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  1. You are never playing espec with just it's corresponding weapon and utilities, smh ..... oh wait, we are talking about common gw2 player, then no wonder...
  2. oh boy, oh boy, no other way than dagger OH from weapons? really? So there is not a combo system that can achieve stealth ? short answer to your suggestion is: NO! And this is why Anet never actually uses any feedback from forums, because at least 80% of them is made by players who have no clue. But just for the sake of not instantly being flagged as a "toxic player", let me ask you, Which direct ways, outside utility slots since you do not want to "sacrifice" those, have other thief specs, to get into stealth? Only one comes to mind and that is DE's Silent Scope trait, wh
  3. But this fight is not challening. It just finally isn't completely braindead.
  4. So they will learn how to use spacebar in whisp form and to jump over the waves on this fight. Same thing. Also if anyone will try to impose that this fight is hardcore then all I can do is to have a big sigh.
  5. Well towers in DS are mechanic sort of. The only problematic thing in DE is crystal phase, because somehow ppl are unable to spam sapcebar to get back on top fo the tower (?) Other than that, it is just standard stay close to mid and watch for one half of the platform go red and dodge to the other side.
  6. DS meta at the beginning of HOT ? it was at least 1 hour long if not alomst 2. Gerent ? It went unkilled for how many days with premade maps! AB, same maps were failing on event that you can now do blindfolded... All of these metas are not a standalone fights. It just takes time, its only 2nd day of xpac, let ppl learn the fight do not just nerf it immediately just because everything in the game is kitten poor easy content to do. This fight will be no problem in couple of days.
  7. The fights is fine as it is. The only problem is the crystal phase where ppl turned into whisps need to jump up to the top of the tower, the longer it takes them, the longer you need to wait and therefore wasting time. Give it few days and it will be cleared every map.
  8. Please Anet for the love of whatever you worship, do not nerf this fight. Finaly there is a boss fight in open world where just spamming #1 is not enough. Do not listen to cry babies just because finally they have to somewhat pay attention to what is happening. If you really have to do something maybe add an extra minute on timer to the boss fight but not too much...
  9. the saddest point is that there are no "pvp devs" .. there is no balance team for pvp, that is why PVP is and almost always was in such a shitty state
  10. I wish you would get 1 extra pip for each top stat lol ... would have finished all chests in no time :D ... also there is no matchmaking what so ever, so do not bother to try and understand the logic behind "competetive" matches, since those are almost non existent .. 99% of the time it is blow out on one of the sides.
  11. there is such a small population in sPvP that yes plat is new silver, so many players do not understand even the simpliest basics of rotations around map.. they run where they should not, they do what they should not be doing .... 80% just total trash
  12. well this meta is by far better than that condi crap we had to deal with till now also this " I'm Not happy with the 1 shot meta i prefer the old meta with the millions of condi's at least i have a chance to cleans them" made my day thanks
  13. bunker meta was bad cuz it was boring Condi meta was can*** meta and the worst by far... PS: hups I accidentally voted for bunker :/
  14. I remember the days of mesmer clone on death builds in pvp, when u killed all 3 clones/phantasms you had maybe 3 conditions on you at best, with max of 3 stacks of confusion or so..... just look at any pvp video from like first year or so, burning did not stack yet it dealt good amount of damage through its duration. But let's be real here, conditions were buffed to the roof cuz noobs could not play power builds since better players just anticipated bursts and dodged it (like it should be in balanced state of the game) so Anet said well, we are a game mostly for casual therefore they need a w
  15. tbh, it is stupid to not have a duoQ back, but to answer your question: Imagine you have 2 players (A and B )Player A is low silver rated playerPlayer B is high plat rated player Player B goes duoQ with a friend who is in low-mid silver, they get a match and they are facing a team which player A is a member of. (cuz matchmaking and rate tanking with lower rated player)Now player A has to play against much more skilled player than he is and thus this is making his experience in ranked not so good. I know that this should be adressed by matchmaking, but still this problem could occure, so saying
  16. what ? that doesnt make any sense.... when boss go invuln, as power build you are done you cant do anything untill boss gets out of invuln phase.The same with condi builds - boss goes invuln, you can't apply condis until boss gets out of invuln phase.But, in addition to that, the condis you have already applied, suddenly do no damage. So if you have your condis up, then boss goes invuln you will stop doing dmg too, for the same amount of time as power build... it is not healing or negating anything, it is just a window when both power and condi builds cant dmg boss and it seems more than fair
  17. Agree, there is no reason for renegade, berserker or daredevil raid builds to have lost any condition damage.It's the "Invulnerability effects will now stop conditions from applying damage." change. That one hits all the condi classes, and hits them hard. That's on top of nerfs to condi sb and necro, of course. well i would call that "normalization" (?), it is only fair that now condi builds won't out-cheese power builds since they both can't damage invuln target now.It's not "out-cheese". It's condi damage being balanced around the assumption that all the stacks will continue to tick to its
  18. or maybe players should finally learn and understand when it is a good time to push for secondary objectives.....
  19. He means that normaly if you use GS #3 in smokefield and you have someone targeted, you will leap to them hit them but stay in stealth since that is how leap finishers work with stealth, but if you have your one wolf pack popped it makes your leap strike 2nd time after hitting first thus revealing you out of stealth
  20. well, about 3 weeks ago I came back to the game after couple of months, friends with whom I played CMs are gone and since every single group wants at least 100+ kp which I do not have, I can only run daily T4s and it is a gamble. personally I hate elitist crap like "meta or gtfo" so I joined any group which was going to do T4... and maaan population has changed. Before my break there were more successful groups for T4. Now if you dont join "chrono, dudu + dps" group you have 90% chance of having wipefest in front of you. And I am not saying that players in "meta groups" are some kind of extra
  21. Agree, there is no reason for renegade, berserker or daredevil raid builds to have lost any condition damage.It's the "Invulnerability effects will now stop conditions from applying damage." change. That one hits all the condi classes, and hits them hard. That's on top of nerfs to condi sb and necro, of course.well i would call that "normalization" (?), it is only fair that now condi builds won't out-cheese power builds since they both can't damage invuln target now.
  22. But the blade dancers use daggers....... and a really cheezy stun lock they use swords, i am sure of it ..... + just because somewhere else they stun lock doesnt mean they have to in GW2
  23. oh, this is comedy gold ... so many noobs think DE is broken cuz they cant dodge once.. like literally, even if your claims of 30k dmg in 2 seconds is true you would avoid almost 75% of it just by one dodge, you cant be serious about DJ since it is fucking huge orange beam pointing at you + audio cue when it will shoot, so getting hit by it means you are blind and deaf and at that point, why are you even playing games ?
  24. NO, just NO .... so many noobs who do not even understand how spec they are playing works should never be allowed to vote on balance .... just look at how many ppl are QQing about SB gimmick or DE gimmick while it is so easily dealt with .... so to think those players would be able to understand how every spec/ trait is working is just a big joke, not to mention synergies you have to take into consideration since sPvP is team based mode....
  25. since I can remember, power builds in fractals went always full berserker, and atm DE "meta" build is full on berserker, tho you spend most time with d/d setup and u use rile only on opening and some niche situations
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