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  1. It's clear no matter what I say you're only interested in attacking it so further communication in this thread it pointless. I've made my point.
  2. My first sentence was "you're letting people optimize the fun out of the game". That was my main point. My second sentence was about verdant brink. I put them in that order for a reason. I realize that the way I worded it is easily misconstrued, but now that I've explained it please don't call me a liar.
  3. Still not my main point. Bauble farming isn't healthy for the game no matter where it's being done.
  4. you're probably mis-reading the post. It's the AFK farming part that's bannable (using software to buff things and get you credit), not doing it normally.
  5. Also, regardless of whether or not it helps the meta, anything that lets you AFK and farm gold is unhealthy for the game. Even if you aren't AFK, which is technically bannable but seemingly unenforced, it's a mindless activity. Players will always optimize the fun out of a game if given the chance. So encourage players to move onto more engaging content and just nerf the hell out of bauble farming.
  6. You're letting people optimize the fun out of the game. The verdant brink meta never gets done because the map is full of people sitting AFK. There could be plenty of people interested in the full meta event, but you'd never get enough to do with all the maps full of AFK bauble farmers. Please nerf the rewards for that.
  7. And now it's back. It feels like someone is having a laugh at my expense. Whatever. I'm going to stop worrying about this. I don't want to get into a fight with someone who can wreck my account. Getting a refund was a long shot in the first place and I knew that.
  8. @thesilverdragoon.3078 No. It's gone everywhere. It's not in my wardrobe, it's not in inventory. Just gone. One moment I was gliding with it, and the next moment I was gliding with the basic glider while still in the game.
  9. I requested a refund (ticket 6950010) of the bloodstone glider because a friend told me all the gliders were dyable. This one wasn't. I later learned the hero panel shows in a tooltip which ones are dyeable, but the store doesn't. Regardless, I waited 12 days for a response before bumping the ticket to see what was going on. I also noticed the ticket had been updated shortly after I submitted it with no response. Cynically I wanted to think that meant it had been ignored, but I chose to remain positive. Well, within an 15m of updating my ticket my bloodstone glider was removed and no gems wer
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