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  1. yup, figured someone would have a assume comment like yours. Hang in there with 2 full servers left. Game is rocking. To funny. Let me know next time you fight in one so I can watch and learn from your great expertise.
  2. Siege is now useless in wvw . How do you like fields reaching up 25ft towers covering whole walk ways and halfway down the other side. Ground troops can take them out with no effort. Oh yes fight in a tower on the ground. What a joke. In old school days took 30 min to a hr just to take one tower siege battles to take down walls our gate then troops ran in to fight each other. Oh yes don't forget a knee high wall that obstructs you from firing back even if you could stand on wall to return fire, To funny thxs anet for turning one of the best games ever into a total joke.
  3. Agreed, think future of the game is on its last leg. Least was fun for 5 yrs.
  4. Maybe now they can now , remember my gild requested me to lay siege because I could get them on the ledge of the back of walk way. That is impossible to do know because fields cover whole walkways and beyond.
  5. I don't remember when fields covered whole walk ways ever. Nercros our not. Allways been WVW since Beta.
  6. Agreed the wall is at your knee caps but your obstructed from hitting anybody on the ground close to the wall aoeing yah lol
  7. I have a big problem with fields reaching up 25ft towers and covering whole walk ways, making siege placement a waste of time. Now ground troops can take out towers in very little time. In the beginning (old school days lol) It was siege vs siege then ground attack. Any body else got a problem with this? Why even have towers in that case, make it open field battle roman style.
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