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  1. i like the change actually cos the aoe phase in mai trin was just boring and sometimes rly pointless (like when every1 at 100% health whole time aoes blasting and nothin else to do) so i feel 1st time change was invigorating. i didn't realise they changed it a 2nd time tho, but idk i feel the new one in general is prty nice. cos i remember b4 when i went trolling to mai trin pugs due to boredom or somethin else, i would kill horrik 1-2 times for fun and ppl would get mad and either rage-whisper me afterword or thy would place a target over my head and threaten to kick me.. so it feelt nice tha
  2. or the 3rd subset can be Chat-bound LI B) e.g. LI that exists purely in binary-to-chat text representation, without any virtual presence in an inventory or bank 'slot' .. intersting point thouogh, look this transition from Gearproof to Killproof (though technically Gearproof can be a subset of Killproof, but thats another matter). i think if i remember from cof p1 farm, 4 wars 1 chrono meta was the thing yah but not enuough sometime to just show up with right profession, you have to ping your gear and stuff so they can be assure of ur competence and dedication towards the then-meta. Same t
  3. btw.. if chrono for there dps deserve 4x really, then druid for theres deserve at least 8x really !!
  4. Yes it would, so ppl won't have to die along the long way and make the run very painful. wipes like Lupi would also not cause a long runback with careful skipping in the previous room every time. Arah was way too painful to run compare to others. dungeon should let ppl focus on bosses and events instead of inserting tons of elite annoying mobs on the way with no good drop. I really don't understand why did they let trash mobs respawn in the dungeon as well.I don't think you've seen pugs attempt arah before HoT back when people were running dungeons daily lol.. or you would not be complaining o
  5. Also players in another instance (relative to yours) should show their correct specs too. No more wondering whether its a dps ranger or a druid, though it's more of a QoL thing imo.
  6. @thrag.9740 It's not an app, it's a Jsfiddle. you can literally search 'li chat code gw2' on google and get it as the 1st hit. Use cases by the public are not the fault of the owner/distributor, using arc as an example. I simply put it up as a helper for returning veteran players who just get HoT, watch a couple in-depth vids on bosses and read the guides, then realize groups reject them just bc they have double-digit LI. Its easy to sit on the other side of the fence and say that those people should join training runs and do it legit, but not have to get their hands dirty and actually do wha
  7. Just a bit of fair warning, having ascended/legendary full set wont prevent you from getting kicked as many times as u describe etc. I would know as pugs are still kicking others for something they said or wrote on the internet when they was having a bad day (some 6+ months ago) and filtering based on username and propaganda as a litmus test. so beware, a portion of the playerbase is simply of unsound mind.
  8. Well just for the lulz, here's a from years back. Ofc it was before we get some mechanics like the defiance bar. It doesn't seem worth soloing with elite specs now tho, cos it almost feels like cheating. I mean iirc there are 2min-ish legit Lupi solos.
  9. As mostly a cps main, I was debating which to choose as I have a few faves. Sab is the most consistent fight for my role where I can get as close to benchmark dps imo - is a realistic version of a dps golem albeit with many moving parts. Sam or MO probably secondary as a dps sponge, but I enjoy Sam more bc he's the one that tries to actively hurt you. I decide on Matt finally though.. and was a bit surprised to see I was in a majority. But I suppose it does make sense: this fight is in a circus by itself, and you are a performer balanced on a tightrope above a precarious height. Not only that,
  10. @Gargoyle First of all it was a typical pug, with no healer or condi cleanse, so I figured it was each man for himself. To clarify by playing bad I meant being lazy on rotations and downing more oft than others cos of carelessness; not trying purposefully to die every chance I got. I don't see how that's an issue, as I have carried worse players on say swamp t4, where a guy continuously dies to bloom no matter what we do. In this scenario I might trash talk the inept player and refuse to res him along with others, but would not randomly call kicks without stating a reason beforehand. The issue
  11. I would say it exists even more in abundance then before. Since raids replaced dungeons as pve endgame, this behavior is arguably even worse with squads bc of how much control one person has over their squad. The last thing i would say of a raid environment is that it is a democracy.. i don't think anyone would say that tbh. In terms of such behavior happening before hot though, it happened but rarely i would say. I had it happen a few times at last boss, didn't bother me much though. I remember once we were doing TA dungeon and there was a heated argument between me and one other person.. the
  12. I think best reason that there no leader or 'owner' of a party/group anymore. So what this mean is that your importance as individual is on same priority as everyone else's. If someone else has friended an individual while you have them blocked instead, this person should still be able to join your group (and imo this is fine as it is). Same reasoning with squad formation i think - one individual whom 1-2 others in a 50man squad have blocked, shouldn't be prevent from joining just cos of this silly reason. The way it plays out is much different in game though, far from the ideal. What happens
  13. is just the reason why it take 20min or more in morning to form a group for one easy raid boss.. newcomers and beginers are being driven away. i wait ~10min after posting to have just one guy show up and maybe leave later. community is killing raid popularity which also hurt them in a sense as someone with more then 1 stack of Li. let me share personal stories of how pug attitude being. pointless personal tiffs or someone in random pug, prevent you from ever raiding with them ever again. thes people always tag up time and time again, preventing you from joining their groups.. they also poison
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