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  1. I want to know purely for the sake of knowing that Arenanet does anything with the report function at all which doesn't seem to be the case outside of automatic moderating (regarding slurs mostly) But reports regarding character names, people botting/afk farming, and trolling behaviour during gameplay? I don't actually believe they actually do anything at all with those.. Being notified they did something with my report would result in me getting more faith in arenanet which they honestly need after the disaster that was icebrood saga..
  2. I have actually tried making both 2nd gen and 2,5 gen legs and my conclusion on which is more expensive and takes more time is very clear. It's the 2,5 gen legendaries that cost most. Why? Because of the ridiculous amount of mithril and elder wood. That's it. That's all that legendary needs including the precursor craft. There's no story, no special items you need besides the obvious. 2nd gen legendaries needed mithril and elder wood too, but also wood and metals from previous tiers, and I think the one reason people find it tedious to make, is because of the timegated materials. (whic
  3. So as I understand it this achievement worked fine when it came out in 2019. However. its 2021 now and it's gotten more and more horribly broken as time passes. The point of the achievement is to land hits on Kralkatorrik's wounds while flying with Aurene in the story instance. You need 3 hits to 'inflict a wound' As far as I understood it from the wiki and the forums, the bug advanced to where you need to just hit the dragon 10 times. Which was already hard enough to do considering every hit was considered a miss or out of sight.. And this is where the bug has developed to now.
  4. The amount of times there's going to be a new player standing in caledon forest, queensdale, wayfarer foothills etc asking why a couple dozen people are standing there is on a whole new level lately. There's a ton of players basically who don't even know what worldbosses are, let alone how to handle them. Yes, I absolutely agree, I am tired too of spamming one button while standing in one place, but as of right now I wouldn't appreciate a difficulty increase without making the fight more rewarding, or without a tutorial somewhere in the game that will allow new players to get to go along
  5. I just hope they make the crafting process somewhat interesting again like the first 4 gen 2 legendaries. I want to feel like I've put in effort for my legendary gear, not a grindable gold sink. That being said.. I hope they exclude amalgamated gemstones (although they've become cheaper recently) and mystic coins (which are still a ridiculous item in the game since they changed the daily system) Even if that means the development team has to put in effort, to come up with interesting stories behind the weapons that I can experience while crafting it. I don't care how much they have to
  6. I have tried the exact way it's described here 5 times and it identifies it as a hit on Kralkatorrik. HOWEVER.... It doesn't register the hit for the achievement. no matter how many times I hit, miss, or have no line of sight, no single hit registers for the achievement. Nothing is eligible. Nothing counts, even with other players.. and it's honestly super frustrating by now to see like 20 solutions and none of them work. It's not about destroying the weak points anymore, because even landing 3 hits on a single location doesn't register. It's not about the amount of damage done. Nothing
  7. Hey y'all. Casual Cryptids has suffered from a setback a few weeks back, and now we're all set to accept new members!We are really just a bunch of fools who come online when they feel like it, but when they come online, they want to be in a good and safe environment and just have fun with the game!Hence the name, Casual Cryptids, because that's literally what we are.No one knows when we might come online to do stuff, but when we do, we can promise it'll be a lot of fun!We take your suggestions seriously, we always try to co-operate and come up with a plan in regards to activities, the state of
  8. Looks like once again I have the unpopular opinion hereBut let me make very clear Discussing released content does NOT mean you have to include spoilers. You can always talk about the content without spoiling the plottwists, without spoiling certain key elements of character development. It never is.They are not the same thing!!You can discuss the game in a way you don't need to spoil.:/ really can't understand the apologists.. I'm sorry I really just can't see how you can't discuss content without spoiling things.
  9. Blish is a fine character, I just wish they had kinda, talked about him more in previous seasons so we could familiarize ourselves with Taimi's backstory a bit more and perhaps get a feel for Taimi's need to see Blish again.. Blish after all means a lot for Taimi, why didn't we hear about him more often?
  10. You can discuss the content without spoiling it for other people, You can discuss content in an appropriate way. You can also discuss content in a not public situation, like squadchat, partychat, whispers.
  11. I should probably clarify that after many episodes, from various seasons, My main priority is to get through the story as fast as I can to prevent getting spoiled, and then when I turn on the mapchat again I still get tired of people spoiling. Mapchat should not be turned off just because there's a part of the community who likes to spoil things for others. We should not be required to turn it off because some people like to be terrible people. Terrible people should simply be reportable.
  12. You could probably report people for spoiling in public situations ingame already, like in mapchat. Yes I know you could also turn off the mapchat but that's such a horrible solution to me. Getting spoiled for Living World Episodes is so common ingame now and it should be illegal, in terms of I should be able to ban people if they actively spoil, or defend spoilers in the mapchat.If I can already report people for that, please let me know under which section, because I don't see it being verbal abuse either? I just think spoiling people should be erased from this game. Honestly, if you spoil t
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