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  1. I hope that this thread does not get locked. Because the point of the forums is for discourse about subjects of interest and this topic deserved discussion. I wish that individuals would stop commandeering these topic for their petty arguments. These forums are for the lively, cordial debate of subjects of interest about the lore of Guild Wars. We are allowed to disagree on subjects, but we should NEVER allow our discourse to be reduced to bitter posts and personal targeted attacks. We need people to be "the bigger person" and stand above the muck and mire that has become these for
  2. First, I am glad that you did not try to argue that the Dream was a Hive Mind of Mordremoth. I feel like that is fully debunked as evidence for the Sylvari having been minions of an E.D. As for corruption and infusion it is a messy subject. But there is no way that Sylvari immunity is PROOF that they are dragon minions. It definitely sets them apart from other races for sure, but it doesn't prove that connection. The long and short of it is that there is no other example in game of a different minion being unable to be corrupted by a different Elder Dragon. There is no attempted cr
  3. I am not sure that this is exactly what they mean, but in my perspective I can see that there's a difference between, say, a small statuette of Balthazar that imbues an individual with supernatural power to rend their enemies when an enchantment is performed and a golem programmed to perform tasks. While that all is technically the same, it is at the very least thematically very different. People rarely refer to Sohothin or the Scepter of Orr as Technology. To be fair, most of the evidence used to state that they are minions was wrong. The Dream was not a dragon's hive mind, oth
  4. To add to this, nothing says that the DSD would stay trapped in the Jade Sea either. I mean the base game lore shows that when Elder Dragons awake they cause world shattering events. Raising an entire peninsula from underwater and shattering the Far Shiverpeaks creating an inland sea. More than likely the DSD could easily escape unless there is some unknown property to Jade, though it seems easy enough for humans to mine it.
  5. Anyone notice anything new during this Wintersday event that points towards the expansion? I was randomly running around trying to find orphans when I ran across this statue in the Western Commons next to the shooting gallery that I swear is new to this event. https://imgur.com/fij0X37
  6. We still have plus or minus 2 months until the expansion releases, so my thought is that you might as well just play through what you can in that time just to experience the story. They just recently added achievements for returning to the old content which also makes it more rewarding to play through once more. But once we start getting close to the release date, it is probably good to go through and speed read through to get caught up if you heavily desire to get into the new content or if you are struggling with the earlier content. For a speed read, I will always recommend the wiki, https:
  7. Konig does make a point that proximity does matter. He mentioned Primordius and the story of Ember Bay, how he came down all that way in order to consume the magic of Mordremoth and Zhaitan. Jormag was shown to have gotten a pitiful amount of said magic, barely enough for a single viable minion while Primordius has vine touched and death touched minions all over the place. As for Krakkatorrik, we do have to remember that up until Living World Season 4 he is still not shown to have any death or plant magic imbued in his minions. It isn't until he consumes Balthazar's magic that he suddenly star
  8. I get that. My point, within this conversation, was to point out that a long lifespan such as this is obviously not something that is within the realm of normalcy because of the way the PC reacts if they have heard of Livia.
  9. Thanks all! I got them today. This was just the first time I had been able to support them this way and had never experienced the delay in gems. Now I know!
  10. So, a few days ago I purchased End of Dragons Ultimate Edition and I got everything else for it. I got the skiff, the cape, the raptor, and the weapons chest, but I never received any gems. I am unsure if there is anything additional I need to do in order to receive my gems or if there is a specific reason that there is a wait. Not necessarily in a rush for the gems, just trying to make sure this isn't a bigger issue.
  11. Has anyone mentioned that in this game Livia has been noted by dialogue to be an oddity? The dialogue from the PC's who know who Livia is seems to point to surprise that someone could live that long. Or have I missed that conversation?
  12. You are right. While Heart of Thorns was extremely focused in on killing Mordremoth and saving the egg, it still managed many side stories that played a small part in the story and a larger part in the map completion and metas. All I believe I was saying is that even a narrowly focused story from an expansion had shown in the past the option of having many smaller side stories involved in the action. The inclusion of an Afflicted or the Chalice of Corruption is definitely possible. And it could even deal with he story seeing as we have so little to go off of when it comes to what this expansio
  13. I disagree. Look at Heart of Thorns. There were many storyline threads that were constantly in contention with each other. The main goals were getting the egg back and killing Mordremoth. This lead to introducing three new jungle Hylek and expanding on a new religion. Meeting the Exalted which were a continuation of the work of the Forgotten and Glint's Legacy. And finding a lost city of the Asura which was a continuation of a Guild Wars 1 story thread as well. In addition there were plans for a new story arch involving the Nightmare Court and if I recall correctly Mallyck's tree. I doubt that
  14. Not entirely. Bear is about strength, but that could just as well define Snow Leopard and killing through tactics and stealth.
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