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  1. I hope a future DX11 patch will fix the hitching I get whenever I close or switch away from the Equipment tag.
  2. I think the Purists should have all been wearing Celebration Hats, dyed red, so they look like MAGA caps. I am not a person who understands nuance so I need these overt signs of fascism to feel secure, also Li should have been the hero and Joon shouldn't have to pay taxes
  3. The next chapter of Guild Wars, set far into the future... All worlds have crumbled to dust, every galaxy has withered to nothing, and the universe is about collapse... on a distant, far-flung rock on the edge of reality, stand two women. Watching, and waiting, for the final reset. "Ugh," you say, "fine. I guess you two can get married now, but I'm not happy about it."
  4. Logan should have proposed to Rytlock and the next story beat should have been "why did you do that at somebody else's wedding".
  5. I noticed in mails sent to the PC by Braham he refers to himself as "Braham Eirsson". I think this should be changed to just "Braham" because at this point in the story I'm pretty sure he doesn't consider himself Eir's son. I know in a literal sense he is, but his dialogue strikes me as trying to avoid being in her shadow, and while he does introduce himself to Rytlock as Eir's son it's more an attempt to get Rytlock to help him rather than trying to steal her glory/name for himself. Also noticed Rox calls Frostbite by its name in Molten Furnace, but we don't see her actually name
  6. My robot bro vanished and I don't know why, I was fighting the spark hero point in Kaineng that you do as part of the story. Rifle 5 and as soon as I went airborne he was gone.
  7. DX11 gives higher framerate in exchange for higher crash rate.
  8. I brought a new character in through the story and was able to get the one I missed - the challenge icon showed up as soon as the lady at the front gave permission to enter. Replaying the instance on my main did cause it to bug out though, I had the same issue as you.
  9. Mesmers are able to create clones when they already have the maximum number of 3, and any new clones will overwrite the oldest clone and trigger effects like Signet of the Ether, Illusionary Defense, Illusionary Inspiration, etc. Virtuosos however cannot overwrite blades and are not able to try and stock them above 5, and therefore cannot trigger those traits or benefit from those skills if they have full blades.
  10. There is a bug though, the description that shows on the yellow challenge icon is for the springer waterfall run rather than the raptor one.
  11. I completed a Dragon's End meta, and did the 3 steps in Dragon's End for the Looking Back achievement where you talk to Marjory in various spots. I then went to the southeast for the final step, talking to Marjory at the Silent Surf. I clicked her dialogue option and it dumped me in a private instance - out of my finished Dragon's End instance. I left the instance immediately to try and get back in, but no luck, map locks on meta completion. Marjory vanished at this point. There's nothing in the achievement requirements that says she needs a finished Dragon's End meta at this point
  12. Would you happen to know what the real-world times are for each of these? The wiki has a helpful little widget for the rest of the game (e.g. night starts at X:45, day starts at X:30) but my brain is smooth and I can't work out Cantha's.
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