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  1. What I pointed out was never about Balthaddon being shocked to see the Commander return from the dead, or being an "all seeing, all knowing ex-God." Yes, it was understandable that he was shocked, nothing wrong with that. However, there's enough evidence abound to support the notion that he was very well aware where you'd end up when killed in such a grueling, shocking way. A place from where his magic is still actively hijacking souls into Forged bodies. True, we don't know exactly how, but do we need to know that? The Commander's soul seemed pretty ordinary to me as a generic lost spirit; su
  2. Sajuuk, there is no point in arguing with you until you've cooled down a bit and considered what I'd written, otherwise it's pointless to debate this further. I've used the actual events as they happened in both games, as well as lore that backs up the course of those events, to show that many of these retcons indeed happened, but that doesn't mean you need to go into a frenzy and start shooting your opinions from the hip, or argue with sentences like this: "which makes them automatically wrong because of religious bias." Seriously, did you read what you had written before posting? Because "ar
  3. So much this. Wish I could've summarized my OP in such a concise and spot-on way! And indeed: the original writers of Guild Wars were actually using a unique definition for the Five/Six Gods wherein they were a mix of the Greek/Roman style gods with their flaws and mortal urges, as well as incredibly powerful and wise entities that wielded eternal power stemming from the Mists itself. By now, riding the anti-theistic wave sweeping all over fiction (mind you, I don't have a problem with it happening in RL, but in fantasy and sci-fi you shouldn't be restrained in letting your imagination create
  4. With all due respect, but did you guys actually pay attention to the story, the dialogue and the implications of both? Because it doesn't seem so, and at least that - missing out on so many details that contradict the lore and make the story inconsistent - would explain why you continue to defend the undefendable and not see the plot for what it is: a poorly written, maddeningly predictable, blatant copy of Nightfall that makes little sense whatsoever. I've just chased down the War Beast again and checked the dialogue: Balthaddon: "Impossible! I ended you!"The Commander: "I'm here to free Aure
  5. But what makes you guys think that one can only be resurrected from the Domain of the Lost? It's a part of the Underworld just like all the others where the souls of the dead get processed - except for the special kind of spirits it deals with. If anything, it's waaaay harder to fulfill the requirements needed for a successful resurrection from the DotL than from other regions in the Underworld. Other places a soul would retain its name, its purpose, its knowledge of death, and can skip straight ahead to presenting itself to a Judge/Reaper/Spirit Lord and receive judgement - or in the Commande
  6. A commendable effort, but still falling short of providing a believable explanation. Balthaddon clearly says in Joko's Sky Garden, when the Commander shows up alive and practically unhurt, that s/he escaped the Domain of the Lost, exploiting Grenth's absence, but that his/her resurrection will amount to nothing. And no, the Commander does not confess beforehand that "You killed me, but I rediscovered myself in the Domain of the Lost and resurrected myself!" No. Balthaddon utters this exposition immediately upon realizing his mistake. He knew where the Commander was, he knew how easy it would b
  7. Uhm... you do realize that unwilling souls can be cast into Forged armor as well, just like as it was in the case of Shiro'ken? Balthaddon and his soldiers slay all those villagers and Elonans so that their souls can be claimed and added to the ranks of the Forged. Thus the Commander's soul was perfectly viable to be molded into Balthaddon's perfect servant after he/she had been offed.
  8. Slightly off-topic to the current discussion on that bloody ridiculous oath*, but what I've been wondering since playing that mission was that why didn't Balthaddon just snatch the Commander's soul from the Domain of the Lost (he knew the Commander was sent there after killing him/her) and forge a new Herald of Balthaddon with that particular soul? After all, he's admitted that the Commander was proving quite useful and even offered a chance to join him despite his/her constant meddling. If I were Balthaddon, I definitely would have taken this fantastic opportunity to create a superbly efficie
  9. Wholeheartedly agreed. At this point it is incredibly appalling that after 5+ years and so many great and welcome improvements to the gameplay and other features, they still could not learn or at least understand what made the first game such a huge success when it came to the story. 5 years and they still have absolutely no notion why so many people who loved Guild Wars to bits are disappointed or outright despise the writers' disrespectful handling of established lore as well as their choice to pursue illogical, poorly written plots. And I have this fear that after all these years and all th
  10. Those are the very trees I'd mentioned in the post you quoted, except I argued they might not all be risen but simply sick and dying. Risen are the dead reanimated by Zhaitan's corruption. Living individuals cursed by Zhaitan's power can become sick in both body and mind (though it seems only mind is possible as well, as it was in the case of Rissa) but until they die they are not reanimated into risen. They might think they act of their own free will but their thoughts are influenced - they are indoctrinated. Howl had to die for the corrupted crystal to make him risen, and just because Kellac
  11. I think the only direction that can be excluded from the list is east. In Spearmarshal's Lament, there's a Seeker who says that with the dragon's flight he can see the bright, clear skies to the east just as they were in his dreams. I doubt he'd go back north and create a V-shape in the Brand. My money is on south by southwest; flying towards Kourna in the south or the volcanic peninsula called Dahjak to the west.
  12. Has anyone found anything remotely alluding to the Hallowed Point in the Poisoned Outcrops region of the Desolation? A couple of hours ago I went there and skimmed around as much as I could, trying to locate the place from memory, but still came up short unfortunately. If there was just a legit hint to the Point, it could mean they actually remembered the Staff of the Mists (one of the most mysterious and fascinating questlines from Nightfall), and Mexay's theory would be all the closer to being proven correct. Also, something else that just came to my mind regarding the "Weapon." I may not ha
  13. Well, retcons are inconsistent changes to previously established narrative, so we could say that, I guess. Progression, however? Only if you mean it as an euphemism to blatantly rewriting lore and cutting loose ends that bother them so they can include flashy, "cool" fights and do away with interesting stories they don't want to deal with anymore.
  14. Interesting theory; one that seems to fit Vlast's description on multiple levels. And even the one 'discrediting' argument that it was destroyed at the Hallowed Point can be cast aside easily by saying it was just lost instead of destroyed. After all, they are on one hell of a retcon-spree, so something as dubious as the fate of the Staff of the Mists wouldn't cause that much of an issue if changed. On a side-note, before the plot started going downhill into Predictability Vale, I was hoping that the weapon would be the Ancient Weapon or something similar to it. But now that I checked it on th
  15. Wow... and no, I didn't mean to argue that it was asleep. :tongue: That's definitely not 'sleeping,' unless devourers like to sleep in the balled-up, dead insect/arachnid way. Guess Kralkatorrik does have the means to reanimate now; and that sick green miasma swirling around the newly "risen" branded devourer reeks of the Zhaitanic (such a goofy term) spectrum of magic. I'd still argue that branding in its original form - without the energies of dead dragons getting passed around like the flu between other Elder Dragons - is incapable of necromantic reanimation, but this scene was clearly to s
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