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  1. Another case of mistaken identity. Mantra of Distraction is once again the problem.
  2. It's also a HUGE QOL improvement to add this for PvP. Stealthing up before a fight with your team means they can see your pet. You have to CLICK and UNCLICK the stow and unstow pet button. During top tier PvP games and tourneys that require you to react at 1/2s or 1/4s speeds having to click skills is ridiculous.
  3. Wow, the Pandora Papers really investigated everything, huh? While I think it is kittened up when there are $$$ tournaments that players who have Anet partner - and can therefore spectate teams in ATs for strats/builds - can participate in, Nos has streamed ATs before and who would tell opening strats in ATs? That's such a waste of time.
  4. Play core valkyrie with a/d gs - this can definitely carry you far if you win your 1v1s and monkey around when +'d. That being said this build will not carry you forever, or learn sic em better. The damage can carry rank really well but it is far less forgiving. or both!
  5. Currently 89% winrate solo queue. NA doesn't have enough good players even during prime time.
  6. Its a misty cloud that doesn't move along with the character. So if you're running its just a cloud that you run past very quickly.
  7. Actually, Ranger and druid not being able to revive their pet is inconsequentially unfair. In high-end PvP your pets will just die to cleave on core or druid - sometimes even if you have them in passive. Ranger is already on the low end of the totem pole and the pets dying - or being useless in passive - really cements rangers place at the bottom. Although soulbeasts can revive their pets, they still die to cleave sometimes and it still negatively affects the ranger. Some skills lose functionality and some dont even work at all, it can also mess up a soulbeast's skill rotation too. There are
  8. fixed that for you Every Elite Specialization has at least one trade-off.Even if they are forgettable small trade-offs, like Firebrand trading instant Virtues for Tomes, or Tempest only having increased Attunement CD after an overload, they are still considered trade-offs.So then why didn't some ranger skills not being able to work while merged - or having negative effects while merged - not count as a trade off?Guard does nothing when mergedProtect me for a long time didn't give barrier (fixed)Signet of Renewal pulls condis to the ranger (and then kills the ranger)Search and Rescue does noth
  9. One Wolf Pack is just a worse version of Impossible Odds with a CD and a duration of 6s. No.
  10. @"Supreme.3164" I said nerf sustain on Wilderness Survival.What that means is running a build without wilderness survival inherently has little sustain. You could take windborne notes and/or resounding timber, yet running NM and BM to get those traits + another line that isn't WS would make your build inherently low in sustain. You would have poor healing, weak access to condi clear, and would likely have a hard time dealing with burst damage. You could take healing spring or bear stance to bolster your condi clear without running WS but using your heal to negate condition damage leaves you
  11. Hmm given that ranger is one of the weakest if not the weakest profession in top tier sPvP right now. I would disagree with most of this. Greatsword for example, has been overnerfed - and imo is too weak to see true competitive use. Yeah, yeah. I know. There is not really a competitive scene. But balancing for anything other than top tier just means that ranger will stay underpowered. Things that really need to be changed: Lower some GS CDs a little. They're too high right now. Nerf sustain on Wilderness Survival (and sustain across the board for other professions). This is the main problem w
  12. Then i'm sure i'm mistaken and the skill is bugged. Please open a thread in the Bugs subforum ato see if Anet fix it. That trait makes sense if it can trigger with quickness as well, otherwise it does not make sense. I think you were partially right before, it only works for boons you already have. BUT it also works on other boons you get at the same time as quickness - just not the quickness itself.
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