forum
  11. Can't they just make them as engi's kits? I mean the code exists already to do that no? 🤷‍♂️ I don't really care about sharing them tbh, but if someone really want them sharable then the kit can spawn 1 copy weapon on the ground when activated and that's it no?
  12. Well to be fair I don't even think there is a revenant build without the devastation trait as you get Assassin's Presence only there. So it is basically mandatory either you are a support or a DPS to have the devastation trait line and therefore battle scar is available any way. I have no idea on how to make the ele better to be honest, I am just hoping Anet will find a way 🙂
  13. Sorry this is a big no no. I am ex Ele main now revenant main. I go full DPS with battle scar and when I need extra healing I go either jalis or glint if I'm herald. I never touched the Ventari trait line which is supposed to be the healing one. I always have huge sustain and healing being a total DPS.
  14. Ah ok got it thanks. I think rebound has a top long CD though. It can help with these mechanics but not one after the other as you can't just spam it.
  15. Hi Gary! Many thanks for sharing your story. I have to admit it got me very emotional. I look at Tyria the same way as you do, it's my world, my safe space. It saved me in some of the darkest moments of my life. I would really like to contact you and maybe play together if you're still logging in? I am on EU servers. Warm regards, Adel
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