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  1. Guardian has been op since before chronic nerfs and mostly gotten stronger since then. It currently has no weakness and can do everything better than every other class except for epi and group alac (till EoD). The fractal meta before exposed change was already 3 guardians because of their power and utility and specifically firebrand's dps in cm 100. The exposed and torment changes just made epi more easy to cheese cm 100 so pugs run 2~3 scourge for cm 100 and often don't bother to swap to firebrand or power for the rest. Pugs that skip cm 100 do not favor scourge AT ALL and power or firebr
  2. If Adrenaline should decay like it currently does then all other classes should have their f mechanics also decay in the same way. If guardian misses 2 attacks in a row in combat they should have one of their tomes put on cooldown. If a thief doesn't land a hit every second it should lose an insight. If a Necro doesn't land a skill every second it's shroud should go to 0. If elementalist doesn't attack every second it should lose access to down'd state until it lands a hit.
  3. A new elite spec should bring something new to a class yes? So when I hear "off-hand only pistol" with basically melee range that doesn't exaclty get me excited. When I hear "decent damage but rooted for a long time" I'm surprised someone isn't talking abkut 100 blades, but actually an even worse skill. Imagine my surprise when that is the class mechanic that replaces bursts. I've already died of shock before flow is even mentioned or that ammo skills now have the same issue that was ALREADY SOLVED ON GUARDIAN. How the fk is discipline still mandatory on a skill that can't even weapon swa
  4. With dx11 turned on I occasionally crash after playing for a while and more often in Lion's Arch. I also crash 100% of the time at No Refuge story when clicking on the memory. I tried again with dx11 turned off and it worked fine.
  5. I literally uninstalled this game because of the massive disrespect warrior has gotten from the devs over and over. I will not purchase the expansion or even consider reinstalling the game unless they drastically improve core warrior and scrap this entire kitten spec nobody asked or wanted for a viable range or support spec. You don't kittening get to trash my main class and give guardian perm 5 man alac.
  6. I'll just type a brief response as to my personal issue. While I understand that this is not urgent, I do believe that this would be a simple fix based off my personal understanding about devolving games and programming. https://imgur.com/a/B43dTtA So this is my biggest grip, the orange poly during the daylight reflects a lot of light and basically turns black (pictured shadow abyss) into gold. I don't hate gold but I don't want gold with red and I only have the orange poly to turn my "red" celestial infusion to actually red instead of purple. Now, this is so far is actually all intentional
  7. This game could use some optimization to be sure, but in the meantime, try getting some fast single core processors. My Devil's Canyon runs at 5 GHz since it's perm overclocked and I find myself usually at 144 fps (144 hz monitor) on max settings. I don't do wvw and in a major pve event like when people were spamming anom for beetle mount my fps drops to like 30 but with that many people I personally find that to be somewhat reasonable. Edit: I should mention I'm only gaming on 1080p. Trying for 4k gaming on this game would be extremely expensive and I suggest instead exploring if you appre
  8. I acknowledge that the entire "aura" system needs to be completely overhauled, but in the meantime there is an issue that could use a "band-aid" fix.After a small amount of testing, it appears that the load sequence for infusions has nothing to do with what slot an infusion occupies. The infusions have various arbitrary rules applied to them where some override others and the last infusion applied will be the one shown in the case of conflicts. This can be observed by manually taking a piece of equipment off the character and putting it back on while there is an infusion on it to force it to
  9. Warrior mace is another example of a low dps weapon that has great utility and is in many PvP and pve meta builds. You won't see it as often in wvw because hammer is better there, yet another utility weapon. A reason those weapons don't have high dps is because of PvP and wvw. You don't want someone using a mobility weapon and then swapping to a cc weapon that has 3 sec stun spam and 70% of a high dps weapons dps. If you want to see how op a mediocre dps utility build is in pve look no further than the support chrono.
  10. You think spellbreaker needs a PvP nerf? Ok, go ahead and nerf it. It can be somewhat overtuned atm. But while you're at it, delete mesmer from the game, ban asura from PvP, increase the cooldown of every stealth by 300%, remove 50% of thief teleports, and make all PvP maps on level ground. Spellbreaker is the warrior's only option to even begin to try to deal with all the other bs.
  11. Actually, there is a slight inaccuracy. The reason warriors don't tank is not because they'd lose too much dps. Remember the chrono actually only does like 10k dps with chaos tank and banner warrior is 26k. You could make warrior able to tank and still bring banners, do more dps than chrono, and even bring support shout heals. The real issue is how overpowered chrono boonshare is and that mesmers don't have a build between their dps and support builds that can cover the boonshare while doing 26k. That means no class other than druid and chrono can tank because chrono is always mandatory a
  12. https://imgur.com/a/xT3RuiN Look at the names of the teams and their first player.
  13. 100% bullshit I know for a fact any halfway decent pre-Live testing set-up would have guaranteed had the same problem
  14. InstanceCreate failed. Error=1036; Product=9; Module=18;Line=624 They seem to have removed the instance entirely now.
  15. I figured out a workaround.Go to the mystic forge.Place Eternity, Sunrise, Twilight, and a mystic forge stone into the mystic forge.You will be given "Key to Not Crashing" and you can now complete the new story and get your new mount!
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