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  1. Well that's something they've been dealing with since LW3, when Kas just stood there while Balth almost killed Jory. Things Kas said in PoF and what they've said in LW4 and IBS indicates that they've either decided to break up or are trying to work through some stuff.
  2. I get that the real world answer to "where are all of our teammates" is availability of the voice actors, but why don't we get lore explanations about where the important characters are when they don't appear on-screen? I mean Rox is Charr and there was a Charr civil war! Her involvement in that would have been captivating! At least tell us where she is!Where has Canach been during the entire Icebrood Saga?Marjory was with us in episode 1, where did she go?Taimi? Gorrik? I don't think we hear from either of those 2 throughout the entire Saga. The Commander has definitely been portrayed as a ca
  3. In LW3 episodes "Rising Flames" and "A Crack in the Ice" we saw the minions of Primordus and Jormag, respectively, be tainted with the magics of Zhaitan and Mordremoth. Then, at the end of LW4, we see Kralkatorrik go mad and be at war with himself because of all the extra magics he absorbed: Zhaitan, Mordremoth, Balthazar and we learn from Aurene during "War Eternal" that the elder dragons weren't meant to contain those other magics; that they could only handle the magics in their respective domains and that Aurene was the "first of her kind" being a dragon that COULD contain all the magics in
  4. Even if we were guaranteed to get 1 token per run, having to do this challenge 8 times a day just to get those 8 tokens is punishment, not reward.
  5. Then that's a couple of days we are not able to get our full 16 Divine Envelopes.
  6. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. The most stacks I ever get in a run was 5, cause there are only like 4 or 5 events in a single run. And the stacks do NOT carry over to the next run; they reset every run. So far as I can tell, it is impossible to get 12 stacks. Unless that, too, is bugged. Yep, I just found out myself. I did notice though that the stacks dropped at the moment I opened the chest. Could be a coincidence, or maybe you can build to 12 by skipping the chest in 2 runs. Seems really poor if that's the way to do it. The activity isn't a goldmine to begin with.Which means you
  7. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. The most stacks I ever get in a run was 5, cause there are only like 4 or 5 events in a single run. And the stacks do NOT carry over to the next run; they reset every run. So far as I can tell, it is impossible to get 12 stacks. Unless that, too, is bugged.
  8. This is a great idea in concept. You could get a guaranteed 16 envelopes in all previous years, so take half of those and make you have to play for them to get the other half at a discount. Nothing wrong with that at all. Until you understand that it's just not possible to get that other half. The tokens are supposed to drop from the end chest in Celestial Challenge, but they don't. I've played the challenge a good many times before reset and after. The ONLY tokens I got were from the daily chest! Not a single token from the end chest. This MUST be a bug. Cause there's no way anet would take a
  9. I think this is the perfect suggestion. I'm already sick and tired of reading through this thread at all the selfish, greedy players crying, "more lootz! more lootz!" More loot does NOT equate to more fun. But having a way to revitalize dead or dying game aspects is a wonderful idea. It does give more lootz to the previously mentioned player type while allowing players to spread their game experience to less active places. Dungeons, PvP participation, WvW, activities (keg brawl, crab toss, etc), races, adventures, fractals, meta events, etc can each have their own week. Maybe you get bonus tok
  10. My guess is that you're a meta player. A min/maxer. And you represent only 1 demographic in a melting pot of different play styles. There is a very large portion of the playerbase, myself included, that plays for fun, theme, or style; not how do I get the MOST damage so I can out dps the next guy. If you go back and read the thread, not a single person has said that druid was the highest dps spec and they loved playing it for its raw power. It is my estimation that a majority of the people posting here who are firmly against the druid pet nerf NEVER played druid to min/max their dps like you,
  11. @Xaylin.1860No, you're missing the point here. This post is not about the trade-offs. It's about the implementation of a unilateral nerf on Druid that does not function as a trade-off, but a drawback. As I said in my original post, I'm ok with the trade-off philosophy as long as EVERY SINGLE elite spec for every profession gets an equivalent trade-off mechanic installed. Anet is still working on those, so it is too early to even talk about the trade-offs, so let's not. At least, not yet. Let's see what happens with the other elite specs first.THIS post is about how the pet nerf on druid is not
