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  1. i mean that's nice but it doesn't really help the other 2 game modes. while yes even in pve its too much its effect if very significantly felt in pvp and wvw
  2. i know i may be beating a dead horse but i just kinda wanna air my greivances. while i can agree specter (in pvp at least) needed a nerf.....the gamewide nerf is ridiculous....geting one shot out of shroud makes it almost pointless..... like please can we not do extreme nerfs like this theyre so detrimental to the game and the playerbase.
  3. hi all, hopefully you all have seen part one if not check it out! this one will focus on dye channels, particularly UNDYABLE channels. this has to be one of the MOST frustrating things i regularly experience in the game. this issue gets worse when you consider thee are paid items like this. back pieces are like the main culprit. i have (and love) the zodiac armors from the gem store and as much as i adore the skins, it infuriates me that i have no ability to dye the major color on the armor which is this light baby/sky blue. i would love to be able to see the stars in the armor much better as u can with later iterations implemented on mounts and now even an outfit. also the legendary back pieces..... so much work to attain them.... it would be real nice if we could slightly customize them at very least. like for the pvp to change the color of the bronze on the wings. or with the fractal one it would be nice to change its color period. in short why are there blocked off channels. please open these up it will not only bring new life to old skins but really satisfy people who've worked hard for a skin or worse BOUGHT a skin. best, Epoc PS please add more black hair options for short hair like a fade and waves.....the selection has improved since launch but it is still pretty bad.
  4. while your team gets stomped you lose points and the game.... yeah no it literally isnt a problem. in fact i know as much bc the return of focus ele singlehandedly has yeeted deadeye from play in this last pvp season. its basically back to boring d/p bc thats all anet seems to think we're worthy of playing.
  5. Hi all, as we know fashion wars is as big a part of gw2 as just about any other actually intended content. we as a player base have to be able to flex our style as we flex our abilities however 10 years into the game i (and I'm sure many agree) want more! so in this part i will go over customization options concerning outfits. Outfits in GW2 are incredibly well designed. kudos to the artist y'all do so good on these. and i can honestly admit they can be some of the most detailed for their class (even tho all armor classes can wear them) so what are my issues? the face that they're outfits..... not armor. it is my and many other player's frustration that we cant really play around with outfits as we like. its actually frustrating. idk about you but when anet releases nice new mount skins im like take my money...yet with outfits im like.... thats nice but i dont want it bc i'd have to wear it. i think it would be a great financial decision, and a great community decision to add a vendor an item or even a mastery (like they did with cooking except it covers armor smith, leather worker, and tailor) that will allow us to convert outfits to actual armor items. this way we get the best of both worlds. we can still keep the outfit tab so that we can wear the fits as an homage to the artist but the latter will allow players to really express themselves as their characters. please please please consider this as an option. i think you guys will sell so many more outfits if you this and deservedly so as many of them again are so well designed and detailed. best, Epoc PS part two will be coming shortly
  6. literally one ele with a focus makes this class useless in pvp.... it made it really easy to watch one bust their load and then get killed lol. de is annoying but by no means was it broken.
  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds these changes dumb af. While I’m not so crazy about the kneel change like some here I would agree kneeling wasn’t really an issue however the range issue absolutely is. If y’all wanted to do it in pve fine but it seems to be a game wide change and it’s 100000000% for the worse. DE is THE sniper class there’s no reason why rangers should put range us for example.
  8. Are the rifle range changes for deadeye pve only I know y’all mentioned the changes being for pve earlier but I just want to make sure.
  9. there are definite damage hacks, albeit no im not saying that's what they do. at least i hope not. its a combination of expoiting a bad system and actually having ppl throw matches. the former is just distasteful and i bla me anet for it more than the ppl abusing it. the latter is what i was implying as some have been explicitly caught recently on stream. and to boot isnt out of the question historically as its also happened before to the point where anet had to ban players for it. TLDR: anet needs to revamp matchmaking as its bad and lazy and need to punish ppl throwing matches (and having ppl throw for them)
  10. why would i be jealous of someone who has to cheat to give off the appearance of being the best. I've played this game almost since launch. i love this game. my complaints are just to further bring light to the plethora of issues with pvp as it is a game mode that can be fun and has so much potential. bad actors within the community don't help at all. these are but the most obvious ones but there are many more, and considering how small the pvp community has become i just think its important to try to fix things before its too late .
  11. duo que def helps you're not wrong about that. however some of these ppl have been caught by other top players cheating. i don't like people gaming a flawed system. i blame anet for that. however outright cheating is another story.
  12. People cheat on stream everyday…. In fact they cheat to look good on stream. I think it’s easier to assume that someone is clearly cheating thank you assume they’re THE statistical anomaly….
  13. I honestly hate to be the one to do this. But someone has to. lets have a look at the impossible win/loss ratios of the top 5 in pvp compares to literally everyone else in the top 50. (basically everyone in the legendary tier) resilencia: 108-9 [92% wr] wolfspider: 139-19 [87% wr] Shorts: 111-28 [80% wr] Vaanss: 172-40 [81% wr] Phoenix: 299-62 [85% wr] all above 80% win rate. for reference professional athletes with similar games play have no where near a win rate and they're making millions doing what they do (in terms of incentive) the best teams of 2022 for example the dodgers in US baseball barely broke 600 [61%wr] and they were the best team..... with the same roster! (not rng from matchmaking) teams across all sports average in the high 60s to 70s at best. That is to say even the WR for NotoriousNaru and Sagat in 6th and 7th at 77% is like elite elite... (albeit more believable and consistent with the data of all the other top players) These percentages do not change even in esports games (w/r amongst the best most legendary players ranging from the high 60's to 70's) that is to say anything above these numbers are extremely rare and special. its not impossible per say, teams like the all blacks in ruby have maintained a 90% w/r over the last 4 years but things like this are the exception not the rule. Top players in the game should look more like Sagat... than anything else. the top 50 players all fall within a 70-60% wr except for the top 5 and by quite a large margin. why is this an issue? well for starters we did have a controversy a while back where top players were banned bc they were caught cheating. So its not farfetched to suspect the same here. Shorts for example has been caught match trading before on stream. I doubt this was reported to Anet but he WAS caught on stream.... allow me to reiterate that. A known cheater has the lowest winrate of the top 5... how can anet screen for this? idk... idk how the others were caught in the past. But while most players wont make into the top five I'm not in support of foul play. numbers rarely lie. video evidence even less so. win-trading your way to the top is unfair to all those in the community legit trying to get there off merit. TLDR: I am not at all saying these players are bad. however I am saying I suspect them of win-trading to inflate their numbers. perhaps to elevate themselves as streaming players or such. idk what are your thoughts? I've seen a lot of commentary on win trading on forums so I'm curious to see if people agree or disagree.
  14. No kidding I had the same w/l ratio over the same amount of games as a friend and had a 400 rank point disparity between us…. Make it make sense
  15. No they already have alot of access to swiftness SS is a great response to the mobility nerfs thief has gotten over the years. Plenty of classes can keep up now where as before disengaging was a regular tactic. DE in general superspeed or not is just very annoying to fight against. No one wants to fight them but they’re not hard to deal with.
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