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  1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, ideas and lack of judgment about my situation. i will definitely try out the Necro Minion Scourge.
  2. Thank everyone for your time, and comments about this. looks like a Necro with Reaper/Minions will be the one for me. time to knuckle down and start over thanks so much K
  3. Hi All, i was hoping for some advise from all you lovely people regarding Guild Wars 2 professions/Gameplay/Build. I've been playing on and off since the game came out, i played Elementalist. However in the last 2 years I've been living with vision impairment that effects my gaming and reaction times. What I find is that the game is becoming "unfun" and frustrating for me with the high amount of movement and enemy telegraphed attacks that i will see late, or not at all. In GW2 this can be fatal as the damage and health pools of your characters are
  4. Hi All i'm looking for like minded people to share everything GW2 has to offer.i currently main a Ranger/Druid i'm mainly interested in all the PvE content especially fractals (which i'm new at) If your guild can offer me a home to enjoy the game in please IM me on my Anet tagand we can chat. Jade Quarry server, looking for Aust Eastern Time guilds. thanksKopite
  5. Thanks everyone for your input, ideas and overall friendlyness with your answer. see you in Tyria!
  6. Thanks guys, these are all very thoughtful responses, it's nice to know I've not been the only one stuck in this trap. You're right they are all very "loot pinata" and i'm coming from another mmo's where you are spoon fedtreats on the regular to help you "feel" like your progressing your character, it's not really the case.It's a comfort and an Illusion. Adapting to a game that hasn't got that carrot on a stick style might by why i'm falling back on themeta train. Keep the comments coming, and thanks for sharing your experience and ideas so far! K
  7. Hi All. i'm a first time poster but have been playing GW2 on and off since it';s launch.i recently came back to the game to try it out as i'm looking for that one mmo to progress in and see as much as i can in.especially solo (more on that later) One of the reasons i had a break from the game last time was that i found myself getting into a rut.I'd log in do the big world bosses on the map throw all the loots into the mystic forge and log out. this is how i'd play guild wars 2. Even if i had plans to work on legendary, do map completion or anything else i'd alwaysend up doing the world boss
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