  12. Not only did they get nothing really good, they got 5-finger slapped with bad.
  13. Well, wiki volunteers can't ban, so if they threaten that, they are probably a troll... On the other hand, what's the troll about? How is getting an event to fail even a troll? You still get most of the same benefits when you fail an event, plus bonus events in many cases upon a failed event for even more rewards. Ok yeah, I've convinced myself and changed my mind. I seriously doubt anybody that's ever messaged you asking you to fail an event for the wiki was ever a troll. lol And I suppose that's what the report feature is for. If we could get a griefing report option, then the team could
  14. Because when equating the ranger to other classes, the ranger is considered essentially 2 separate entities: the ranger and its pet. The ranger + the pet = a full class. You can't tell a ranger to just take condi set and be dps and not use their pet, because then they're only half a class!! A ranger STILL NEEDS its pet to run any sort of dps build, power or condi. That's like telling a Necro not to use shroud to try to make a viable build. I mean come on! Pick any other elite spec and reduce all of its atts by 20% and see what happens. {sarcastic voice} Oh, you wanna play Weaver? Well, with We
  15. Oooo, I like this post. Especially GM Magister's very relevant reply. I have kind of a followup question about bannable offenses. If "minor curse words" aren't taken very seriously (which I personally disagree with - as a religious individual, there are no "minor" curse words to me), what about griefers/trolls? Over the past several days, I've joined my guild for the Triple Trouble event in Bloodtide Coast. The guild sets up leaders and commanders to lead the multi-faceted event and there seems to be the same jerk hanging around, tagging up, and trying to get ppl to join on him and follow him
  16. With this change, you have just forced druid players into a support role, just because they selected druid as their elite spec. I thought Anet was all about build diversity and opening up more build options. What if somebody wants to play a druid dps build (which IS a thing, btw), you just nerfed the puppy out of them!! When I play druid, I choose it because of the traits, not the profession mechanic. You should NOT penalize players for build diversity. I am very ok with the whole trade-off philosophy as long as EVERY elite spec gets the trade-off revision. The update notes mention Necro eli
  17. A quick-buff hotkey. A simple keystroke to use 1 food and 1 utility in your inventory without having to open your inventory.
  18. The components are the Tier 1 Crafting Components. You know.. Rawhide Shoulderguard Padding through Rawhide Legging Strap listed under the heading "Crafting Component." It's not any insignia, including Giver's, as I've already used every possible insignia and it's nothing on the wiki (I've already used the wiki and it shows nothing that I haven't already combined with). It is literally an unknown recipe, at least to me and the wiki. Was hoping somebody who doesn't contribute to the wiki might know and just never posted it.
  19. Please please PLEASE provide us with recipes (mystic forge would be easiest) to change the type of our inventory bags. I have a 20-slot Invisible pack that no longer suits my needs. Crafting a brand new 20-slot bag is WAY too expensive for this kind of adjustment. And the same goes for the Reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier. I love the extra space, but I HATE HATE HATE that items won't sort. Please give us just a simple mystic forge recipe where we throw in the original inventory bag, a philosopher's stone or something, a crafting material for the bag base we want (cloth, leather, metal, etc; maybe
  20. So I've got a bunch of rawhide crafting components in my inventory and they're all showing up in the discovery tab showing there's 1 possible unknown recipe to learn, but there's nothing else for me to combine with them, and I've already combined them with every possible jute insignia and the vial of weak blood. But it still shows there's 1 more unknown recipe to discover. What on earth is this recipe?!
  21. Last Lunar New Year we had the achievement to feed Drooburt Steamed Red Dumplings or something for a max of 25 AP. I wasn't able to get those AP last year since those food items were so rare and so expensive on the TP. This year, you changed the achievement and reset the AP, so that's 25 AP I'll never be able to get now, while the people in the game who had the time and gold to get all those dumplings were essentially able to buy the AP. I'm trying to climb the AP leaderboards, and it's simply not fair for you to pull AP from the game. That's 25 AP I'll never be able to get now. You did the sa
  22. So this is a good thought and proposal for plausible explanation, but, unfortunately, doesn't quite resolve the issue. Gorrik wasn't describing stages of the plague, but generations. Each generation of scarabs is larger than the previous and the scarabs reproduce so quickly that by the 3rd generation, there would be enough scarabs to wipe humanity off the face of Tyria. So first generation, third generation, doesn't matter when dealing with Charr, Asura, etc. So the question remains: if Charr are immune then why were so many of them killed by it in the Inquest Lab?
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